WOW Women of Wrestling on AXS TV Recap – September 14, 2019

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WOW – Women Of Wrestling’s second episode opens with a business deal between WOW World Champion Tessa Blanchard and Sophia Lopez, The Greatest Attorney in the World.  With no details given to the audience regarding the exchange, we see Sophia pass a briefcase of money to the Champion.

The camera pans over the energetic audience as former WOW World Champion Lana Star makes her way to the ring, accompanied by the Beverly Hills Babe.  Star, The Fabulous One, announces that she has entered the Tag Team Series with a partner who is skilled and talented enough to take them to victory.  Much to the dismay of The BHB, Star welcomes Faith the Lioness to the ring. The Babe confronts Star, professing that Lana introduced her to the Hollywood lifestyle and promised her that they would have gold around their waists.  Star tells her that if she beats Faith, she can prolong her Beverly Hills status as her protégée.  If she loses, she’ll be cut from Lana Star’s luxurious life.

Faith The Lioness vs. Beverly Hills Babe

Showcasing her style as a seasoned brawler, The BHB starts the match by unleashing her aggression on Faith.  Her ruthless intensity is turned up a notch at the potential of having her Beverly Hills lifestyle of shopping sprees and botox stripped away by Lana Star.  The Babe picks apart her opponent, targeting Faith’s leg early on in the match.  Faith, living up to her namesake as the Lioness, fights back with unrelenting courage.  Giving her most valiant effort, Faith fights through the damage suffered to her leg at the hands of the Beverly Hills Babe.  As the BHB exchanges words with Lana Star at ringside, Faith capitalizes on her opponent’s distraction and reverses the pin to take the victory over the Beverly Hills Babe.

As the episode continues, Abilene Maverick, the Governor’s Daughter, encounters Stephy Slays back in the locker room area.  Slays asks for a match but Maverick tells her that Slays’ win last season was a fluke and that she must first prove herself against other competition at WOW.

Abilene Maverick vs. Adrenaline

Returning to the ring, Abilene Maverick prepares to take on the fast-paced spitfire Adrenaline.  Maverick is quick to use evasive strategy, ducking to the ropes to slow the momentum of Adrenaline.  Maverick oozes personality throughout the match as she feigns helplessness to take advantage of Adrenaline’s noble fighting spirit.  Adrenaline exhibits blazing speed, hard-hitting style, and impressive agility in her WOW debut and she hits a Code Red on Maverick to secure the win.

In the next scene, we see a dimly-lit room covered in flickering candles.  Holidead paces behind Siren, the Voodoo Doll, who is seated at a table.  As she turns over tarot cards, Siren prophecies the future of herself and Holidead winning the WOW Tag Team Championships.  

The Tag Team Championship Tournament continues with Holidead and Siren facing off against Keta Rush and Stephy Slays.  The crowd goes crazy for Rush and Slays, who bonded during their training as WOW Superheroes over shared pasts as victims of bullying.  Together, they formed the team of the Bully Busters.

Holidead and Siren vs. Keta Rush and Stephy Slays

The action kicks off at a fever-pitch with all four competitors in the ring.  With the WOW Tag Team Titles hanging in the balance, both teams have eyes trained on advancing in the tournament.  Holidead, with otherworldly strength on display, hits Rush with slams and power moves.  Rush, digging into her MMA background, is able to take Holidead down and create enough separation to tag in her partner.  Slays springs into action with boundless energy but, is eventually pinned by Holidead.  During the match, there seemed to be a discrepancy between commentary and the in-ring official.  Stephen Dickey and David McLane announced that Siren tagged herself in as the legal competitor, but the referee didn’t acknowledge the tag and counted pinfalls involving Holidead.  Regardless of the confusion, the mysterious duo of Siren the Voodoo Doll and Holidead join the Psycho Sisters in the next round of the WOW Tag Team Championship Tournament.

Back in the locker room, “Kentucky’s Own” Jessie Jones approaches a distraught Beverly Hills Babe about her loss to Faith the Lioness.  Jones reminds The BHB about her roots as Amber O’Neal, the Bullet Babe, who wouldn’t trouble herself with the opinions of Lana Star.  The two leave arm-in-arm with Jones telling The Babe that she knows what to do to make her feel better.

We return to the ring as Shaul Guerrero announces the Main Event for the WOW World Championship.  Tessa Blanchard’s opponent is revealed to be Serpentine, who is accompanied to the ring by Sophia Lopez.  Commentary explains that Serpentine is here because of a deal made by Lopez, recounting the episode’s opening with the Greatest Attorney in the World and the WOW Champion.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Serpentine for the WOW World Championship

With the WOW World Title on the line, both competitors bring their A-game to the ring.  Serpentine slithers and eludes, sneaking Blanchard into submission holds.  Blanchard, teeming with toughness and power, muscles her way into impeccable reversals.  Serpentine decimates the Born Legend Blanchard with a hurricanrana at ringside, but Blanchard rebounds with a daring dive through the ropes.  The levity of the WOW World  Title is painted all over the anguished face of Blanchard after Serpentine kicks out of her cover attempt.  An impressive show of skill was brought by both of the world-traveled athletes, but the Main Event ends with Blanchard hitting her Diamond DDT to retain her WOW World Championship.

WOW Women of Wrestling’s second episode ends with Jungle Grrrl, The Beast, and Havok and Hazard approaching ringside to observe Blanchard’s victory.  The four competitors have each staked their claim on the WOW World Title, so we are left to see how their story will develop next week.

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