OCCW No Pity In Midway City Review

Once again, I take a look at Orange County’s only professional wrestling promotion, OCCW. This time, I review their August 27th, 2017 show “No Pity In Midway City.”

Max Ammo vs. Guy Cool

This was the first time I’ve seen Max Ammo. Well, at least the first time I can remember. He has the look of someone who spends a lot of time in the gym. However, he seems unpolished inside the ring. The match itself was somewhat okay, but there’s not much to write about. Guy Cool won with a Senton Bomb/Corkscrewn Senton combo. After the match, Max Ammo attacked Guy Cool.

Loony Bin vs. Dark Usagi

If people ever wonder why independent wrestling has a bad reputation, it’s because of matches like this. Loony Bin’s manager is a parking cone with a hat and was dressed like him. Neither guy did anything interesting in the match. Usagi grabbed Loony’s cone to get some heat. The cone was more over than either worker. The only real spot in the match was a sloppy scoop slam from Usagi. Everything else in this match was just shitty striking and boring rest holds. Loony won after hitting Usagi with a terrible spear. I’m glad this match was short, cause it was pretty bad.

After the match, Loony Bin was attacked by Funnybone. Loony had to be saved by the Feelyons, Mike Gotch, and Tony Raze. This was hilarious because you could see these guys all waiting behind the snack bar waiting for their cue to run in for the save.

La Raza (Alex Vega & King Favi w/ Nicolette) vs. The Feelyons

The Feelyons might be my least favorite act in SoCal right now. Okay, I’m lying. There’s more out there worse than they are. Still, they’re not good. They’re not that fun to watch in the ring, and their gimmick isn’t amusing. Favi did a lot of comedy in this, which is what he’s been known for since I first got into the scene. He can be somewhat funny, but there are so many other guys who are funnier and better in the ring. He looked like he was blown up after the first sequence he was in. This match wasn’t good. I mean, I didn’t expect a technical masterpiece or a crazy spotfest, but this was ugly.

“The Outlaw” Ace Dalton vs. Mike “Gotchzilla” Gotch

The referee wasn’t inside the ring prior to the start of the match. What a professional he is. Dalton’s gimmick is that he’s a biker guy or something. Gotch’s gimmick is he’s some tall dude in his 30’s that does indy wrestling. This match wasn’t very good. Dalton looked like he gassed out two minutes into the match and needed a moment to catch his breath. Gotch hit a nice Belly-to-Belly Supelx. After that, Dalton kept stalling for time until he was able to get the upper hand. Gotch won with a shitty small package roll up. Again, this wasn’t good.

Othello vs. Human Tornado

This was a pretty funny comedy match. One of the funniest spots of the match was when Tornado tried to do the Super Astro twist/jump spot where he gets his opponents to jump with him. Othello didn’t go for it with Tornado though. Moments later, Othello hit Tornado with a shoulder tackle, and Tornado sold it like he got hit by a truck. He kept trying to get away from Othello by rolling on the ground, but Othello stomped on him to get him to stop. Othello dominated the match until Tornado hit two Tornado DDTs. Tornado started getting the upper hand, until Othello punched him in the face.

After punching Tornado in the face, Tornado super kicked Othello. He fell to the ground after while Othello was in the corner. The referee ended up calling the match and put up the “X” sign as he was checking on the fallen Tornado. Up until this point, this was the most entertaining match on the card.

Triple Threat Match: Lord Ateu vs. Freddy Flores vs. Tony Raze

Someone should send this match to one of those trash bag wrestler Facebook pages. Even though he’s Ed Alexander’s favorite wrestler, I think Freddy Flores is pretty bad. There was a decent spot where Tony Raze did a running cannibal onto Flores and Ateu in the corner. Ateu also did a sidewalk slam into a backbreaker, which was sorta neat. Still, this match wasn’t very good. Freddy won. No fucks were given.

OCCW Tag Team Championship Match: Divine Intervention (Freddy Hellmuth & Azrael) (c) vs. The Juggernauts (Mikey O’Shea & Sean Black)

This match started out with Divine Intervention attacking the Juggernauts. They brawled around ringside and eventually the Juggernauts were in control. You know, the worst thing I have to say about Mikey O’Shea is that he needs better looking ring gear. He’s pretty solid in the ring, and watching him throw guys around is entertaining. He’s not great, but he has some obvious skills. At one point in the match, he hit a nice Finlay Roll onto Azrael, and then hit a Northern Lights Suplex on Hellmuth onto Azrael. Aside from that and some spots from Sean Black, this match wasn’t interesting. Lord Ateu interfered by shoving Mikey off the top rope, resulting in Divine Intervention being disqualified. They beat up Sean Black until Mikey made the save with a kendo stick.

OCCW Championship Match: Rudy Rodgers (c) vs. Vintage Dragon

This match was mostly solid. There were several sloppy moments in this match though. There was a noticeable botched spot where Rudy tried to go for a springboard crossbody that was supposed to be countered by V.D. with a superkick. V.D. went to kick too soon and Rudy sprang too late. It looked like the ropes were too loose for him to jump off. To make things worse, they went for the spot, AGAIN. They also botched that attempt. Hello, Maffew.

But like I said, this was a solid match. I’ve never been a fan of V.D. I’ve always found myself underwhelmed by him, but he was okay here. There was a spot where Rudy went for a crossbody splash off the top rope, but V.D. caught him. After that, V.D. hit what looked like a Fallaway Northern Lights Suplex. Rudy took some crazy bumps in this, which was cool. Aside from the aforementioned botches and sloppiness, this match okay.

Final Thoughts

This was a pretty bad show overall from OCCW. The main event and Tornado/Othello were the better matches on the card. Everything else ranged from terrible to decent. These shows aren’t for everyone. A lot of the guys on these shows are really green, and OCCW isn’t targeting fans who want to see great wrestling. If you’re looking to find great matches, OCCW isn’t the place for you. *pose*

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