Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 330 Review

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Ray Rosas vs. Joey Ryan, Ruby Raze vs. Akane Fujita, and more wasted potential on this edition of CWFH. Plus more Bobby Heenan videos.

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The show opened with a brief memorial for Bobby Heenan. After that, that girl from last week does an interview with Ty Matthews and Eric Watts. Watts has a match with Peter Avalon in the main event. If Bobby Heenan saw how this booking team operated, he would’ve said the city of Port Hueneme could have them legally condemned.

Utamaro vs. Devin Sparks (w/ Ichi & Ni)

I know it goes with his gimmick, but having Devin Sparks always go up against Japanese workers is pretty lame. These guys had a sloppy, heatless match. I’ve written about it before, but I’m so tired of Sparks’ gimmick. Dude hasn’t had any character development, and his in-ring style is so bland. Utamaro didn’t really do much in this. All he did was strikes and kicks. He hit a belly-to-back and missed a moonsault, but that was pretty much it. Sparks won with a Stunner. What a waste of time this was.

The Spirit and the Stars (Espiritu [Fidel Bravo] & Astro Viajero [Adrian Quest]) vs. The Classic Connection (Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro) w/ the fake Marquez son

The matched out with the Classic Connection going after Espiritu and Viajero. This backfired on them, as Viajero was able to fight back and hit a jumping rana on Buddy Royal off the back of Shapiro. Predictably, we got the usual face-in-peril bullshit with the Classic Connection working over Espitiu. Howdy Price (Dino Winwood) came out for a moment, then he left. We eventually got the hot tag, and Viajero got a bunch of offense to the annoying sounds of a fake crowd.

The Classic Connection won because the booking team is too stupid to realize they should be building up a face team to be contenders for the Pac 3. I mean the Pac 3, who are the tag team champions, are heels. It’d make sense, but CWFH doesn’t care for that as it would require effort and though, like trying to think of a joke to transition into this video.

Post match shenanigans: Grant interviews the Classic Connection. Buddy Royal name dropped Jim Crocket and Bill Watts because everyone knows irrelevant references is the way to get them viewers. Up to this point so far this show has advanced no story lines and have made almost no mention of any of the champions on the show.

Backstage, Karl Mandik is mad cause Kevin Condron is vaping. He cut a promo about a match that nobody watching this will see. Do you know how fucking retarded CWFH is for building up a match on TV that will only be seen by like 30 people? Condron says Ruby Raze is facing Akane Fujita tonight cause shitty booking and terrible explanations.

As if things couldn’t get worse, Stu Stone is on commentary. God fucking dammit.

Ruby Raze vs. Akane Fujita w/ Kevin Condron & Thomas

The fans didn’t react to Akane at all. It was the saddest reaction I had ever seen in wrestling. Both women started the match off by hitting stiff strikes on each other. After that, the match went downhill. Stu Stone kept yelling about CWFH’s overpriced event in Hollywood on Thursday. For some reason, Condron distracted the referee when Akane had Ruby in an armlock at one point in the match. Stu Stone tried to sell fake excitement.

Ruby eventually hit a German Suplex followed by a Spear for the win. The right person went over. Still, this whole angle with Condron has been fucking dumb. They’re hyping a match at a show nobody is going to! Imagine if WWE devoted time on Raw for a match that will be happening at a house show in fucking Des Moines.

Backstage Karl Mandik interviews Joey Ryan. He’s got a match next and he’s facing Ray Rosas. This is the part of the review where I bash CWFH’s creative and production team for not doing a good job at hyping this match. Mandik made a bunch of stupid faces during Joey’s promo. Also, Joey’s promo sucked. This show is taking so much out of me.

Ray Rosas vs. Joey Ryan

The early part of the match with Ray getting some offense. Eventually Joey got some offense. I found myself being distracted by the fake noise and shitty commentary. I can’t emphasize enough how terrible they are. Ray got the clean win in a decent, but bland match. These guys could put on a way better match. Sadly, this was in CWFH where everything is fucking terrible.

Backstage, random girl interviews Scorpio Sky. He’s facing Bateman sometime I guess. He talked about Big Duke. Wow, for once CWFH is doing something to follow up on a storyline. What a rarity.

Peter Avalon (w/ fake Marquez son and the Classic Connection) vs. Eric Watts w/ Ty Matthews

This started off with Peter trying to attack Watts at the bell, but Watts maintained control. The commentary team made a bunch of shitty puns while Watts was tossing Peter around. Peter kept overselling and flopping around while bumping. He also made a bunch of stupid facial expressions. At one point Watts caught Peter during a slingshot plancha attempt, and did a Fallaway Throw on him into the Classic Connection before a commercial break.

After a commercial break, Watts was in control and Stu Stone made an outdated Chappelle’s Show reference. Peter made a comeback and worked over Watts’ knee. He looked like a a kid playing with their parent. The funniest moment of the match came when Peter Avalon botched a Figure Four Leglock attempt. Stu Stone then plugged the CWFH Wrestling School and that they can learn from Peter. What a terrible endorsement. Watts won the match cleanly.

Final Thoughts

This was another dreadful show from CWFH. As usual, the storytelling sucks, the matches are boring, and everything is bland. Stu Stone coming back made things even worse. Having Raze vs. Condron on a show nobody will see is fucking stupid too. What more do you want me to say? This show sucked. I can’t put it more honestly than that.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

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