Destination Six Wrestling: Tales of Halloween Review

As requested by the most prominent fan in the SoCal pro wrestling scene: Ed Alexander. I’m going to take a look at Destination Six Wrestling’s Tales of Halloween from October 27th, 2018 in Barstow, CA at the D6W Arena, featuring the most ridiculous angle ever.

Before the event took place, Steve posted a flyer for the show on the SCU Facebook page and talked about how unprofessional it looked. D6W really doesn’t have a good graphics department. Most of their online marketing material looks as if it was all made by an elementary school student. People associated with D6W were quick to defend it, but the truth is that the level of professionalism is seriously lacking with D6W. While I can understand people’s reasonings for defending D6W, I have to agree with Steve’s comments in the Facebook post about how this sort of work shouldn’t be acceptable.

Anyway, with that said, let’s get on with the show.

Steven Andrews vs. Sexy Chino

Before the match, ring announcer Mike Draven talked about a bunch of stuff. One thing he mentioned was how a heel got married. He then got the crowd to cheer this. That really doesn’t help get a heel act over at all. After the talking, Steven Andrews came out dressed like Spiderman. Sexy Chino dressed up like Sexy Chino. Steven Andrews seems like the sort of guy who aspires to be someone who works the “internet darling” style of wrestling but can’t pull it off. This match was quick, with Steven Andrews winning after hitting a split-leg moonsault. I have to say, this might be the best Sexy Chino match you’ll ever see. Don’t believe me? Watch it. I triple-dog dare you.

Divine Intervention (Ateu & Freddy Hellmuth w/ Azrael and Freddy Flores) vs. The Feelyons (Mittens & Buttons)

This wasn’t good. The story and formula behind this match were simple. Divine Intervention, the heels, worked over Buttons, who was on the babyface team and used cheap tactics to control the match. Eventually, there was a hot tag, and the Feelyons mounted a comeback when Mittens was tagged in. During his babyface fire segment, Mittens hit a few German Suplexes and the worst Shining Wizards I had ever seen. The moves got no reaction from the crowd though. The match ended in a DQ win for the Feelyons after the other members of Divine Intervention ran in. As I said, this wasn’t good. Don’t watch it.

Super Green vs. Looney Bin

Oh man, this was bad. Not just in terms of work rate, but the comedy in this match was just really bad. Most of the match saw both guys working a hardcore comedy match. You could probably find a backyard wrestling match on YouTube right now that is better than this. They were mostly just goofing off for the most part with various props, including a confetti gun. The best part of the match came when Loony Bin blasted Super Green with a bunch of pillow shots to the head. The match was way too long. Avoid this match at all costs.

Bill Chew introduced as the new G.M. segment, Louie 54 w/ Lucia vs. Duke Dayzie

Before the next match, Mike Draven introduced the new General Manager of D6W, Bill Chew. Bill Chew is best known for being an incompetent referee. Bill announced that he was retiring as a referee (thank God) and that he’ll be keeping things in order. He then said that there would be no more interference in D6W, and mentioned Divine Intervention specifically. Bill also stated that from that point forward, “law will be in order.” Keep that in mind.

Now as for the match. It was pretty terrible. I have never seen any of these workers, so I really don’t know what to say about them. The way they performer made them seem like they weren’t fully trained. Of all the people involved in this match, Lucia was the best worker. Louie 54’s gimmick is that he’s some dancer obsessed with Studio 54. Duke Dayzie is a lazy, dudebro looking guy who acts feminine. As I said at the start of this match, this was pretty terrible. Duke botched a fucking Boston Crab. All joking aside, I seriously wondered about whether or not thee two are fully trained. They weren’t polished, their structuring was bad, and most of all, one of them botched a fucking Boston Crab! This is another match everyone should avoid.

Seriously, how do you botch a Boston Crab?

Trevor Fury vs. Aiden Way vs. Biggie Biggz

Aiden Way, who was sitting in the audience wearing a mask, had candy wrappers thrown at him by Trevor Fury during Fury’s entrance. This lands somewhere between assault or battery. Possibly both. I don’t remember how my lawyer explained those laws to me a few years ago, but I know it lands in that territory. Anyways, Aiden jumped the guardrail and attacked Trevor Fury. So now those are possible counts of trespassing, assault, battery, and disorderly conduct. Bill Chew’s declaration that D6W would be a place where the law would be in order lasted one match.

After the brawl, the match became a Triple Threat. Yup. Just like Bill Chew said, law will be in order in D6W. This was a pretty terrible hardcore match that went around the venue. There were a bunch of weapons involved and such, but for the most part, this was a really bad backyard-quality hardcore match. Trevor Fury won after hitting Aiden Way with a spear. Matches like this are why independent wrestling gets a bad reputation. Don’t waste your time on this.

Lois Grain vs. Zaida

The story behind this match was that Lois Grain was an anti-candy Vegan, and Zaida always passes out candy to people. Zaida had a decent performance, but Lois Grain was pretty bad. At some points, it was obvious she isn’t even fully trained. I know she’s currently trying to improve and is training at legitimate schools, but she shouldn’t be booked on shows if she’s having these types of performances. This also just doesn’t apply to her. It can apply to other workers on this show and elsewhere in SoCal. Overall, Zaida wasn’t bad, but the match was.

