UWN presents unreleased match between Samoa Joe and Willie Mack; partners with Bonfire on new merch line

The United Wrestling Network has released a previously unreleased match between Samoa Joe and Willie Mack from 2013 and announced a partnership with Bonfire to launch and exclusive new merchandise line.

Previously unreleased Samoa Joe vs. Willie Mack available now from United Wrestling Network

Two of pro wrestling’s hardest hitters and most athletic heavyweights battled on a United Wrestling Network live event in November of 2013.  This match was never televised, and can now be seen for the first time outside of those in attendance through UWN’s weekly Heritage Hall segment.  United Wrestling Network President David Marquez had this to say about the previously unreleased dream match, ” At the time, Joe was signed to TNA, and due to contractual arrangements, the match was not filmed for broadcast television.  This footage was shot exclusively for archival purposes, and is being shared for the first time in the United Wrestling Network’s Heritage Hall.”  After the match, Samoa Joe gives a passionate speech on the level of talent and history in Southern California, and endorses Willie Mack.

United Wrestling Network partners with Bonfire to launch exclusive officially licensed merchandise line

The United Wrestling Network has remained active during the pandemic with a large continued push of new digital content spotlighting its talent and history while preparing for a return to live production.  The company has now made another move by partnering with Bonfire to release a new line of merchandise.  Available items at launch feature the UWN logo on different colors and styles including t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleave t-shirts, girl’s shirts and hoodies.  UWN and Bonfire have also launched the first superstar specific design from the new campaign featuring “The Killer Bae” Heather Monroe available in various colors and styles.  Designs featuring UWN promotion logos (Championship Wrestling from Hollywood & Championship Wrestling from Arizona) as well as additional talent specific designs will soon follow.  UWN logo merch can be found at www.bonfire.com/unitedmerch.  The Heather Monroe design is available at www.bonfire.com/heathermonroe.  The items will be available as exclusive two-week campaigns.  The current full catalog of UWN merchandise including additional items such face masks and coffee mugs can be found at https://www.bonfire.com/store/unitedwrestling/