Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 5: Sacrificio Review

Cage faces Mil Muertes, the Trios Champions face off in a Triple Threat, the Rabbit Tribe meet the White Rabbit, Joey Ryan faces Ivelisse, and more on this week’s Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground Season 4, Episode 5: Sacrificio Review

We start with a recap of events that took place in previous episodes. After the recap, Mariachi El Bronx was playing inside the Ice Temple as Matt Striker and Vampiro welcome the audience to the show. Inside the ring, Cortez Castro is waiting for his opponent. After Mariachi El Bronx finished playing, Antonio Cueto walked out and outed Cortez as a cop. He said he wanted to report a homicide, but wouldn’t call it a murder, but a sacrifice to the Gods.

Sacrifice To The Gods: Matanza Cueto vs. Cortez Castro

Matanza hit and ring and defeated Cortez off in seconds. After the match, the lights turned red, the screen went black, and Cortez was gone as Matanza stood in the ring while Antonio looked on.

Ancient Aztec Medallion Match – Ivelisse vs. Joey Ryan

After a commercial, Joey Ryan is inside the ring. Melissa looked disgusted by him when he poured baby oil on himself. The match started off with Joey trying to make Ivelisse touch his dick. She ended up slapping him for his troubles. Ivelisse would begin to control the match before Joey Ryan punched her in the face. Later in the match, Ivelisse would hit a Tilt-a-whirl-headscissors armbar, and the camera zoomed in on her crotch. Way to be subtle, producers. Both Joey and Ivelisse would exchange moves during the finishing stretch of the match. Eventually, Ivelisse would get the win after hitting Joey with a Sunset Flip Bomb. After the match, she is awarded an Ancient Aztec Medallion.

Ancient Aztec Medallion Match – The Mack vs. Killshot vs. Son Of Havoc

After a commercial break, Melissa Santos introduced the participants for the next match. Before the match could start, Antonio Cueto emerged from his office. He said this match was missing something and said there will be two medallions on the line. The one who gets pined or submitted will leave with nothing. Antonio headed back to his office as the show went to a commercial break.

Once the commercial break ended, the match began. Killshot wanted to go after Havoc, but The Mack tried to calm him down. After that, Killshot would try to get Mack to join him in going after Havoc, but Mack wasn’t interested. Killshot sent Mack to the outside and the action began. Havoc would hit a nice Asai Moonsault on both Killshot and the Mack outside of the ring. Moments later, The Mack would hit a Tope Con Giro on Killshot and Havoc. The match would head back into the ring and saw Killshot and Mack go at it for a few moments. Killshot would then slap Havoc around as Mack was outside of the ring, telling him he’s not his brother.

The final moments of the match saw all three men going at it. Havoc would attempt to hit a top rope move on the Mack before Killshot grabbed him by the beard to prevent him from doing so. He then hit Havoc with a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron. After Killshot hit a top rope double stomp on Havoc inside the ring, Mack ran in gave Killshot a Stunner. He stood above both men trying to decide who to pin before pinning Killshot. After the match, Killshot got in Mack’s face and slapped his medallion out of his hand before leaving the ring.

Ancient Aztec Medallion Match – Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Cage

After a commercial break, Melissa Santos introduced the main event. As she said Catrina’s name, Melissa gulped a bit as a callback to past events involving Fenix. The match began with both men exchanging strikes and moves in the ring. Both men were evenly matched in strength and kept countering each other’s moves. The match would head outside of the ring where they would brawl for a bit. After some action outside of the ring, Cage would suplex Mil Muertes back into the ring. The two would go at it some more, and eventually, referee Marty Elias was taken out by a spear from Muertes. He was then be replaced by Justin Borden, who was also taken out. Rick Knox then ran in to make a two count as Muertes pinned Cage. Muertes would get upset at Knox and hit a nasty chokeslam on him.

The action would continue with no referee. Cage hit a tope con giro on Muertes outside of the ring, and the two would start to brawl outside of the ring again. Muertes would then bring a chair into the match, but Cage superkicked it in his face. After slamming Muertes on the floor, Cage would go into the crowd where Pentagon Dark was disguised as a fan. He then attacked Cage and hit him in the head with a chair. Inside the ring, Muertes would hit Cage with a Flatliner to give Muertes the win.

Muertes asked Catrina to enter the ring to do the lick of death. However, she refused and began to walk off. She then licked her finger and pointed at him as he was in the ring. Pentagon Dark would get on the mic to address Cage, and said they will face each other for the Lucha Underground title next week. He then said he’ll keep his title, and will rip Cage’s arm into pieces.

After that, The Rabbit Tribe are sitting in a room. Mascarita Sagrada entered the room and informed them that the White Rabbit would seem them now. They appear in a lair as Kevin Kross is sitting on a thrown. Paul London says they were seeking his guidance. When asked what was in it for him, Paul London said they’d do whatever he wanted. He tells them to kill the man who brought them to him. Paul London then bashed Mascarita Sagrada in the head with a stick as Kross laughed.

Final Thoughts

This was a really fun episode. The match scenes were really fun and had a lot of good action. The Triple Threat match was really fun. It had a lot of fun spots and some good storytelling. The main event was a fun brawl and did a good job at setting up next week’s episode. I also thought the final scene was really wild. It was funny, trippy, and totally different from everything else on this program. I really hope there are more scenes and plots involving the Rabbit Tribe.

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