Millennium Pro Wrestling proudly presents – The MPW 805 Anniversary Show!

Two years ago, in June 2016, Millennium Pro returned to Wrestling, and for the first time, we had a place to call home – in Moorpark, California! Two years later, we are still going strong bringing you a high level of quality wrestling and entertainment on a weekly basis. Come and join the celebration, of MPW in the 805 at the Boys & Girls Club of Moorpark!

At the MPW 805 Anniversary Show, we will showcase eight matches, which includes one pre-show match as we open doors:

* Bulletproof & Olijah Friday vs. New Figgy & The Sweetfish (The Great Zumba & Dr. Phil Goode)

Bulletproof found his mojo after being down on luck in a losing streak when he found a teammate in Olijah Friday. The two set their sights on the newly formed New Figgy & The Sweetfish and appear to have the support of Auntie Hydie, who lost the rights to “Figgy & The Sweetfish” when Dr. Phil Goode defeated her in the “Fight for your Rights” match. However, last week at MPW’s “Face Off” show, the trio of Hydie, Bulletproof, and Friday did some damage to Dr. Phil Goode. Will he be ready to go this Saturday Night?

* “Latino Meat” Che Cabrera vs. The Rookie Sensation, B-Minus

Shortly after H.A.T.E. lost their Tag Team Championships to Divinity, Che Cabrera was scheduled for singles action and his first match was with B-Minus. Cabrera took the victory but was not satisfied with the victory. Taking out his frustrations on B-Minus, Cabrera sought to injure the young Rookie Sensation. This last week, after Cabrera’s victory over Charlie Mercer, B-Minus called for redemption, citing unfinished business and challenged Latino Meat at the MPW 805 Anniversary Show.

Ty Matthews vs. Frankie Frank

Since B-Minus’ debut, Frankie Frank has been a thorn in his side. But just a couple weeks ago, Frankie chose the wrong day to mess with B-Minus – during the MPW debut match of Ty Matthews as he squared off with B-Minus. Frankie’s distraction gave Matthews the victory, but he was not happy that Frankie Frank interjected himself in Ty Matthews’ business. After a devastating spear, putting Frankie Frank down, the following week Frank challenged Ty Matthews to do battle at the MPW 805 Anniversary Show.

* Auntie Hydie vs. “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin

As Bulletproof and Olijah Friday sought to do harm to Dr. Phil Goode, Hydie’s presence prompted the MPW Owner, Triple X to come out and make matches. The first was the pre-show match between Proof & Friday and Figgy & The Sweetfish. The next match announced, as punishment for Hydie (who did not react to what she would hear as punishment – a huge smile came across her face) was the return of “The Pumpkin Queen” Sage Sin to MPW this Saturday Night to square off with Auntie Hydie.

* “Hair Versus Hair Match” – Malkor vs. Pinky Santino

Malkor’s interference in the Tag Team Championship Match between H.A.T.E and Divinity is the very reason why Divinity is now the Tag Team Champions. This past week, Pinky battled it out with Jimi Mayhem in singles competition. However, Malkor and Max X’s presence infuriated Pinky even more – causing him to be disqualified after ignoring the referee’s count in the corner. Once the bell sounded, Malkor and Max X jumped Pinky from behind. Once Jimi Mayhem gathered himself, the Tag Champions Mayhem & Max X held Pinky down while Malkor snipped some of Pinky’s hair. Che Cabrera aided Pinky, which cleared the ring. Afterward, Pinky challenged Malkor to a Hair vs. Hair Match at the MPW 805 Anniversary Show.

* “Career Versus Control Match” – Ray Rosas vs. Triple X

At the MPW California Classic Rumble event, which took place on April 14, 2018, Ray Rosas lost his MPW World Championship to Daniel Moon. However, Rosas would protest the result with legal support. After filing an injunction against MPW using video and photographic evidence showing Rosas’ foot on the bottom rope as Moon pinned him, MPW Owner Triple X was forced to make a decision. It would be announced that Moon would vacate the Championship to a 5-man MPW World Championship Gauntlet Match. However, later that night, Rosas would face Moon in a rematch – the stipulation, loser draws number one to the Gauntlet. At the end of the match, Moon’s foot was on the bottom of the rope, and Triple X caught the referee’s attention. An enraged Rosas turned his attention to Triple X, which allowed Moon to capitalize with a victory roll, pinning Rosas.

The following week in the Gauntlet match, Rosas came out first and would defeat Charlie Mercer with a Texas Cloverleaf. However, Rosas would not relinquish the hold – and pushed the referee Bryan Carter to the mat. Triple X called Carter over to reverse the decision and award Mercer the victory. Rosas would then attack Triple X, slamming him onto the apron, and delivering a Twist of H.A.T.E to the MPW Owner, and then sealing the damage with a Texas Cloverleaf.

