Maverick Pro “Krossroads” March 31, 2018 – review

Maverick Pro wrestling held their event at their new location at the Burbank Moose Lodge. The venue looks pretty tame on the outside, but is really nice and modern on the inside. This was clearly an upgrade from their old location, and the card was intriguing as well. There was also a new announcer, Christian Cole, making his debut. The show had a ton of debuts and also some familiar faces. 

Kadillak vs. Ruben Iglesias vs. Brandon Cutler vs. Styker vs. Biagio Crescenzo vs. B-Minus

This match was pretty fast paced and a good opener. This was the first time I’d seen Cutler and B-Minus in person and they didn’t disappoint. The match started with a six way lock up, which was hilarious. Styker hits a deep six powerbomb early, Iglesias and Crescenzo pulled off a double team on Styker, B-Minus hit them with a missile dropkick. That transitioned into a 3 versus 3 suplex. Cutler and Kadillak looked good in a sequence too. Kadillak nailed his springboard inverted cannon ball. Brandon Cutler got the win with a chokeslam.

This was a good, fast, and at times fun match. I’m not usually a fan of six pack matches, but this one was actually good. Everyone had a chance to show something here, and it felt about the right length, even though the end wasn’t foreshadowed at all.

Brian Jace & Laynie Luck vs. Stan Styles & Salina De La Renta 

This was a mixed tag match and it was much better than expected. Both women were debuting, and they looked great in this. Styles was his usual crazy self, even slamming Jace’s head into his crotch at one point. He also pulled the shake weight out and tried to use it.  Brian Jace looks like he’s lost some weight, and looked very active. Jace and Luck looked like a good tag team in there. Jace’s chops were loud, and he had a thunderous spinebuster on Styles that shook the ring. La Renta tries to whip cream Luck but she spits it out and gives Stan a cutter to finish it.

I enjoyed this match, plenty of comedy but also some solid wrestling. I’m hoping they bring both women back as both of them looked good in this. This was a sneaky fun match on this card.

Keita Murray vs. Shotzi Blackheart 

This was another intergender match, and it was a good one. This match was crisp from the beginning; there were submission attempts, some high flying, and some heavy impact moves as well. Blackheart had Murray in a inverted bow and arrow that I thought was going to take the match, but Murray fought back and gave her a released suplex. Every time Blackheart would attempt a pin Murray would answer with heavy strikes, chops and throws. One highlight was a sidewalk slam that cranked up the intensity. Blackheart answered with a flurry of kicks and a step up Enziguri. She then hit her running knees on Murray. Murray answers with hip check right into Blackheart’s face in the corner. Blackheart hit a exploding knee in the corner, but missed her senton from the top rope. This set up Murray for a exploding knee of his own that rocks Blackheart and almost threw her to the other side of the ring for the three count.

This was one of the better intergender matches I’ve seen in a while. It’s one of those ones that you forget the two people are different genders and you are just watching wrestling. I came away from this match having a new respect for both wrestlers and they both showed some things I hadn’t seen from them before.

Daniel Moon vs. Scorpio Sky

This was a high intensity match and didn’t disappoint. Daniel Moon has made a name for himself in the last year and has a pretty loud vocal following at Maverick Pro. The crowd was split nearly in half on this one. The match was a stalemate early, with neither wrestler gaining an advantage. Moon had a nice high knee, and Sky answered with his Sky High Backbreaker. One hilarious part was Sky biting Moon’s hand on the outside. Moon flips Sky off and eats a heavy chop for his effort. Moon pokes an eye to get out of a submission, then hit a sunset flip to facebuster combo off the turnbuckle. Sky nailed Moon with a double footed stomp and then hits a springboard spinning neckbreaker. Moon counters later with a blockbuster from the top rope. Sky answers with a cutter/dragon sleeper combo. Moon then snuck in a rollup for the victory.

It was a high impact, fast paced match; exactly what the doctor ordered. This was a good match, probably in the top three on the card.

Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack 

Luchasaurus was apparently hurt earlier in the week, so Bey issued an open challenge. Some familiar music comes on, and Willie Mack stepped out to the loudest pop of the evening. The entire place went nuts. Both wrestlers looked great to start. This was a really crisp match with a ton of impact to every move. After an early stalemate the action really picked up. Mack nailed a leg lariat, a powerful Irish whip that rocks Bey, and a knee lift before Bey starts fighting back and eats a brutal clothesline. There was a sequence where Bey got out of the ring, chased Mack and just gets nailed on the outside. Bey really took a lot of abuse in this one. Mack was more brutal and intense than I’ve seen since his Lucha Underground work. There was one moment where Mack sits Bey down on a fan (dressed up as Mario) and does the Mario music in tune to hitting Bey with a chop that make his hair stand straight up.