Marriah Moreno vs. Michelle Morgan vs. Auntie Hydie

Look, I’m going to be upfront. This match was bad. Rather than write about the bad match, I’m going to write about the absolute absurdity of the angle and storyline behind this.

The story going into this match was that Hydie kidnapped D6W Women’s Champion Ashley Grace and was torturing her or something. Prior to the match, Hydie left the ring and went to the back to bring Ashley Grace to the stage. Ashley was handcuffed to a chair and had her feet tied up while the D6W Women’s title was on her lap. The referee didn’t want to officiate the match because he was afraid of Hydie. Michelle Morgan and Marriah Moreno reached to all these developments by arguing over Marriah’s look. Marriah would claim she was a chola and pulled out a sharpie to do her eyebrows after Michelle smeared it.

During all this, Auntie Hydie yelled “I HAVE ASHLEY TIED” as Ashley looked on from the stage. So in Bill Chew’s D6W, where law is supposed to be in order, nobody seems to care that a serious felony that would’ve landed Hydie in prison for years was taking place in front of them. To make things more ludicrous than they already were, NOBODY TRIED TO HELP ASHLEY GRACE ESCAPE! Not the security guys. None of the workers. Nobody seemed to have any fucks to give. Thankfully, however, Ashley was able to break free just in time for Hydie to get the win. The referee would try to help after the match, but he was pretty much the Shawn Green of heroics. Too little, too late bruh.

After Ashley escaped from the chair, she ran into the ring and hit Hydie with something that had an LED screen on it. Ashley then applied a modified Rings of Saturn on Hydie for a few moments before the security crew ran in to break things up. You know, the same security crew that didn’t do shit to help Ashley escape from the chair. Bill Chew came out to ringside with a microphone and told Ashley that if that happened again, she’d lose the title. Ashley responded by saying “but she can kidnap me and torture me? Really?” Bill responded by saying “I didn’t see it” despite the fact that Ashley was seen handcuffed to a chair on the stage after Hydie brought her out. There were also the series of promos on the D6W YouTube channel where Hydie kidnapped Ashley. What a GM Bill Chew is.

Despite Ashley being right, Bill told her that another attack would result in a suspension or stripping her of the title. Ashley would take the mic and called Bill a bitch before leaving. After Ashley left, Hydie got on the mic after someone asked her if she wanted it. Hydie then challenged Ashley to a casket match. The match was bad, but the angle is where the entertainment is at. It made that Rocko & Jocko angle in XPW from 2000 look like Citizen Kane.

D6W High Desert Championship: Rudy Rodgers vs. Azrael

This was a pretty bad match. It wasn’t bad in that they botched spots. I mean it was sloppy and not well polished, but it wasn’t on the level of someone botching a Boston Crab. The flow of the match was just bad, and the booking was also terrible.

Things would start off with the two brawling around the venue. They made their way up to the “VIP” balcony area where some of the workers on the show were watching. Rudy offered Azrael’s chest for them to chop, and only three people took the offer. This would cause Rudy to spend several moments awkwardly holding Azrael as nobody went to chop Azrael. What was really dumb about this was that this should’ve been a spot for the fans to interact with. Moments later, Rudy threw Azrael into some chairs and almost directly into a toddler. Bill Chew’s D6W: Where child safety is a priority and law is in order.

Prior to the match, Divine Intervention accompanied Azrael to ringside before leaving for the back. They came back later for a mid-match angle. They would attack Rudy during the match, and Bill Chew got on the mic to demand the ref get them to leave. Bill would continue to make his demand after Rudy had taken them out, leaving them little time to sell the dive Rudy just did. After the referee ejected Divine Intervention, Bill Chew got on the mic again and threatened to suspend them for 30 days if they didn’t leave. That means they’d miss one entire show. So harsh! As all this was happening, Azrael tried to get heat on Rudy during the angle, but the fans ignored Rudy being thrown into a ladder because of Bill’s angle.

The rest of the match was ridiculous, and not in a good way. What really stood out the most was how the height of the ceiling really impacted the match. When Azrael and Rudy climbed the ladders, they didn’t need to climb far to reach the title. This resulted in many awkward moments where both workers had to pretend the belt was out of their reach, but in reality, they could’ve just grabbed it and won at so many portions of the match. The ending of the match was hilarious, as Azrael could be seen trying to wrap his leg up on the ropes to make it seem like he was stuck as Rudy got the win. What a mess this shit was.

After the match, Ashley Grace entered the ring. She said she and Rudy were best friends. If Rudy was really her best friend, why the fuck didn’t he try to rescue her from the chair during Hydie’s match? Anyways, she said they wanted to become double-crown champions and would be teaming up to go for the D6W Tag Team titles. The show ended with Rudy saying he wanted to go home.

Final Thoughts

Holy shit. I thought the previous D5W show I reviewed was bad, but this was worse. When Sexy Chino puts on the best match on the show, you know you’re watching a terrible event. All of the stuff involving Bill Chew was comically bad, and the Ashley Grace angle is a prime example of how terrible the booking in D6W is. Nearly every match was backyard-quality. Don’t watch this show.

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