The following week, Triple X came out on crutches, and as Rosas had his back turned, the MPW Owner retaliated with an attack of his own, using the crutch to his advantage. He would then announce the match between Ray Rosas and Triple X. Last week, Ray Rosas accepted the challenge on the condition that if he beats Triple X, he would seize 51% control of MPW. Triple X accepted that condition as long as Rosas leaves MPW if Triple X wins the match.

* MPW Tag Team Championship Match – Divinity (Max X & Jimi Mayhem vs. No Mercy (Master Flame & Charlie Mercer)

Last month, Master Flame had a singles match with Charlie Mercer. Flame won via submission. Before he left the MPW Arena, Mercer halted Flame and congratulated him on the victory. In desperation, he also asked Flame to teach him in Flame’s mastery in using martial arts in the squared circle. Mercer would then go on to train under the tutelage of Master Flame earning himself a white belt. Two weeks ago, the two emerged as the newly formed tag team, No Mercy and challenged Divinity. On their way to victory, Divinity got themselves disqualified in order to retain the tag titles. After that match, Flame would challenge Divinity to a rematch at the MPW 805 Anniversary Show. MPW Owner Triple X would later stipulate that if Divinity gets disqualified or counted out, the titles will be awarded to No Mercy.

* Two-Fall Triple Threat Match for the MPW National & World Championships – Brendan Divine vs. Danny Divine vs. Daniel Moon

Brendan Divine: On April 14, 2018, at the MPW California Classic Rumble event Brendan Divine challenged his brother, Danny Divine for the MPW National Championship. Unfortunately for Brendan, his big brother would retain the title after a pin-fall victory. Later in the evening, Brendan would enter the California Classic Rumble as entrant number 7, lasting 42 minutes to win the Rumble by eliminating Malkor – and therefore earning a Championship Match at the MPW 805 Anniversary Show.

The following Friday Night, Brendan Divine announced that his Best Pal, Daniel Moon (who, at the time was the MPW World Champion), was safe – that Brendan had his heart set on the National Championship, making his match at the Anniversary show official. Later that evening, prior to his match with Malkor, Brendan Divine was attacked by his opponent when he was on his way to the ring. That match resulted in a two-week injury hiatus, leaving his Main Event status at the Anniversary show in question. When he returned, Brendan tagged with his Best Pal, Daniel Moon to face Malkor and Danny Divine. After the match, Brendan would have to accept the terms of the announcement of this Two-Fall Triple Threat match.

Danny Divine: A few weeks before the California Classic Rumble event, Danny Divine won himself the MPW National Championship over Bulletproof at a Friday Night at the MPW Arena show. He would then find himself backed into a corner when he would face the number one contender to his title, his brother Brendan Divine. As we know, Danny Divine defeated Brendan Divine at the California Classic.

When MPW Owner Triple X announced that there would be an MPW World Championship Gauntlet Match for the vacated title, Danny Divine made it known that he wanted in. Danny was abundantly fortunate to draw the 5th slot in the Gauntlet. However, Divinity’s monster Malkor along with Max X and Jimi Mayhem would all attack the 4th competitor of the Gauntlet Match, Daniel Moon before the 5th entrant was announced. Danny Divine, in turn, picked up the pieces left behind by his faction, and easily defeated Daniel Moon for the MPW World Championship and thus became the Undisputed MPW Champion.

Daniel Moon: As we know, Daniel Moon won the MPW World Championship on April 14, 2018, at the California Classic Rumble event. Ray Rosas threatened MPW with litigation, which coerced Moon to vacate the MPW World Championship and attempt to win it back in the Gauntlet match. Moon entered the Gauntlet as the 4th entrant and would defeat the 3rd entrant, Malkor. Max X and Jimi Mayhem joined Malkor in the decimation of Daniel Moon so that their leader, Danny Divine could effortlessly win the World Championship.

The following week, Brendan Divine returned to action and tagged with Daniel Moon against Malkor & Danny Divine. Moon scored the pin-fall victory against Danny Divine and felt he had earned himself a World Championship rematch against Danny Divine. This announcement caused tensions to arise with his Best Pal Brendan Divine, who felt that Moon was impeding on Brendan’s Main Event opportunity for the National Championship – which he had already earned. MPW Owner Triple X heard both sides, and in order to resolve the strain between the Best Pals, would order Divine to face both of them – putting the National Championship on the line against Brendan Divine, and the World Championship on the line against Daniel Moon.

But Danny Divine refused to fight two matches in the same night. In order to appease all involved – the fact that Brendan had earned his right to a Main Event Championship bout, the fact that Daniel Moon indeed pinned the Undisputed Champion Danny Divine, and the fact that it would not be right to force Danny Divine to defend his championships in two separate matches – Triple X decided that Danny would defend both Championships in a Two-Falls Triple Threat match with both titles on the line at the MPW 805 Anniversary Show.

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