RGR Lucha Libre – 14 November 2021 – Results

Psycho Clown and Rey Leon defeated Samurai VIP and Crazy Kaoz in the main event of RGR Lucha Libre’s November 14 event in Los Angeles. Click for full results.

RGR Lucha Libre
November 14, 2021
Los Angeles, CA

Juan Roman over Nick Lash.

Lil Cholo & Mike Cheq over Chris Nastyy & Eddie Vice.

Valioso over Blood Eagle.

Aerostar & Drago over Piloto Suicida & Ultimo Shamu.

Laredo Kid over Vito Fratelli & Jack Carthweel Lucha De Tres Esquinas.

Psycho Clown & Rey Leon over Samurai VIP & Crazy Kaoz.

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