Level Up – 30 October 2020 – Results

Hunter Freeman defeated Andy Brown to win the Ground Zero Heavyweight Championship in an impromptu match after the main even of Level Up’s October 30 event in La Mesa, CA. Click for full results from the event.

Level Up
Backlot Boogie
October 30, 2020
Level Up Pro Wrestling School
La Mesa, CA

Remi Morgan over Sweet Robin Shaw and J2 Mattioli. [6’46]

Jesse James & Ruby Raze over Guy Cool & The Infection. [9’57]

KC Douglas over Darren Troy Fable. [14’00]

Jordan Cruz over Sexy Fabricio. [9’47]

Michael Hopkins over Leo Canedo. [11’24]

B-Boy, Hunter Freeman, & J2 Mattioli over The Hogsmen (Mike Camden & Devin Sparks) & Andy Brown. [12’49]
-After the match Andy Brown offered Hunter Freeman a match for the Ground Zero Championship.

Hunter Freeman over Andy Brown to win the Ground Zero Championship. [1’20]

-Andy Brown held the Ground Zero Championship for 692 days and made 10 successful title defenses.

-Hunter Freeman becomes the 2nd Ground Zero Champion.

-Both Leo Canedo and Sexy Fabricio were making their pro-wrestling debuts.

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