Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Episode 356 Review

Grant, with another wild tie, interviewed Uptown Andy Brown and asked him about his next opponent. Brown said he’s here to make a statement, to wrestle the “who’s who” of wrestling, it didn’t matter who it is. He then went off stage with a spring in his step. 

Uptown Andy Brown vs. Watts 

Andy Brown was taking on the force of nature, Watts. The announcers mentioned Watts’ breakup with Matthews and his Tag Team Championship reign (by himself). Watts started off the match with straight up power, overwhelming Brown to start off. Brown turned it around, clotheslined Watts who lands on his feet, and wiped out Watts with two suicide dives and his cartwheel on the apron to superkick on the floor. Andy might have rolled an ankle during this, which slowed him down a bit, but just made him brawl more. Andy started corner punches, but Watts countered with a chokeslam, which was then reversed into a DDT by Brown before the commercial break.

Brown was hammering on Watts until he reversed it with a bicycle kick that nearly got a three count. Watts did a backbreaker one handed while throwing out his hand sign in an impressive display of strength, followed by an Irish whip that shook the ring with the force of Brown’s body. Watts hit a nice sequence of moves, but Brown caught Watts coming off the top rope and cold cocks him with a right and then his lunging forearm to a kneeling Watts. Then Watts countered with a choke bomb that left Brown dazed. Brown went on a flurry after avoiding his DNR, Brown hit Watts with a reversed springboard cutter off the second turnbuckle, which was awesome. Watts caught Andy going for his rolling cutter and gave him a DNR instead to take the match.

I really think this was one of the better openers on the show in the last few weeks. Uptown Andy Brown looked great in this; he’s had a great run on the show lately. Watts also looked powerful and dominating at times, but showed he’s got some agile moves for a big guy, and Andy really brought that out of him in this contest.  

Denise Interviews Reno Scum 

Denise asked their concerns, and Adam mentioned that he only knows one office and references, The Office TV show. He also mentioned he would classically connect his boot to their backside. Luster tells ’em why they are champs and what they stand for and then started an “Oi” Chant. Good promo by these guys: to the point, and in your face, just like the Scum. 

Styker vs. PINX (Pinky) 

Pinx came in a suit with Fidel Bravo. Styker started off with strikes and strong style kicks, but then ate a forearm that just leveled him. Pinx then avalanches him in the corner and took control of the match with a bow and arrow. Styker fought back and then ate a huge big boot, and then ate an elbow. Everything Styker did up to that point was answered with some heavy move. Pinx then did a full minute chin lock, and thankfully Styker fought back long enough to get turned inside out with a lariat, to set him up for the CTS, or choke to sleep.

This was a very slow match. Bravo got interviewed, and said Pink was his guy, and he’ll protect his back. He did say that Adrian Quest was never his friend, and he was using him.

ZIcky Dice vs. Karl Fredericks

Zicky called himself outlandish, he sure looked the part. Fredericks out techs him at first, but Zicky lured him to the outside to welcome him with boots on the way in. Zicky even threw the circle game at the camera. Zicky was all brawling and old school technique. Fredericks finally has had enough, but got caught into a power slam. Zicky promptly got into an argument with the ref about the count. Zicky missed his outlandish cannonball and ate some clotheslines for his effort and a moonsault off the turnbuckle. Fredericks won another exchange and hit a huge swanton for the 3 count.

Zicky Dice was truly outlandish. He definitely tried to get under the skin of everyone. He’s got a traditional rough house style and a unique look. Fredericks got a win finally; I’m having problems remember his last one in Hollywood.

Condron’s promo

Condron said he’s been treated like a joke since he got here. He saw Tito here as the champion.  Then Condron said that Tito’s even worse on the inside than he was on the outside. He goes into a passionate promo that he’s going to give Tito the fight of his life, like his life depends on it, because it did. This was an abridged version.  If you want the whole promo please check the FITE app or their webpage.

Reno Scum vs. Classic Connection – Tag Team Championship Match 

Scum got the loudest crowd reaction of the show. Luster and Buddy started the match off. Buddy tried to slam Luster’s head into the turnbuckle (It’s highly ineffective). Buddy also ate a couple clotheslines and a constant barrage of fists from both. Thornstowe then worked him over and cut the ring off with Luster and then tagged him back in. Scum was really taking it to Classic Connection early, with lots of tags and double team work. Thornstowe attempted his standing moonsault and landed on his feet, but he then transitioned to a standing shooting star.  Levi finally did a trunks grab, and Classic Connection used three different cheats to gain advantage, but Luster saved Thornstowe, who then used Luster as a battering ram. Luster dumped Thornstowe on top of Buddy and we hit commercial.

Luster was in control off the break, and Scum was still in control.  Apparently they’ve been beating on Buddy during the whole break. Claccis Connection was double teaming with a leg sweep and backbreaker combo on Thornstowe and an atomic drop.  A bulldog by Levi took some wind out of Thornstowe, followed by Levi’s heavy right hand. Buddy got tagged in and got a big knee lift in, and they kept Thornstowe in the corner for a while, slowing their pace back to the 80’s. A double team back body drop failed and Thornstowe got Luster in to clean house with a flurry of clotheslines, a drop kick and a Samoan drop. Luster ran Buddy all over the ring, but Classic Connection caught Luster and stun gunned him. They then caught Thornstowe and slammed him, spike piledrivered Luster, but couldn’t get the three count. Levi tried a sleeper, but he got forced back and Thornstowe got tagged in and the Scum Stomp happened, but Nikko Marquez stopped the ref. Scum still got Levi caught into their devil curb stomp and took the match however.

Final Thoughts

The opening and closing matches of the show were outstanding. The middle portion of the show was truly hit or miss. The main event made you forget about it though, which was a good thing. I’m still mad about Peter Avalon, I’m begging to think Nikko was just one big tease. Good show, but not their strongest of the past few weeks.

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