A Quick Chat With Human Tornado

With Human Tornado announcing his retirement this past weekend, we took a moment to catch up with him. In our quick chat he clarified what is going on, if we will see him again, his biggest accomplishments, and more.

Steve: What is causing you to retire?

Human Tornado: The main cause for my in-ring retirement is from numerous situations. The original problem was my ACL injury 2008. I took time off and during that time I got checked for a clot in my body somewhere. Couldn’t find anything at the time, so I thought I could comeback, but I wasn’t thinking it all the way thru as I should have. And then I messed up my knee again. Didn’t wrestle 2011, came back at CZW in 2012. Just recently I discovered a lump around the same spot they checked years ago and it could be causing all types of problems. I feel fine, like I don’t feel sick or nothing crazy, just aching from 2000 back surgery.

Steve: When did you find out about it?

Human Tornado: After a show last year, I thought my leg seem a little swollen or I was getting buff. I was getting buff except one side wasn’t catching up. I have a doctor appointment this week to check it out.

Steve: When you took a break a few years ago was it the same issue?

Human Tornado: When I left PWG, I had to leave wrestling to take care of my grandpa who dropped ill. I figured at that time I could heal up and comeback but the situation at home got worse and I needed to stay home.

Steve: What are the chances of the Human Tornado wrestling again?

Human Tornado: Right now, I’m trying to honor the rest of the bookings I have for this year. I will be at ExpoLucha in Las Vegas in August. And I also have El Snowflake bookings to finish up.

Steve: If this is the end of your career, what do you think your biggest accomplishment was?

Human Tornado: I believe my biggest accomplishment would be going to training. Without it, well, let’s just say I would have been a tragedy the first year wrestling. “I’ll take the trained 15 year plan God. [laughs] Thank you.” And watching Candice get signed of course.

Steve: Do you think you’ll still be involved in wrestling in some way?

Human Tornado: A reason why I returned the first time was to still be involved in the scene anyway possible. I still feel that way today. I like watching the SoCal scene as a whole. SCU always kept that going with the website. SCCW I thought was a cool idea. It had a piece of everyone in one show. The scene has changed, some good some bad, but everyone got their learning faces on in the locker rooms. I know I’m limited but can still be involved in any type of way.

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