United Wrestling Network debuts three new weekly series

The United Wrestling Network (currently comprised of Championship Wrestling from HollywoodChampionship Wrestling from Arizona, and assorted regional broadcasts of CWFH) have begun to release three new weekly programs across their social media and website to supplement their weekly television programs. The three programs, Work RateHeritage Hall, and The Push, will focus on the company’s history, matches from the company’s vault, and spotlighting the company’s wrestlers, respectively.

Work Rate is focused on looking back at the ten-year history of the United Wrestling Network. The first episode features UWN President David Marquez defining what the United Wrestling Network is and gives a look at some of the high profile talents that have appeared and come through its ranks. In the second episode, Marquez talks about the earliest Championship Wrestling from Hollywood tapings and their impact on current UWN programs as well as NWA Power.

Some of the current most prominent names in wrestling have appeared in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood over the years. Heritage Hall will be going into the promotion’s vaults to look at some of those star’s matches. The first episode features a match between Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. They have also released matches featuring Timothy Thatcher and Drew Gulak (NXT / WWE) versus Reno Scum (Impact Wrestling) and an early Young Bucks match from one of the very first CWFH tapings at Columbia Square Studios in Hollywood.

The Push is a weekly documentary-style spotlight piece on a current UWN talent showing life in and out of the ring. The first episode focuses on Danny “Limelight” Rivera: wrestler, stuntman, marine, and father. The second episode featured Ray Rosas, who announced he would not be retiring after all, and the third episode looks at 2019 Southern California Women’s Wrestler of the Year Heather Monroe.

In addition to the weekly The Push series, a podcast with the featured wrestler is being released. The Heather Monroe episode of the podcast is co-hosted by Alyssa Marino (Kathy Campanelli/Kat Marino in NXT) in her first post-NXT UWN work.

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