Bey finally gets some offense in, gets several hits in on Mack, but couldn’t get him down until he nailed him with a Fameasser. Bey also hit a great looking tilt-a-whirl DDT on Mack, followed by a springboard cutter. Mack hit Bey with a belly to back suplex and then an exploder suplex, but after that Bey rolls up Mack with a crucifix to take the three count.

This was definitely the match of the night, and we hadn’t even hit intermission yet. Both of these guys are super athletic. We know Mack’s been tearing it up here for a while, but I’m amazed at how fast and far Bey has come in a year. When you put two wrestlers like this together, magic happens. If you can find this match online anywhere I’d suggest sitting back for 15 minutes and watching it.

PPRAY vs. Reno Scum 

Hey a Peter Avalon sighting! (Check my CWFH reviews for the reference). Two of the best tag teams on the West Coast in a match? Yes, please! The match started off with Luster clotheslining everyone twice and then culminating with the Scum just beating on Rosas, giving him the Pit Stop, and Luster headbutting him. Straight domination by the Scum to start off. Avalon catches Luster on the apron with a superkick and then finally get their offense going. Avalon and Rosas got in a double team suplex on Luster that was impressive. I really enjoyed the match, Thornstowe with his double knuckle shuffle. Rosas hit a smooth Twist of Fate, and Avalon hit an Enziguri for the exclamation point.

The double socko on Avalon and Rosas was hilarious as well. Superman punches and superkicks were on the menu, as these guys were throwing stuff down. This ends with Rosas having Thornstowe in a Gory Special and Avalon grabs him for a facebuster.

This was an excellent match. I really didn’t know who was going to win, and it was most of all entertaining. I’d love to see both of these teams come back, maybe fight for a tag team belt.

Katarina Leigh (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo – Women’s Championship Match 

After the previous entertaining match, we start hitting the main events. Purrazzo comes out to a pretty loud pop and streamers, and Katarina comes out with the Promised Land. Joshua grabs the mic from the announcer and says that even though he’s probably much better than Mike, he’s taking over here. He then lets out a thunderous announcement of Katarina. Purrazzo matched Katarina hold for hold at the start, really locking in a toe hold early a few times. The match was very even at first, and as soon as Purrazzo gained some momentum, the Promised Land got involved and distracted her to go to the outside and Katarina took advantage and really started working her over. Purrazzo gets a breather with a big boot and a brutal knee to Russian leg sweep to a running senton combo that got a very close three count. Katarina snaps a jawbreaker and then a step up Enziguri. The ref gets knocked down while Purrazzo is up on Katarina’s shoulder, so he’s knocked out of commission while Katarina’s locked in an arm bar. Biagio Crescenzo comes in and kicks her in the face. Crescenzo brings her over to Joshua so he can throw powder in her face, but she ducks and Crescenzo catches the powder instead. This still gives Katarina enough time to catch her into a whirling backbreaker. Purrazzo gets Katarina into a tornado DDT, but Crescenzo distracts the ref and Katarina clocks Purrazzo with her belt. Suddenly after as much interference as possible, Katarina is still the champion.

This match started off slowly, but picked up to a quick finish. Katarina looks like she’s in the best shape ever. Her faction the Promised Land has ensured her victories, but that’s supposed to change at the next show. Both women really looked great in this match.

Killer Kross (c) vs. Matt Cross – Maverick Pro Heavyweight Championship Match

This match, a literal Krossroads, had the highly skilled Matt Cross putting his skills against Kevin Kross, and his brutal MMA strong style and bevy of suplexes. Matt Cross used speed and technique, Kross was all power and brutality. Matt goes on a run of moves, and gets pushed away. He then goes for his back elbow and gets lifted and slammed brutally into the mat. Kross just stalks him around the ring, but gets caught coming back in by a whirling ddt by Matt and another flurry. Kross just beasts through several chops and punches and gets just grabs Matt and throws him into the corner for several heavy knee strikes and then a exploding angled suplex. This doesn’t get the three, so he starts hitting crushing shoot kicks into Matt’s back. Matt climbed the turnbuckle, but Kross ends up taking his legs out and he takes a nasty fall to the mat. Kross measures him up for a few kicks including field goal style kick to his chest. Matt comes back with a stomp to the chest, his back elbow and a springboard cross body, along with his rope springboard cutter for a comeback, but Kross gets up, turns him inside out and then nails his finisher for the win.

The complete clash of styles made the story for this match. Matt Cross is an amazing athlete, and can probably beat anyone in the world. Against Kross, it just wasn’t enough. Kross comes across as a dangerous, brutal opponent for anyone Maverick Pro has for  him. The crowd was hot all the way through the match.

Final Thoughts

Overall this was one of their best shows to date. The place was packed and had a hot crowd. The pop when Willie came out to answer Bey’s open challenge was one of those moments where you get goosebumps. I’m digging the new venue, and the direction the company is going. The debuts have been solid and have really injected some life into the local workers, who have had to step up their game.

I’m interested on seeing what it’s going to look like at their next show which has an outstanding card. The next show is running on April 14th, more information can be found here.