Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 16: Kill Mil Review

This week, someone gets sacrificed and the road to Ultima Lucha 4 begins.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 16: Kill Mil

As usual, we start with a recap of past events from previous episodes. After the recap, we head inside the Ice Temple where Matt Striker and Vampiro welcomed the audience to the show. Matt Striker had a letter that Antonio Cueto requested be read on air. It was mostly just a recap of what happened last week. In the letter, Antonio Cueto declared that the main event will be a Four Way match with the winner getting a title shot against Marty The Moth.

After that, Melissa Santos introduced Jack Evans for the opening match. Jack got on the mic and refused to be part of a promotion that lets XO Lishus compete and because Matanza Cueto crashed Johnny Mundo’s wedding. After complaining about what had been going on, Jack quit. Antonio Cueto came out and told him that he’s going to face Matanza Cueto in a Sacrifice To The Gods match.

Sacrifice To The Gods – Jack Evans vs. Matanza Cueto

As Matanza Cueto’s music played, Jack ran out of the ring trying to escape through the entrance way. Matanza Cueto would come out from behind the doors and tried to chokeslam Jack. Jack would continue attempting to escape before Matanza was able to get a hold of him. The match would begin with Matanza in control before Jack made a comeback. Jack would expose one of the turnbuckles and hit a 630 Senton on Matanza after he went head first into one. The finish would see Matanza pick up Jack as he was being pinned and hit his finisher for the win. After the match, Jack was sacrificed.

After a commercial break, we head back to the Ice Temple for the next match. Melissa Santos introduced Ivelisse, XO Lishus, and Joey Ryan as they were in the ring for the next match.

Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match: The Reptile Tribe (Daga, Jeremiah Snake, and Kobra Moon) (c) vs. Ivelisse, XO Lishus, and Joey Ryan

Before the match began, Paul London emerged from the entrance way and introduced El Bunny and the White Rabbit. They would stand at the top of the entrance way during the match and watched the action. Joey started off the match by getting some offense on the Reptile Tribe. XO Lishus would get tagged in and was worked over by the Reptile Tribe before tagging out to Ivelisse. Eventually, the challengers would triple team Daga and had control of the match. At one point, Joey would pick up Kobra Moon and tossed her out of the ring to the other members of the Reptile Tribe. Daga would mount a quick comeback and was able to make Joey tap to a submission to give his team the win.

After the match, the Rabbit Tribe made their way to the ring. El Bunny and Paul London would then attack Joey and XO. Ivelisse would try to make a save, but was cut off by Paul London. After laying all three out, London and El Bunny held their heads over the bottom rope in front of the White Rabbit, who said “Tick, Tock.”

After a commercial break, we headed back to the Ice Temple where several nunchucks were hanging around for the next match.

2 vs. 1 Nunchucks Match: Aerostar & Drago vs. Jake Strong

Before the match started, Matt Striker tried to claim Lucha Underground got permission for this match from the athletic commission, which sounded really stupid. Vampiro would thankfully cut him off saying they don’t need permission from them. Jake Strong had the advantage early in the match. Eventually, Aerostar and Drago mounted a comeback where Drago hit Jake with a pair of nunchucks as he was Aerostar’s shoulders. Jake Strong would get back on offense shortly after. Aerostar and Jake would make their way to the catwalk of the Ice Temple and brawled for a bit before Jake caused him to fall to the floor. Drago would attack Jake would nunchucks before Jake cut him off. Aerostar would then dive off the catwalk onto Jake.

The match would head back to the ring where Aerostar and Drago beat up on Jake with nunchucks for a few moments. The action would go back-and-forth before Jake made Aerostar tap to an ankle lock. Jake would hold onto the submission before Drago attacked him with nunchucks before Jake put him in an ankle lock and broke his ankle.

Four Way #1 Contender’s Match – Pentagon Dark vs. King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes vs. Dragon Azteca, Jr.

The match began after a commercial break. Mil Muertes started off by taking out the other three competitors. He would take control of the match until King Cuerno cut him off. Pentagon, Cuerno, and Dragon Azteca would then go at it as Mil Muertes was outside of the ring. Fenix would show up at ringside and grabbed Melissa Santos. She would try to talk some sense into him before she ran away. Dragon Azteca would then hit a dive over the ring post onto Fenix. The two would brawl and eventually left the Ice Temple. After they left, the three remaining competitors went at it with each other. Willie Mack would run in and hit Mil Muertes with two Stunners. This would set up Pentagon Dark for a Mexican Destroyer on Mil for the win.

Willie Mack would enter the ring after the match and got on the mic to challenge Mil to a deathmatch match at Ultima Lucha 4. He would end the promo by saying “Rest In Peace, Mother Fucker.”

Final Thoughts

This was a really solid episode of Lucha Underground. The build up for Ultima Lucha 4 was done well. With that said, the nunchucks match was really dumb. I know this isn’t a traditional wrestling show, but I still find it dumb that two characters (Aerostar & Drago) were made to look like scrubs to build up Jake Strong. Those dudes can time travel and bring people back to life, but they can’t beat a heavyweight wrestler without looking like geeks? Aside from that, everything else on this show was solid. Willie Mack though stole the show with his promo. As I said, this was a solid episode overall, and one of the better episodes of the season.

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