Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Milestone Review

In this article, I take a look at all three episodes of CWFH’s Milestone series. Featuring NJPW LA Dojo Young Lions, a Ladder Match, a title for the NWA National Title, and more!

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 397

The show starts off with Todd Keneley, Dan Joseph, and the returning Stu Stone going over the lineup for the show. CWFH has always had terrible commentary, but Stu Stone is the worst of all time.

Double Platinum (Suede Thompson & Chris Bey) vs. Watts & Scorpio Sky

Watts’ music sounds like a ripoff of Jay-Z’s “Moment of Clarity” that Scott Lost use to come out to. The last time I watched CWFH, Watts was pinned cleanly in a handicap match. What a huge missed opportunity to create heat for this match. The match itself was standard. Sky was worked over for heat before he tagged in Watts. Suede and Bey botched their assisted 450 spot when Bey landed on his feet. Besides that, the match was solid. Sky and Watts got the win with a Chokeslam/Lungblower combo.


John Roberts interviews Royce Isaacs and his manager, Jamie Iovine. I totally forgot who Royce’s manager was for a moment. Royce cut a promo. Then this Jamie dude talked and made a bunch of stupid train puns.

Ayoka Muhara vs. Heather Monroe

This was a rubber match between the two. CWFH would’ve benefited by showing some highlights of those matches. I know, I’m asking too much from CWFH since that would require a little effort on their part. Stu Stone made a Trojan Condoms and USC. Gotta love Stu for constantly reminding us how terrible and unfunny he is. The story of the match centered around Ayoka overpowering Heather while Heather used tricks to mount a comeback. Heather would control the match, and we got a long heat segment. The final stretch was the two go back-and-forth with some near falls before Ayoka got the win with a Powerslam.

It was hard to concentrate on this because the commentary was so unbearable that it distracted from the match.


Kathy Campanelli is backstage. She interviewed the Friendship Express. This was so bad. Watching this promo gave me CTE.

Hollywood Heritage Championship – Ladder Match: Royce Isaacs w/ Jamie Iovine vs. Andy Brown

Since this is CWFH, I don’t know what the story behind this match was since CWFH sucks at educating their viewers on things that happen on this show. The layout of this match was solid. Both guys would use the ladder on each other as a weapon while trying to get the belt from time-to-time. There was a moment in the match where Andy Brown hit an Ace Crusher on Royce onto the ladder. Moments later, Royce suplexed Andy Brown onto the ladder. After that, Royce hit Andy with a Cradle Piledriver. Todd Keneley, a veteran wrestling commentator, called it a Package Piledriver.

The finishing stretch of the match saw Jamie Iovine get involved before Royce was thrown into him. Andy would hit Royce with an actual Package Piledriver onto the ladder. Andy looked like he was about to win the match before Double Platinum attacked Andy as he was on the ladder. Royce got up, climbed the ladder to grab the belt and retain the title. After the match, Royce posed with his friends to close the show. This was a good ladder match. The ending sucked, but everything else was good.

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 398

Once again, Todd, Dan, and Stu introduced the audience to the show and went over the card. Todd asked Stu “don’t you have a horror movie to direct or something?” I doubt any horror movie would be as scary as Stu’s awful commentary.

Karl Fredericks vs. Ryan Taylor

Katsuyori Shibata was shown watching the match at ringside. Karl Fredericks was representing the NJPW LA Dojo. Fredericks worked the match like a traditional NJPW Young Lion. He had basic trunks and didn’t do anything flashy. This was a really great technical wrestling match. Both guys went hold-for-hold and had some great chain wrestling sequences throughout. Karl Fredericks got the win with a Boston Crab. The in-ring work in this match was simply great.

The only things that ruined this match were the awful commentary and the use of fake crowd noise. In fact, it was pretty disrespectful to both guys that whoever was producing this segment had that play over the sound system. Whoever decided to start playing it in the middle of the match is an idiot. No wonder this bullshit ass show is being moved to 1 AM. The commentary continued to be awful. Stu Stone’s commentary is beyond atrocious. Todd Keneley, who also calls MMA fights, said Ryan Taylor had Karl Fredericks in an Omoplata. It was actually a modified Bicep Slicer, Todd.


John Roberts interviewed Willie Mack. Willie talked about defending the NWA National Championship against Samuel Shaw.

Battle Royal: Brandon Cutler vs. Yuma vs. Super Beetle vs. Dr. Phil Goode vs. Frankie Frank (Osiris Mittens) vs. Senor Buttons vs. Some Random Dude vs. Another Random Dude vs. One More Random Dude vs. Kevin Martenson

This match and segment were embarrassing. Kevin Martenson came out in Vermin gear, and Yuma was distraught. The match went on and the commentators didn’t know who half the guys in the match were. There was a bunch of awful brawling, and most of the focus of the match was on the Martenson stuff. Martenson swerved Yuma when he hit a Death Valley Driver before eliminating him. After that, Ryan Taylor ran out with a Vermin patch and Martenson eliminated himself. This was so stupid.

The final two participants were Cutler and Super Beetle. Things went back-and-forth for several moments. During their segment, Brandon Cutler hit a really nice springboard elbow drop on Super Beetle before eliminating him to get the win. Oh, and he got a spot in the PP3 Cup.


Kathy Campanelli is backstage with Samuel Shaw. I don’t know anything about this guy, but I guess his gimmick is that he’s an artist He had a lewd drawing of himself with the NWA National Championship around his private parts like Shawn Michaels did with the WWF title in 1996. Watching this promo was like watching paint dry.

