A recap of CXF 9 in Studio City: A Night of Finishes

California Xtreme Fighting presented CXF 9: Cali Kings, featuring three title fights and a fight card full of finishes.

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Note: Brian Del Rosario vs. Michael Jackson was not included in the Fite TV replay of the event.
Fernando Padilla defeated Sergio Perez via Submission in Round 1

Early on in the bout, Padilla was able to rock Perez with some strikes before the fight went to the ground. This was an excellent display of jiu-jitsu from Padilla, who utilized a Rubber Guard to naturalize Perez’ grappling game. Padilla would use the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu technique to get into a Dead Orchard to set up a Triangle Armbar variation to verbally submit the previously undefeated Perez early in the first round.

A.J. Bryant, Jr. defeated Dmitry Gerasimov via T.K.O. (Referee Stoppage) at 3:00 of Round 2.

The opening moments of the fight saw Gerasimov land some nice strikes on Bryant. Bryant appeared to be rocked at one point by those shots. Bryant would score a huge knockdown later, but Gerasimov was able to recover quickly. Gerasimov was dropped a second time in the first round, but referee Mike Beltran gave Gerasimov a chance to fight back. Bryant would land plenty of shots towards the end of the first, but Gerasimov continued to show heart and kept fighting back. Despite starting out the second round as the aggressor, Gerasimov was unable to get the better of Bryant, who was able to stuff Gerasimov’s takedown attempts. Bryant dominated the second round, but despite heavy strikes, Gerasimov was able to survive till the end of the second.

After the end of the second round, referee Mike Beltran called the fight. While Dmitry Gerasimov showed a lot of heart, he took a lot of damage towards the end of the second. The safety of the fighter should always come first. Mike Beltran made the right call to end the fight. A.J. Bryant deserves a lot of credit his victory, and Dmitry Gerasimov deserves a lot of respect for his performance.

Christian Aguilera defeated Joshua Jones via T.K.O. in Round 1.

This was a quick and dirty bout. Jones  came out strong in this, and dropped Aguilera early on. After Aguilera stuffed a takedown attempt, he was able to push off the cage to get some distance. As Jones tried to close distance with a cross, Aguilera caught him with a nicely timed counter lead left hook to knock Jones down. Aguilera followed with a hammer fist on Jones before the bout was stopped by referee Frank Trigg at 0:40 of Round 1.

Dominck Clark defeated Chris Culley via Submission (Mounted Guillotine) in Round 1.

Clark was in control for the entire bout, controlling Culley with his grappling skills. After scoring an early takedown, Clark worked to pass the guard of Culley while fishing for a Kimura after passing into side control. Clark would control the head of Culley, and used it to get a mounted guillotine choke for the win. Dominck Clark did an excellent job at executing his game plan in this fight.

This was an emotional bout for Chris Culley. He addressed the crowd to let them know that he would be taking a break from the sport. He stated he was doing it to take care of his mother, who is in poor health. Fighters go through a lot inside and outside of the gym. For Chris Culley to go into this fight with what he’s dealing with deserves tons of respect.

Cali Kings Tournament Semi-Final – CXF Interim Lightweight Championship Fight: Roosevelt Roberts defeated Shohei Yamamoto via T.K.O. in Round 2 to advance to the finals of the CXF Cali Kings Tournament. Roberts becomes the CXF Lightweight Champion.

The winner of this fight would be going on to face Darren Smith, Jr., who received a bye into the finals after his scheduled opponent, Richard LeRoy, was unable to compete.

Both guys traded several shots in the opening minute of the bout. Things were pretty even until Roberts scored four takedowns on Yamamoto and utilized that to impose himself on Yamamoto. After Yamamoto looked for a Kimura from bottom, Roberts started to land some ground and pound while controlling Yamamoto. Yamamoto was able to survive Roberts’ grinding offense to take the fight into the second round.

The second round would see Roberts pressuring Yamamoto by holding him against the cage. Yamamoto was able to stuff Roberts’s takedown attempts. Roberts connected with a with a jab-cross combo after Yamamoto tried backing him into the fence to score a huge knockdown. Roberts would unload lots of strikes on Yamamoto after this. Despite giving Yamamoto several chances to fight back, referee Mike Beltran called a stop to the action a little over two minutes in the second.

With the victory, Roosevelt Roberts becomes the CXF Lightweight Champion, and will go on to face Darren Smith, Jr. in the finals of CXF’s Cali Kings tournament. This should be an excellent fight, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

CFX Flyweight Championship Fight: Steve Ramirez defeated Mike Hansen via K.O. (Punch) in Round 1 to become the first CXF Flyweight Champion

Both guys started out looking to land kicks early on. Hansen had some nice combinations early, and was able to rock Ramirez a bit in the opening minute. Ramirez would catch Hansen with a huge left hand moments later, and scored a knock down after. As Hansen was on the ground, Ramirez maintained his composure and showed good discipline by not trying to swing wildly after Hansen was down. Hansen would use leg lock to get back to his feet and began to fight back.

Ramirez used a lead uppercut-overhand left combo to get inside Hansen’s range, allowing him to get a Thai Plum where he landed a vicious uppercut to score a walk off K.O. This was a really fun bout, and both guys put on solid performances. Unfortunately, it was not Hansen’s night. Steve Ramirez becomes the first CXF Flyweight Champion as a result of this win.

CXF Featherweight Championship: Chase Gibson defeated Jeffrey Martin via T.K.O. (Strikes) in Round 1 to retain the CXF Featherweight Championship.

This was Gibson’s first defense of the CXF Featherweight title. Martin tried to charge at Gibson as soon as the fight started and pressured the champion early on. Gibson maintained his composure as Martin threw several kicks and kept pressing forward. Gibson would land a belly-to-back takedown slam, and took the back of Martin. The fight would end after Gibson landed heavy ground and pound after controlling Martin for several moments. Great showing from Chase Gibson here in his first championship defense.

Thor Skancke defeated Quinten McCottrell via T.K.O. (Strikes) in Round 1

This was a special attraction main event, with this being Thor Skancke’s retirement fight. The former King of the Cage Champion was taken down early on by McCottrell in the opening minute of the fight. Skancke was able to keep McCottrell from advancing position on the ground with a lockdown, and was able to get the fight back to standing. McCottrell would score a second takedown, but had a difficult time holding Skancke down. Skancke would land a number of unanswered strikes and stuffed a takedown attempt from his opponent.

McCottrell scored a third takedown on Skancke, and was able to control his back for several moments halfway through the round. Skancke would use his feet to push off the cage after being mounted by McCottrell to score a sweep and end up on top. This allowed Skancke to land some heavy ground strikes on McCottrell before referee Mike Beltran called an end to the fight. After weathering some pressure from Quinten McCottrell, Thor Skancke was able to overcome McCottrell’s offense to get the win in the final fight of his MMA career.

Final Thoughts

I keep saying California Xtreme Fighting puts on some great fights. There were broadcast issues with the stream, but that was fixed. The fights themselves are lots of fun. This card was no exception. A.J. Bryant, Jr. vs. Dmitry Gerasimov was a fun fight, and probably the best of the night. Steve Ramirez had the best K.O. of the card, and Fernando Padilla’s submission was a thing of beauty. I highly recommend fight fans check this card out.

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