Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 345 Review

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Ray Rosas vs. Peter Avalon inside a cage, the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions call out SoCal Uncensored, and more!

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Speaking of Ring Of Honor…

After seeing the Young Bucks and Adam Page call out, I decided that in this review I’m going to pay a small tribute to the next ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions, SoCal Uncensored! Check out the Fite TV app to watch ROH!

We start with a promo conducted by Dave Marquez with Kevin Condron, Richie Slade, Ricky Mandel, and Royce Isaacs. Everyone cut shitty promos, and Condron was annoying. Dude needs to stop trying so hard. They’re in an eight man tag team match. There’s money on the line. I remember hearing this Kevin Steen interview about Jim Cornette being out of touch with today’s fans when he pitched the idea of a match with the guys winning money. It was so dumb and the idea was shot down. CWFH though? Perfectly fine!

There’s a special intro video for Milestone. It was okay. Better than the usual shit that’s played on the show.

Kevin Condron, Richie Slade, Ricky Mandel, and Royce Isaacs vs. Suede Thompson, Ju Dizz, Andy Brown, and Tomaste

On commentary, they said Devin Sparks was out with a concussion that he got in Japan fighting ninjas. This was filmed before the Logan Paul shit happened this week. What bad timing. Condron “put a curse” on the opponents of his team. Him and Tomaste did a bunch of shitty comedy. Tomaste used a drum to make Condorn dance. Seven minutes into the show and it’s already garbage. Look, I have nothing against comedy in wrestling. I just prefer it to be funny. The match itself was really shitty. Richie Slade looked awful in his sequence with Ju Dizz. After the commercial break, we got the trademark “basic ass tag formula” style match with the heel team beating up Suede Thompson and later Tomaste. Tomaste tried to hit a rana on Condron, but the spot ended up being botched.

There’s a new type of fake crowd noise. It’s less annoying than before, but makes it more obvious that there’s no heat. The heels argued a bit after miscommunication, and Tomaste got a hot tag on Andy Brown. He did a BABYFACE FIRE spot. This eventually led to a sequence where everyone hit their signature moves. Andy Brown won the match for his team after hitting a rolling Ace Crusher on Ricky Mandel.

I can’t emphasize enough how bad this match was. It was long, boring, and full of botched spots. Aside from Mandel’s lame neck breaker, the finishing sequence was the only part of the match that was decent. Everything else was boring, heatless shit.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Willow Nightingale

Hey everyone, remember Ruby Raze? You know, the woman who CWFH built up for a long time only to have all that build up ruined with their usual shitty booking? Why the fuck is there women’s matches in CWFH if they have no titles to fight for?

I’ve seen Shotzi have entertaining matches before, so I was kinda interested in this. She had a decent performance. Nightingale wasn’t so much better. The timing of the match seemed off, and there were a lot of sloppy moments. Shotzi hit a top rope senton to win the match. So is she going to come back and challenge for a title now, or was this more useless bullshit from CWFH? Obviously the latter. Dave Marquez should really fire his creative team and hire me. This match wasn’t very good.

Backstage, the show’s token female reporter interviewed Reno Scum. They talked about facing Pac 3 next week. This was the best part of the show. Adam Thornstowe and Luster The Legend cut a really great promo.

After a commercial, a promo video for Ray Rosas vs. Peter Avalon was played. It wasn’t put together really well. The storytelling structure was sloppy. It was decently produced, but whoever made this doesn’t seem to have much experience with making hype videos. The last shot of the video being the fake Marquez son was an unacceptable mistake. It should’ve ended with a clip of Ray and Peter from their tag team days. Is everyone at CWFH so fucking inept that they can’t even do basic shit right?

Steel Cage Match: Ray Rosas vs. Peter Avalon w/ the fake Marquez son

Both guys kept trying to escape the cage early. The fake Marquez son got involved. Okay, seriously, his character needs to fucking go. He brings nothing to the show and is getting over on Ray and Peter’s work here. His involvement in the cage match was unnecessary. Fuck this shit. Enough of him. Dude has to go now.

The match went to black and white in the final segment because of blood. I get it, TV executives, standards and practices, “the network,” whatever. This shit on modern TV wrestling sucks. If you’re producing a show and you have to make your picture black and white when there’s blood (even a minimal amount), just don’t fucking do blood. It’s a waste of time.

The match itself centered around both guys trying to escape the cage and built around spots. Peter hit a Russian Leg Sweep off the top rope on Ray at one point. One of the moments moments in the closing minutes of the match saw Ray going out of the cage, but go back when Peter called him back in. After a near fall, Ray tried to escape the cage from over the top but was Powerbombed by Peter. Peter would go for a moonsault off the top of the cage, but missed. Ray would then hit an elbow drop off the top of the cage to get the win via pin fall.

This was an alright match. I feel like they could’ve had a better match. The final moments of the match were entertaining, but overall the match was just solid.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty lackluster show. The final moments of Ray/Peter were good, but overall this show wasn’t worth watching.

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