The Professional Fighters League heads to Long Beach for the PFL Playoffs on October 13th

The Professional Fighters League heads to Long Beach, CA on October 13th for PFL 9, featuring the playoffs for the inaugural PFL season.

The PFL (formerly known as World Series of Fighting) is a seasonal MMA league. Throughout the regular season, fighters in various weight classes competed to make it to the PFL playoffs while earning points along the way. During the PFL season, three points were awarded for victories, and one point for draws. Bonus points for finishes in the first (three points), second (two points), and third (one point) rounds were also awarded to fighters.

With the regular PFL season coming to an end tonight in Atlantic City, NJ, the eight fighters with the most points in their division will now move on to the PFL Playoffs. The championship finals will take place on New Year’s Eve in New York City. Each division winner will also walk away with $1 million in prize money as well.

On October 13th, the Long Beach Arena will host the Quarterfinals and Semifinals for the Lightweight and Light Heavyweight divisions. Each Quarterfinal bout will be two, five-minute rounds, and each Semifinal bout will be three, five-minute rounds.

The PFL Lightweight Division Playoffs are currently scheduled to feature the following bouts:

Quarterfinal Bouts

Natan Schulte (MMA Record: 13-3, LW #1, 9 Points) vs. Johnny Case (MMA Record: 24-6, LW #8, 3 Points)
Chris Wade (MMA Record: 13-4, LW #4, 6 Points) vs. Robert Watley (MMA Record: 11-2, LW #5, 5 Points)
Islam Mamedov (MMA Record: 15-2,  LW #3, 6 Points) vs. Thiago Tavares (MMA Record: 22-8-1, LW #6, 3 Points)
Will Brooks (MMA Record: 20-4, LW #2, 6 Points) vs. Rashid Magomedov (MMA Record: 21-2, LW #7, 3 Points)

Semifinal Bouts

Winner of Schulte/Case vs. the winner of Wade/Watley
Winner of Mamedov/Tavares vs. the winner of Brooks/Magomedov

The PFL Light Heavyweight Division Playoffs are currently scheduled to feature the following bouts:

Quarterfinal Bouts

Vinny Magalhaes (MMA Record: 16-9 (1 NC), LHW #1, 12 Points) vs. Rakim Cleveland (MMA Record: 19-10-1 (1 NC), LHW #8, 4 Points)
Bazigit Atajev (MMA Record: 19-2, LHW #4, 6 Points) vs. Emiliano Sordi (MMA Record: 17-7, LHW #5, 6 Points)
Dan Spohn (MMA Record: 18-5, LHW #3, 7 Points) vs. Sean O’Connell (MMA Record: 18-10, LHW #6, 5 Points)
Maxim Grishin (MMA Record: 28-7, LHW #2, 11 Points) vs. Smealinho Rama (MMA Record: LHW #7, 11-4, 5 Points)

Semifinal Bouts

Winner of Magalhaes/Cleveland vs. the winner of Atajev/Sordi
Winner of Spohn/O’Connell vs. the winner of Grishin/Rama

PFL 9 takes place October 13th, 2018 at the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, CA. PFL 9 will air live on NBC Sports Network at 6:00 PM PT, with prelim bouts streaming live on Facebook Watch.

Playoff bouts for the Featherweight and Heavyweight divisions will take place on October 5th in New Orleans, LA at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Welterweight and Middleweight division playoff bouts will take place October 20th at the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Washington, D.C. Each event is scheduled to air on NBC Sports Network, with prelim bouts also streaming live on Facebook Watch.

The finals of the PFL’s inaugural season playoffs will take place on December 31st, 2018 at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY.

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