SoCal News & Notes 08/31/2017

In today’s News & Notes we have a huge update featuring CWFH, Lucha Underground, VWE, SoCal Pro, Best of the West coming to SoCal, WWE, FIST Combat, AOW, OCCW, RISE, Lucha VaVoom, and more. Click for today’s update.

This past weekend it was announced that Alberto el Patron (Alberto del Rio in WWE) and Jack Swagger would be making their Championship Wrestling from Hollywood debuts soon. Alberto el Patron will be making his debut at the promotion’s September 10th tapings and Jack Swagger will be debuting on the September 23rd tapings. Both wrestlers have agreed to come in for multiple dates.

With the promotion making its debut on CW affiliated stations soon; the idea is to bring in bigger names to try to catch the attention of any possible new viewers for the promotion. They are currently working on bringing in more nationally known wrestlers as well. Once the promotion’s CW deal starts, it will be available on television in roughly 30% of U.S. households, which is about the same number of households that have the El Rey Network.

One of CWFH’s fellow United Wrestling Network promotions, Championship Wrestling from Arizona, will be holding its one year anniversary show on September 16th in Phoenix, AZ with what it is calling a Cavalcade of Champions. Championships from nine different United Wrestling Network promotions will be defended on the show including CWFH’s Hollywood Heritage title that is currently held by Bad Dude Tito (Escondido).

As we have quite a few readers in the Yuma, AZ area, it is worth noting as well that Championship Wrestling from Arizona will begin airing on television in Yuma on September 11th at 4:00 am on ABC 5.

August 30th’s episode of Lucha Underground had a huge drop from last week’s episode, though the numbers were still up from what the season has been averaging lately. The 8:00 pm showing had 92,000 viewers, and the 9:00 pm replay did 49,000 viewers.

Northern California’s Best of the West promotion will be making its Southern California debut with a show at The Bakersfield Dome on October 15th. No lineup has been announced.

Per the temperatures in Reseda during this weekend’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament are going to be hotter than was predicted last week. The high on Friday is predicted to be 108° with a low of 78°, on Saturday the forecast is 100°/79°, and on Sunday it will seem almost winter like with a high of 92° and a low of 71°.

With last weekend’s Venue Wrestling Entertainment show in Imperial having to be canceled due to SoCal Pro’s ring truck breaking down in between San Diego and El Centro and not being able to get to the venue, the Lightning Belt tournament has been canceled and instead the winner of a match between Lil’ Cholo and Eli Everfly on September 30th will be declared the new champion. They will also be having a rumble style match on the show for their heavyweight championship.

The third match between Mike Camden and Ju Dizz in their best of three series, which will take place at SoCal Pro’s Super Clash on September 16th in Oceanside, will be a hair vs. hair match.

So far there has only been two matches announced for WWE’s No Mercy PPV on September 24th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, but they are big ones. Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal title against Braun Strowman and John Cena will be facing Roman Reigns. John Cena wrestled his first match at the Staples Center on October 10, 2000 when he was still with Southern California’s Ultimate Pro Wrestling. Wrestling as The Prototype he was defeated by Mikey Henderson, who pretty much everyone at the time thought was the best WWF prospect in the region.

FIST Combat announced they will be making their Los Angeles debut on October 27th. No venue has been announced.

Alpha Omega Wrestling will be returning on September 17th with a show in Victorville. No lineup has been announced.

Cheerleader Melissa will be taking part in the seminar in conjunction with December 1st’s RISE show in South Gate. It hasn’t been announced if she will be wrestling on the show, and if she does it will be her first match in Southern California in quite some time. RISE has also been teasing a major announcement for the shows.

Rudy Rogers will be defending the OCCW title against Othello at the September 16th Orange County Championship Wrestling show in Los Alamitos. There is quite a size difference between the two wrestlers, with Rudy Rogers being 5’1 and Othello at 7’0.

B-Boy is facing Douglas James for the PCW Light Heavyweight title at this Saturday’s Pacific Coast Wrestling show in Long Beach. They had a really good series of matches in FCW including a really strong SoCal match of the year candidate last year.

Lucha VaVoom added a show in Riverside on October 27th as part of their Halloween shows.

If you are heading to Tijuana for September 2nd’s The Crash show, Low Ki is off the show as it is a joint show with GFW, and he quit the promotion.

I was on this week’s Uncle Mike and Tom Show on the Elite Podcast Network talking about last weekend’s AWS Caged H.A.T.E, this weekend’s Battle of Los Angeles, and the Southern California wrestling scene in general. We talked for over an hour and even talked a little SoCal history. If you want to listen you can find it here.

We’ll have tons of coverage from this weekend’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles including live results from all three nights. Be sure to check the site and follow on Twitter for updates from the tournament.

This weekend’s shows:


Millennium Pro Wrestling in Moorpark, CA

PWG presents Battle of Los Angeles 2017 – Night 1

EWF in Covina, CA

Fusion Pro Wrestling in Los Angeles, CA

Micro Wrestling Federation in Temecula, CA


King of the Cage in Ontario, CA

PCW presents “Young Guns 2” in Long Beach, CA

Promociones H-V in Los Angeles, CA

PWG presents Battle of Los Angeles 2017 – Night 2


PWG presents Battle of Los Angeles 2017 – Night 3

Lucha Libre Alliance in Los Angeles, CA

House of Pain Wrestling in La Puente, CA

Micro Wrestling Federation in Hesperia, CA


Extreme Midget Wrestling in Norco, CA (21 & Up)

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