Rogelio (Che Cabrera) and Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) vs. The Friendship Express (Jervis Cottonbelly [Kevin Condron]) and The Hobo w/ Thomas

Before the match, Howdy cut a promo. It was awful. He was wearing a singlet for this match. The start of the match saw the commentators make a bunch of terrible fat jokes about Howdy Price. I’m not saying the jokes were offensive. They just weren’t funny. Then again, I never expect comedic genius from CWFH’s commentary team. The match itself was short. Jervis did the work, then Hobo turned on him and reverted back to his Robert Baines gimmick.

After Rogelio and Howdy left, Robert Baines beat up Jervis.


John Roberts is backstage with Yuma. He pretends to be distraught over Kevin Martenson being missing. Kevin wasn’t missing for long, as he was laying behind Yuma unconscious. Yuma found a Vermin logo on him, did a terrible acting job, and stormed off.


Kathy Campanelli interviews Tito Escondido. He’s facing Nick Aldis for the NWA title next week.

NWA National Championship Match: Willie Mack (c) vs. Samuel Shaw

This was a rematch from the NWA 70th Anniversary show. There was some weird noise playing over the sound system during the match. It wasn’t crowd noise, but it was annoying and distracted from the match. The match itself wasn’t that good. Willie hit his signature spots, but there weren’t many noteworthy moments in the match. He had a good performance, but Samuel Shaw was pretty boring in this. Willie retained the title with a Stunner. The show closes with Willie celebrating in the ring.

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 399

Once again, the commentators went over the lineup for the show. After going over the lineup, Todd says they’re going to hear from Peter Avalon.

After the opening video played, Tim Storm walked out to ringside. He called over Kathy Campanelli and read a letter from Peter. The letter said Peter won’t be there and Tim Storm has to “climb the ranks” and had him compete in two straight matches.

Tim Storm vs. Frankie Frank w/ the fake Marquez son

This was a squash. Tim Storm no-sold Frankie Frank’s offense and got a quick submission win.

Tim Storm vs. Daniel Parker  w/ the fake Marquez son

For those who don’t remember, Daniel Parker was the author of the infamous “….dive” post that trashed the style of independent wrestling that is popular these days. It gained infamy after Randy Orton and some stupid old guy you never heard of shared it. Needless to say, Parker’s critiques were pretty tone-deaf, as he himself is guilty of being a negative independent wrestling stereotype. Nice tassels dude.

This started off with Parker hitting a dropkick off the top rope while Storm was distracted. Then we got rest holds and a heat segment from Parker. Storm mounted a comeback. This was boring and had no heat. The crowd was more focused on the fake Marquez son than the match. I can’t blame this cause this was really dull. It didn’t help that Stu Stone continued to be awful on commentary. Tim Storm won. Daniel Parker has no room to bash any style of wrestling if he’s putting on boring matches like this.

Post-match shenanigans

Tim Storm grabbed the fake Marquez son and put him in a submission. The submission was an armlock variation, but the fake Marquez son sold it like a choke. This entire segment went nearly 15 minutes. Yeesh.


John Roberts interviewed Nick Aldis. He was wearing a goofy looking a pirate jacket on. After the promo, we got a commercial for Stu Stone’s movie, SCARECROWS. I guess Todd was trying to shoehorn a reference to this. The movie got a rating of 1.5 from Zach Murphree of The trailer looked just as bad as Stu’s commentary.

Alex Coughlin and Clark Connors vs. Adrian Quest and Tyler Bateman w/ Sarah Wolfe

Once again, Katsuyori Shibata was shown watching the match. Much like the Fredericks/Taylor match, this was heavy on technical, hold-for-hold wrestling. There was some tension between the partners on both teams. Vince Russo would be super thrilled with this. Then it became about the NJPW LA Dojo Young Lions working over Quest for heat for several moments. Eventually, Quest got the hot tag to Tyler Bateman and cleaned house. Coughlin and Connors got the win after shenanigans between Bateman and Quest.


John Roberts talks to the fake Marquez son. He was holding a towel to his face because he got choked out. Yeah. The fake Marquez son than announced Reno Scum were stripped of the United Wrestling Network Tag Team titles because of Adam Thornstowe’s injury. Then he randomly made a match between the Rocknes Monsters and Double Platinum next week. Spoiler alert, the Rocknes Monsters won the titles. So anyway, the guys who lost to Scorpio Sky and Watts are randomly getting a tag team title shot. Yeah, that makes sense.

NWA Championship Match: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Tito Escondido

So Tito went from being the top champion in CWFH, dropped the Hollywood Heritage title to Willie Mack, who lost an NWA title match against Cody. Tito also lost a match to Douglas James not too long ago. Somehow, all that makes him a title contender in the NWA and CWFH. I like Tito. CWFH really dropped the ball on him as the main guy. Then again, this show is booked by people who don’t know what they’re doing.

The opening part of the match went back-and-forth. Both guys got some offense on each other before the show went to a commercial break. After that break, Aldis controlled things for a bit and got heat, while Tito had a hope spot. Things went back-and-forth again in the final stretch of the match. Aldis retained the title after making Tito tap to a Cloverleaf submission. The show ends with Aldis holding the title up.

Final Thoughts

So, Milestone was a load of dull and boring matches that meant nothing. The only matches that really stood out were the NJPW LA Dojo Young Lion matches, and the ladder match was solid. As always, the booking was stupid and the show’s format needs major improvement. Nothing ever makes sense, and the storytelling is always inconsistent. All the same criticisms I’ve had in the past still apply to this show. No wonder this show is being moved to 1 AM on KDOC. Despite CWFH and David Marquez saying otherwise, I bet it’ll draw no viewers.

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