Who were the Southern California Wrestlers of the 2010s?

Twenty years ago there was a topic on the old SoCal Wrestling message board about who the Southern California’s wrestler of the decade for the 1990s was, and while no formal poll was taken Louie Spicoli likely had a majority of the support. Ten years ago a poll was held on the SCU message board asking the same question for the 2000s, with Super Dragon coming in first. Now as the 2010s come to a close, we recently shared a poll on social media asking the question once again.

The question was asked on Facebook, and from that a list of ten nominees was made. The wrestlers ranged from veterans like -B-Boy and Lil’ Cholo to relative newcomers like Eli Everfly, from fly-in stars such as Kevin Steen to local wrestlers made superstars The Young Bucks.

Everyone on the list has made a major impact in the area over the last decade.

After 560 votes split among the ten nominees, The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) ran away with the voting, getting 37.1% (156 votes) of the total. The result was never in doubt. Over the last decade they’ve won the Southern California Match of the Year award five times and the Southern California Tag-Team of the Year twice. They were also instrumental in the success of PWG, even having it written into their contract with Ring of Honor that they can still perform in PWG. Even in AEW now, they have continued to elevate the Southern California wrestling scene.

Joey Ryan came in second with 17.86% of the vote (75 votes). Along with The Young Bucks, Ryan has been an instrumental part in the independent wrestling boom in the United States. He continues to be one of the biggest draws on the independent wrestling circuit both locally and nationally.

Coming in third-place was B-Boy with 12.14% of the vote (51 votes). B-Boy has continued to wrestle at a high level, having won the Southern California Wrestler of the Year, Most Outstanding Wrestler, and Southern California Match of the Year awards this decade.

Here are the full results from the poll:

37.1% – The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and nick Jackson)
17.86% – Joey Ryan
12.14% – B-Boy
8.57% – Tyler Bateman
7.86% – Scorpio Sky
4.29% – Lil’ Cholo
3.57% – Kevin Steen
2.86% – Candice LeRae
2.86% – Eli Everfly
2.86% – Willie Mack

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