Santino Bros. Wrestling – 30 March 2018 – Quick Results

Santino Bros. Wrestling presented Dance With The Devil at the Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy in Bell Gardens last night. Click for results.

Santino Bros. Wrestling
Dance With The Devil
March 30th, 2018
Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy
Bell Gardens, CA

Dom Kubrick & Sr. Valiente defeated the Bomb Squad (Dylan Kyle Cox & Cam Gates). After the match, Valiente unmasked to reveal himself as Robby Phoenix.

Matt Vandagriff defeated Adrian Quest.

Darwin Finch defeated Alonzo Alvarez.

Zokre defeated Lucas Riley.

DoomFly (Eli Everfly & Delilah Doom) defeated the Killer Baes (Heather Monroe & Laura James).

Ruby Raze defeated Tyler Bateman in a Three Stages Of Hell Match.
-First Fall: Raze over Bateman in a Submission Match.
-Second Fall: Bateman over Raze in a No Disqualification Match.
-Third Fall: Raze over Bateman in a Last Body Standing Match.

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