Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 362 Review

Ray Rosas and the Soul Burners (Ryan Taylor and Tomaste) versus Oliver Grimsly and Los Rancheros (Rogelio and Raul) will be the main event. Grant asked Rosas if he’s worried about Chris Bey getting involved, since he helped Grimsly injure him in their last match. Rosas went off and then Taylor brought his focus back in. He then asked him to remove his shoes. Tomaste then put a flower on Rosas’ ear. Highly confused now, but hey the next episode is going to start.

EJ Sparks vs. Royce Isaacs

Phoenix’s favorite son verses the money maker, Royce Isaacs. Apparently they’ve been having a feud in Arizona. It was a duel of hammer locks to start.  Isaacs ended up taking control early with some wrestling, but Sparks was quick and threw in some counters. Isaacs was working methodically, trying to wear him down, he even pulled on Sparks’ hair at one point. Sparks finally hit a dropkick, and then started hammering on Isaacs, nailing him with strikes, knees and forearms. Isaacs is pretty agile and athletic for a guy his size, and he used that to his advantage with an up and over. Isaacs then grounded Sparks with a full nelson for a while. The fans were booing, and we hit a commercial break.

Isaacs was still wearing him down after the break. Every time Sparks got on a roll, Isaacs hit him in the stomach with a knee. Isaacs then kept him in a super long stalling suplex to get a close two count. It was funny, every time Sparks hit some strikes, Isaacs, just clocked him with one shot. Sparks got a couple pin attempts and then ate a couple fists from Isaacs for his troubles. Isaacs hit the middle rope and nailed an elbow for another two count. Isaacs sinks in an STF, and kept the hold but Sparks finally got to the rope. Sparks hit a dropkick that sent Isaacs to the turnbuckle and Sparks nailed a flurry of kicked punctuated by a superkick for a near fall. Sparks got caught on the top rope, got launched off the top, and then vertical suplexed. Isaacs nailed him with a clothesline, which set him for his Hush Money finisher (X wing German suplex).

This match showed off two things, Isaacs’s power and disregard for rules, and Sparks’s striking background. Isaacs kept him grounded for most of the match. He also really got the fans riled up. I’m beginning to think we’ve got a new bad guy in Hollywood. Sparks looked good, even though he was overwhelmed at times by Royce Isaacs and his power. Overall other than a few slower moments with the restholds, it was an entertaining match.

Pentagato Jr w/ Rey Felix vs. Ty Matthews

Pentagato Jr verses Matthews should be interesting since Matthews has a bible of suplexes. Pentagato is quick like a cat. Matthews gave him the hand, but Pentagato bit it. Pentagato then give him his leg lick to drop toe hold and then back rake. Matthews drop kicked him and then kicked him while he was down to stop him completely. Matthews just then started beating on Pentagato, turning a reversal into a neckbreaker. Pentagato got on a little run, chopping Matthews down and giving him a splash for a two count but this was his last offense in the ring. After missing each other with clotheslines, Matthews speared Pentagato for the three count.

Overall a quick match but effective. Pentagato put up a pretty decent fight, but he was overwhelmed by Matthews. Mathews did an interview and mentioned that he can use his fist for the greater good. He called out the current champs Tito and Scorpio Sky and then mentioned you will be well and gave his hand sign.

Max McManus vs. Bateman

This should be a good fight between some strikers. There was lots of grabbling to start, which reminded me of a world of sport match until Bateman nailed a flying elbow. Bateman hit him with another few elbows and also fishhooked Max’s nose. Bateman’s was just wailing on him. McManus nailed a nice pinning combo and hit some euro uppercuts, but then got nailed with another clothesline by Bateman. Bateman got frustrated and got uppercutted by McManus again followed by a bulldog. McManus nailed his chancery/crossface submission, but Bateman hit another elbow and then it was Death From Above to finish the match.

This one was a lot quicker paced. I’d like to see these guys throw down again. This was a good setup for the main event as well.

Tito got interviewed by Kathy and she asked about the mystery opponent. Tito said it has been a run of mystery opponents but it all ended up the same way. It doesn’t matter who it is and he is the baddest dude in professional wrestling.

Soul Burners (Ryan Taylor and Tomaste) and Ray Rosas vs. Oliver Grimsley and Los Rancheros (Rogelico and Raul)

Grimsly went right after Rosas’ ribs before the bell even started, but Grimsly ended up wrestling Taylor first, who stretched him out. Tomaste then hit a stomp on Grimsly and then he scurried to get the tag to Rogelio. Tomaste surprisingly got some offense in but springboarded right into Regelio’s arms so he can dump him. Tomaste is then just beaten on by all three members of the other team in a quick succession of tags. I’m not sure if the minute of offense was worth taking all this abuse for Tomaste. Raul almost broke him in half with a backbreaker, but Tomaste got free with a missile dropkick. Rosas and Rogelio were going at it, and Rosas came in hot and just kicked everyone and nearly got the three count on Rogelio. Grimsly interfered when Rosas went after him in the corner and hit the post. The show then went to commercial.

Rosas was getting his ribs squeezed when it came back from a handful of commercials. The bandage is really working well as a target for the other team members to attack it. Raul faked a tag, and Rogelio then started pounding on his ribs in the corner and then nailed him with a gut buster. Grimsly got tagged in and then got a modified bow and arrow for more Rosas rib agony. Rosas has spent the last two or three minutes in the corner getting beat up. It was actually pretty funny. Rosas finally hit an enziguri that allowed him to tag Taylor in, who uppercut Grimsly into next week. Taylor got on a roll, taking out both Rancheros. Taylor hit a tiger driver but couldn’t get the three. Howdy got a distraction on Taylor and Tomaste but they foil that and go for a double team on Grimsly but the Rancheros catch them on the outside. Grimsly missed a dive to the outside, but the Rancheros catch him, Taylor dived out there, and Tomaste Moonsaulted on everyone! Wow, Rosas was on the top rope after Grimsly got rolled back in and nailed his elbow drop to get the victory.

I believe this is the first loss by the Rancheros in any type of match on Hollywood. Soul Burners are making steady progress. I’d like to note that the Rancheros and Howdy will probably say they didn’t take the pin, and they are right, it was Grimsly. Rosas getting the victory after taking all that punishment felt vindicating in a way. This match really started a feud with Soul Burners and the Rancheros, but it was also continuing what’s going on with Rosas and Grimsly too. I’m interested in seeing both of these feuds continue, which wasn’t what I originally thought coming in and watching it. So props to the people keeping the storylines going and actually making sense.

Overall Thoughts

Overall the show was above average, with some nicer debuts. McManus should be booked in more places around here; he’s really good. Royce really got some heat from the crowd in his match against the debuting EJ, who looked really good in his debut as well. Matthews has been on a good run and continued it here. Three solid matches and a quick one makes for a quick paced hour. The main event was good, and as mentioned, managed to advance two storylines with one match. It was going to be interesting as I think they are going to have the mystery opponent for Tito next week, I’m really looking forward to that one as well.

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