WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Season Finale Recap – November 23, 2019

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Welcome to the Season Finale of WOW – Women of Wrestling!  In this two-part special, we’ll see the culmination of the WOW Tag Team Championship Series, heated feuds being settled, the WOW World Title on the line and tons of WOW Superheroes in action. 

The first episode opens with the candlelit ouija board of Siren the Voodoo Doll.  She prophecies that Princess Aussie will need to choose a path.  Siren proclaims that Aussie has been chosen.  With Aussie’s destiny hanging in the balance, will she align herself with the otherworldly duo of Siren and Holidead?

On the mean streets of LA, The Psycho Sisters voice their distain for the opponents who have answered the call of their open challenge.  They tell Chantilly Chella, Sassy Massy, and Keta Rush to bring the fight of their lives.  The next scene shows the trio of Chella, Massy and Rush.  With the Psycho Sisters underestimating them, they are ready to give it their all and “get lit.”

The Psycho Sisters (Fury, Razor, and Mezmeriah) vs. Chantilly Chella, Sassy Massy and Keta Rush

Action kicks off for the first match of the episode at the Belasco Theater.  The Six-Woman Tag Match sees The Psycho Sisters Fury, Razor, and Mezmeriah facing Chantilly Chella, Sassy Massy and Keta Rush.  Psycho Sisters quickly launch themselves at the opposing trio before the match officially begins, taking the team off guard.  Chella, Massy, and Rush quickly take back control, throwing all three Psycho Sisters into the corner and taking each one out with dropkick.  Rush and Chella display their speed and agility on Razor, but the quick-witted Psycho Sister manages to make it to Fury for the tag.  Fury uses her boundless power to beat down Chella and hurls her into the corner where Razor and Mezmeriah continue the attack behind the referee’s back.  The Psycho Sisters work as a team, using their underhanded tactics to their advantage.  A furious Massy enters the ring, distracting Fury.  Chella uses the opportunity to attempt a roll-up.  Massy is tagged in and works on Fury, her quickness on the line against Fury’s power.  The match descends into anarchy as all six Superheroes enter the ring, wailing on one another.  Rush becomes the legal competitor against Razor.  Razor lays out her Bully Buster opponent with a short-arm lariat and takes the win for the Psycho Sisters.  Razor takes to the mic, saying that the Psycho Sisters will be targeting whoever wins the WOW Tag Team Championships in the episode’s main event.

Reyna Reyes vs. The Disciplinarian

In the next match, Reyna Reyes steps into the ring against The Disciplinarian, who has Samantha Smart in her corner.  The Pearl of the Philippines Reyes quickly takes the upper hand, her lucha influence on display against her hot-headed opponent.  The momentum of Reyes is thrown off by Smart wielding her ruler just beyond the ropes.  With her opponent’s attention diverted, The Disciplinarian is able to get a big boot to the face of Reyes.  Disciplinarian takes over and the IQ Superior Smart chokes Reyes with her ruler behind the back of the official.  Reyes fights out of a chin lock from Disciplinarian and wallops her opponent with devastating strikes.  Reyes kicks out of a cover, riling the ire of The Disciplinarian.  Seething with anger, Disciplinarian takes the ruler from Smart and charges at The Pearl of the Philippines.  The official takes the weapon and leaves to remove it from the ring.  While he is occupied, Smart recovers another ruler from beneath the ring and prepares to strike Reyes.  Reyes dodges the attack and Disciplinarian takes the hit from her manager.  Just as Reyes is covering the incapacitated Disciplinarian for the 3-count, the referee is pulled out of the ring by Smart.  Reyes kicks Smart at ringside and takes to the top turnbuckle for Sky Twister.  The Pearl of the Philippines covers The Disciplinarian and captures the victory.

 Monsters of Madness are interviewed about the WOW Tag Team Tournament finals.  They plan to show their opponents Fire and Adrenaline what they’re all about.  Hazard and Havok say that they are walking out victorious.

