Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 331 Review: You can’t do that on television!

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I take a look at what you can do on TV instead of putting Ruby Raze vs. Kevin Condron on. Plus Tito Escondido defends his title, Scorpio Sky faces Tyler Bateman, my continued descent into madness, and more in this review. God please help me.

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Let’s talk a moment about the Raze vs. Condron shit.

So if you follow Ruby Raze or SCU on Twitter, you might’ve seen this.

After spending time building a feud between Kevin Condron and Ruby Raze, the match that was supposed to be the culmination ended up happening on a show nobody will see. Yeah.

There were several people speculating as to why that is. Some think CWFH just doesn’t want to feature women (which is something I’ve been told many times) while others blamed “the network.” Well, since “the network” (possibly CW Plus or whoever CWFH’s distributor is) is refusing to air this match or something for whatever reasons, I figured we should look at what else airs on “the network” and see what is “acceptable” by their standards.


We start off with Tito Escondido not being utilized to the best of his abilities by having him do ANOTHER boring backstage interview with some chick. He’s defending the Hollywood Heritage title against fucking Ricky Mandel. The last time Ricky Mandel was on this show, he LOST CLEANLY to Ray Rosas. Now? He’s facing the guy who is the top champion (well, that is until Dave devalues that title with the NWA and UWN belts) because the Office thinks he can beat Tito. This show’s booking is fucking shits. Tito cut a decent promo, but fuck this booking. And the girl closing the interview annoyed me. I can feel my mental health deteriorating.

United Wrestling Network Tag Team Championship Match: Pac 3 (Dylan Bostic & Dan Joseph) w/ Water Clearance and Coach Flexo vs. Aerial Instinct (Jake Atlas & Lucas Riley)

Okay, at this point I think the booking team is purposely booking this show poorly. Atlas and Riley are good and are great prospects, but they lost to the last challengers to the titles not too long ago. I don’t even think they’ve won a match, but they’re still getting a title shot. I know there’s the “open door challenge” shit, but that’s just a crutch to cover up for the fact that CWFH has no credible title contenders.

At one point, Jake Atlas went for a running rana on Dan Joseph, but got planted on his head. It wasn’t his fault though, as Joseph wasn’t in the right position to roll out of it. Atlas had a good showcase. but the bullshit antics of the Pac 3 overshadowed that. After that we get the typical face-in-peril shit with Riley playing Ricky Morton. Then Jake Atlas got a hot tag and lost after being hit with a German Suplex from Dan Joseph. They talked about Dicky Mayer, which was a decent callback to a feud they’re in. Still, this match did no favors for Atlas and Riley, and the booking continues to fucking suck. I’m sorry for being so blunt, but there’s no other honest way to describe this.


Backstage we have Grant talking loudly while interviewing Kevin Condron. He’s gaping and he’s mad about being a loser. He doesn’t explain why he’s a loser. A cigarette holding Kikutaro walks into the shot and asks Condron for a light. Condron got mad and insulted Kiku, I love Kiku. He was the only redeeming quality of this segment. Everyone else was terrible. It’s not surprising that even the performer behind the Kevin Condron character has openly and publicly stated how he’s not happy with how he’s portrayed on TV.

During Bateman’s entrance, the commentators touched on Condron losing to Raze at a show that was seen by like 50 people. Cause you know, the “network won’t allow it.” We also now have confirmation that Kikutaro will face Kevin Condron later in this episode.

Tyler Bateman vs. Scorpio Sky

The commentators touched on Sky having issues with Duke, and that Bateman is #1 contender for the Hollywood Heritage title. They also said Sky, who has lost several matches lately, is still #1 contender for the Television title. More bad booking from CWFH. These idiots seriously don’t know how to keep their top stars looking strong. You know who would keep his stars looking strong if he had a wrestling promotion? Yup, Frank Stallone.

The match started out with some solid technical wrestling, but eventually it slowed down. At one point, the commentators said it could be hours before something happens. How the fuck does that get fans interested in this match? Both guys had a hard hitting match, but it was mostly basic stuff in the first part of the match. Things started to pick up a bit after a commercial break though.

There was a cool spot where Sky hit a German Suplex onto Bateman into the turnbuckle. As usual, the fake crowd noise made things unbearable. Sky countered a Death From Above attempt by Bateman with a Triangle Choke, and Jonny Loquasto (or Joe Galli) made an incorrect analysis of what Sky needed to do. Later in the match outside of the ring, Sky gave Bateman a German Suplex onto the floor. It was pretty cool. Eventually Bateman made a comeback and got the win with a Tombstone Piledriver. This was a really good match. The first part was sorta lackluster yet solid, but the second half was really good.

Backstage, Karl Mandik interviews Alberto El Patron. He’s facing Ryan Taylor next week. Alberto looked like he didn’t want to be there.

Kikutaro vs. Kevin Condron w/ Thomas

Before the match, Condron vaped in the face of a fan with a baseball jersey with the number 69 on it. This fan wasn’t pleased. Kiku is really great, but this was the wrong environment for him. The crowds suck, there’s fake fan noise, and the commentary guys suck. Condron won after blowing vape in the face of Kikutaro, followed by a DDT. Both guys put on a decent comedy match, but CWFH’s production just ruined everything. I feel like this would’ve gotten over better in a place like AWS.

After a commercial.

Backstage, Grant interviews the fake Marquez son and Peter Avalon. The fake Marquez son brings up that Peter is on a losing streak and is bringing in someone to help bring his groove back. Turned out that person was Ray Rosas. The fake Marquez says Peter’s gonna finish Ray. The segment ended with Grant yelling like an annoying douche.

United Wrestling Network Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Tito Escondido (c) vs. Ricky Mandel

I already touched on the terrible booking of this match. Not only is the booking of this match stupid, but Ricky Mandel fucking sucks. Again, I’m sorry for being so blunt, but I there’s no other way to put it for me without having to lie.

Tito did his best here though. He got some good offense in before Mandel took control of the match. Now I just typed that sentence without even watching what happened after because I knew it would happen. Lo and behold, my prophecy came true. I mean, I’m not a psychic. The show is just that predictable and formulaic. Mandel slowed shit down to the point where even the fake crowd noise was bored by this match. Tito deserves better than this shit. He won with a F5 to predictably retain the title. Did anyone fucking think Ricky Mandel was going to win this shit?

Final Thoughts

Bateman vs. Sky was pretty good, and Tito did his best to carry Ricky Mandel to a watchable match. Aside from that, this show was rough as usual. The booking continues to suck. That’s all I gotta say.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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