Strong Style Evolved Meet Up After The Show/Takayama Fundraiser

It’s almost time for the New Japan Pro Wrestling world to focus its attention on Long Beach for Strong Style Evolved and that can mean only one’s time for a party!

Based on the success of last year’s meet-up at the G1 Special in the USA shows, we figured, let’s have another one! Here’s all the info you need to know:

Where: Since we were treated so amazingly well in July, we’re on our way back to Congregation Ale House, located at 201 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90802. The event venue is a little further away this time around (roughly 15 minutes drive), but there weren’t many venues that could meet all of our needs and were closer, so we stuck with what we knew. They’re really excited to have us back and there will be another fun specialty drink made for our event that will be revealed soon. Long Beach is also a super Uber-friendly place so getting there should be a snap.

When: Immediately after Strong Style Evolved. We’ve got the patio booked for our group so there should be plenty of space.

Who’s Hosting: This one’s a little more informal compared to the last event, but the information will be posted on r/squaredcircle, r/njpw, the Observer board, the groups Classic Japanese Pro Wrestling, International Wrestling Fanbase, Pro Wrestling and MMA World, and International Lucha Libre Fanbase, and u/salmonblaster89 and u/100PercentRudos are helping out as well.

I’m also pleased to announce that there will be a raffle taking place at our meet-up to benefit the Takayama fund. All money raised will be delivered in person in Japan this April. There has been a slight change in how the raffle is being set up. Now, everyone that comes out and joins us at Congregation Ale House will be automatically entered into the raffle. Donations can be made voluntarily, either in person at the meet-up, or through Paypal at , or through Venmo by sending a PM to u/adeerwithheadlights on Reddit.


There will be mutiple drawings for multiple prizes that will begin at 10:45 pm. A huge, huge thank you for the prizes for this raffle that have been graciously donated by Gaijin Collectibles , the absolute and best go-to source for Japanese wrestling merchandise. This stuff is the real deal, straight from Japan and you can’t find it anywhere as easily as you can at Gaijin Collectibles.

Another big thank you to Bryan Alvarez at the Wrestling Observer/F4WOnline also, as they are donating some shirts from their ProWrestlingTees store as well. You all already know the great work they do over there, but if you can, show them a little extra love for helping out our cause!

A big shout out also goes to Damon from the New Japan Purocast for providing some of the great swag as well. If you haven’t heard the Purocast before, you’re nuts, because Damon and Collin give you all the ins and outs of everything going on in the world of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The prize pool for the raffle will include:

An authentic, full size Suzuki-Gun flag, a New Japan Pro Wrestling hoodie, and a Yoshihiro Takayama action figure

And a whole lot more!

Pictures of some of the great stuff up for grabs!

All of these items are only available in Japan and are awesome collectibles and will make great keepsakes from a weekend of New Japan Pro Wrestling!

Once the show is over, tickets for this raffle can be picked up at Congregation Ale House at the meet-up (just find the guy in the Winnipeg Jets jersey). Drawings for prizes will take place at 10:45 pm and YOU MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE TO WIN.

Again, the address to donate through Paypal is or PM u/adeerwithheadlights on Reddit to purchase through Venmo. REMINDER: DEADLINE FOR ONLINE DONATIONS IS MARCH 24TH AT MIDNIGHT PST. Drawings will begin at 10:45pm on the patio.

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to the awesomeu/adeerwithheadlights , if you will not be in attendance in Long Beach but still wish to donate, you can do so or PM them to get their venmo info. Now even if you can’t make it to Long Beach, you can still support an great cause!

A great drawing for a great cause, so show up early and donate often! More donations means more help for Takayama and it would be greatly appreciated!

Any questions/comments/concerns, feel free to leave them here and we’ll do the best that we can to answer and clarify. Also be sure to keep your eye on this thread for any updates or new information as we get closer to the event.

Safe travels and see you all in Long Beach!!

About the Author

Roy Lucier
Roy Lucier has been a wrestling fan for 35 years. Born in Garden Grove, CA, he was part of the tape trading industry back in the 90's, and has been to thousands of live events in his life. He has hosted cable radio shows, public access TV shows, and is a wealth of knowledge for wrestling all over the world. He was known in the mid 90's as one of the most charasmatic fans in the crowd, often inciting mexican fans while he held a "100% RUDOS" sign. Currently residing in Folsom, CA, a husband and father, nowadays he works as a manager at a Target, and continues his love for the business by uploading videos onto video sharing websites and is also an admin for the International Wrestling Fanbase and International Lucha Libre Fans groups on Facebook.