Fire and Adrenaline respond, saying that luck brought them together, but that they deserve to be in the tournament finals.  They say that their size doesn’t matter against the Monsters of Madness.  They have the passion and courage to follow their dreams and believe in one another.

Monsters of Madness (Havok and Hazard) vs. Fire and Adrenaline

In the main event, Monsters of Madness Havok and Hazard compete against Fire and Adrenaline for the WOW Tag Team Titles.  Monsters of Madness make fast work of Adrenaline, disposing her to ringside.  The two powerhouses focus all of their attention on Fire, choking her against the ropes.  With Fire in enemy territory, Havok and Hazard tag in and out with fresh offense on their opponent.  Havok issues a bear hug to Fire, squeezing the life out of her.  But the tough Fire has too much energy and passion to give up the fight.  She dropkicks Hazard and tags in her partner, who unleashes a flurry of strikes to Hazard.  Adrenaline attempts pitfalls on the weakened Monster of Madness, but a kick from Havok on the apron clips her momentum.  Havok and Hazard now impart their brand of annihilation on Adrenaline.  Fire encourages her partner to hang on, but Adrenaline takes big boots to the face from Havok.  After enduring absolute devastation from the Monsters of Madness, Adrenaline summons all of her strength and hits Hazard with a desperation enziguri.  Adrenaline tags in Fire, who aims low to take Havok down to her knees.  A series of hits leaves Havok knocked silly in the center of the ring.  Fire covers but Havok kicks out.  With the WOW Tag Team Titles hanging in the balance, no one wants to say die.  Havok rebounds with a clothesline to Fire.  Hazard bounds toward Fire, who is poised in the corner, but Fire dodges and hits a Sunset Flip on the Monster of Madness.  Fire covers Hazard for the win.  Fire and Adrenaline rejoice in the ring as they are named the WOW Tag Team Champions.  The crowd roars and streamers fall over the Champions in the ring.  The celebration is short-lived as three women with shirts marked “Exile” storm the ring.  Famed female wrestler Malia Hosaka and two accomplices rush the champions and toss them from the ring.  Hosaka tells all in attendance that she is a living legend who has worked through the ranks of women’s wrestling.  She is here to survey the talent at WOW Women of Wrestling and invites anyone from the locker room to challenge Exile.

The second part of WOW’s season finale kicks off with a focus on WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard.  Blanchard, the Undeniable Born Legend, is set to face The Beast after weeks of dodging the behemoth.  Beast has been furious over the collusion of The World’s Greatest Attorney Sophia Lopez and Lana Star keeping her from a title opportunity against Blanchard.  In the main event, we will finally see the two in one-on-one competition.

Holidead vs. Princess Aussie

At the the Belasco Theater, Holidead makes her way to the ring with Siren the Voodoo Doll by her side.  She is set to face Princess Aussie in a singles match.  After weeks of being mentally and emotionally tormented by the eerie team, will Aussie be able to focus her efforts against Holidead?  The match begins with Aussie and Holidead locked in a test of strength.  Aussie fights to maintain her composure against the mind games of Holidead.  Aussie fires off a few powerful strikes before being caught by Holidead.  Holidead pulls Aussie to the apron and drops a leg across the chest of her opponent.  Aussie fights out of multiple pin attempts and locks in a Dragon Sleeper on Holidead.  Aussie is laid flat on the mat by a spinebuster but still manages to get a shoulder up in time.  Holidead superplexes Aussie and goes for the cover, but the spirited competitor refuses to quit.  A knee strike from Princess Aussie leaves Holidead out cold in the center of the ring.  From the top turnbuckle, Aussie executes a Frog Splash and covers Holidead.  As the official is about to make the 3-count, the Psycho Sisters rush the ring and the match is ruled a disqualification.  Anarchy breaks out in the ring as Siren, Holidead and Princess Aussie tangle with Razor, Fury and Mezmeriah.  Referees enter the ring to separate the competitors and regain some semblance of order.

WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard addresses the crowd at the Belasco Theater, with all of the WOW Superheroes around the ring.  LA Lakers owner and WOW owner, Jeanie Buss, is welcomed to the ring.  Tessa speaks on behalf of the locker room, thanking Buss.  She says that WOW is as an outlet for women from all walks of life to discover their passion for professional wrestling.  Buss is presented with a WOW Title.  The WOW Superheroes join the audience’s chants and cheers for Jeanie Buss.

The next scene focuses on WOW Superhero Eye Candy, who is recovering from a broken neck.  With a strong support system, Eye Candy is anxious to get back into the ring.  She says that there is nothing that will keep her out of the WOW ring.

In a segment called “Teal Talks,” daughter of legendary Rowdy Roddy Piper, Teal Piper, interviews Stephy Slays about her upcoming match against Abilene Maverick.  Oozing with personality, Piper downplays Slays’ victories and taunts the Bully Buster.  Piper’s snide remarks get under the skin of Slays and she leaves the interview.

Stephy Slays vs. Abilene Maverick

For months, Stephy Slays has been subject to vicious bullying at the hands of Abilene Maverick.  With previous singles matches being evaded due to Maverick’s “injuries,” we finally see the two set to square off tonight.  Before the bell sounds, Maverick fires off a big open palm strike to Slays.  The match begins and Slays is incensed, unleashing attacks that send Maverick to ringside.  Slays is held back from diving to the outside by the official, but Maverick takes the opportunity to drag Slays out to ringside.  As they make their way back into the ring, Maverick takes control and slams Slays repeatedly.  As Slays kicks out of multiple pin attempts, Maverick’s frustrations are mounting.  She toys with Slays, dropping knees on the right arm of Slays before locking in a Full Nelson hold.  Slays hits Maverick with a jawbreaker to escape and locks eyes with her opponent, her bully, from across the ring.  Slays goes to work on Maverick with takedowns and a bulldog, but Maverick answers with a spinebuster.  Slays issues a guillotine to Maverick off the top rope.  Slays rolls through a powerbomb attempt and pins Maverick’s shoulders to the mat for the win.  Finally having overcome her bully, Slays enjoys her moment of victory over the Governor’s Daughter.

WOW World Champion has words for The Beast, ahead of their title match.  Blanchard says that there is no one as big or as bad as her.  Beast responds by proclaiming that, unlike Blanchard, she didn’t come from a wrestling royalty — she has worked hard for everything that she has earned.

Tessa Blanchard vs. The Beast

At the Belasco Theater, The Beast challenges Tessa Blanchard for the WOW World Championship.  The Beast wastes no time as she tosses Blanchard across the ring like a rag doll.  After retreating to ringside, Beast suplexes her opponent over the ropes to bring her back into the ring.  Blanchard fights out of a powerbomb and dropkicks Beast against the ropes.  Beast stops the momentum of a hurricanrana attempt from Blanchard and slams the champion into the ring post.  Blanchard dives through the ropes, on to Beast at ringside.  Beast catches Blanchard with a spear in the center of the ring and both competitors are laid out.  Beast levels Blanchard with a clothesline and Death Valley Driver.  Blanchard kicks out after both moves.  Blanchard springs off the ropes for a Tornado DDT.  The champion hits Beast with a senton off the top rope but Beast kicks out.  Beast catches Blanchard from another top rope dive and slams Blanchard to the mat.  A huge powerbomb from The Beast leaves Blanchard out cold for the count.  The Beast stands tall and confetti falls from the ceiling upon the new WOW World Champion.

This season of WOW has seen bitter rivalries, strong Superheroes, wretched bullies, and undeniable champions.  Be sure to tune in next season as more storylines develop and new Superheroes rise the ranks of WOW – Women of Wrestling.

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