UEW – 10 October 2021 – Recap

Ladies and Gentlemen, last Saturday marked the return of Underground Empire Wrestling with Hellbound the Showcase of Savages in Long Beach, CA!

The event began with the UEW Heavyweight Title tournament where first B.C. Killer advanced to the Final Round after defeating Terex via pinfall.

The other end of the bracket featured Sean Black taking on his former cohort in Jimi Mayhem, however, the faux rivalry ended when it was revealed Jimi Mayhem entered the tournament simply to ensure Sean Black advances to the Final Round. Thankfully, UEW President Danielle Hernandez  had a substitute competitor in Miracle Mike James waiting and ready in case this very moment would occur. The Urban Juggernaut secured the victory via pinfall with Jimi Mayhem at his side.

The Heavy Hitters, Tony Raze and Biggie Biggz, reminded the Underground as to why they are the only Three Time UEW Tag Team Champions as they successfully defended their championships against Jose Hendrix and Wyatt 2 Shadows, the Smoke Signals.

“The Vicious Nomad” Homeless Jimmy had some final words for the fiends only to be interrupted by Hatebreed Gino Rivera as he returned to the Underground for the first time in 6 years and Challenged Guy Cool for the UiTV Championship. Guy Cool retained the championship and now will face Snypes, one on one for the first time, for the UiTV Championship.

The Red Bat did everything in his power to defeat The P.B.A. and capture the UEW Eastern Pacific Championship. However, while coming within a hair of victory at times, The P.B.A. was able to retain the championship. After the match, Gino Rivera revealed to P.B.A. that due to his extended unjust absence, in his match contract contained a stipulation that stated, should Rivera lose against Guy Cool, he then would receive a match of his choosing, and that individual was The PBA. Rivera was able to utilize the ropes for leverage, and secure a pinfall and his first title in UEW. 

Danika Bloodwyn was scheduled to fight Mariah Moreno, however, Moreno was unable to arrive for her bout before it began. Moreno’s absence led to Bloodwyn demanding the referee count to 10, and Bloodwyn was awarded the victory…also stating that SHE is the NEW Queen of the Underground.

Sean Black was accompanied to the ring by Jimi Mayhem in the Final match vs BC Killer to determine who would be the new UEW Heavyweight champion. Shortly before bell, The UEW President Announced this match would be contested under Underground Rules, however, ANY outside interference would immediately result in disqualification. Sean’s distraction to the referee would free an opportunity for Shiloh Greaves to attack BC’s surgically repaired ankle and escape, while The Urban Juggernaut was able to take advantage and walk out of Hellbound 2021 as the New Two Time UEW Heavyweight Champion. 

While charges were not filed against Greaves, Danielle Hernandez has stipulated that Shiloh MUST accept a match at March of the Damned, or trespassing charges will be filed.

Underground Empire Wrestling will return to Long Beach, Saturday March 6th as UEW Presents March of the Damned!

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