CWFH Red Carpet Roll Out at Meltdown Comics Review

Championship Wrestling From Hollywood held a free show at Meltdown Comics on Saturday morning in Hollywood, with Scorpio Sky and Rocky Romero taking on Dicky Mayer and Ryan Taylor in the main event.

All these matches are straight from FanDeLucha’s YouTube Channel. Check it out if you’re looking for footage from SoCal wrestling and Lucha shows.

To watch the Red Carpet Roll Out in full, click the video above, or just watch the individual matches below.

Pac 3 (Dan Joseph & Dylan Bostic) vs. Eric Watts & Ty Matthews

The first takeaway from this I got was how hot the crowd was. There was a real “house show” vibe here that made for a cool atmosphere.The match had a fair amount of spots that the crowd was into. Pac 3 worked over Ty Matthews for a bit to get heat trying to build up a hot tag on Watts. Unlike what we usually see on regular CWFH TV episodes, the crowd actually became invested in Ty trying to get the tag. Once he was tagged in, Watts took out the Pac 3. The finish saw Dan Joseph get a pin on Ty Matthews while pulling his tights (uh, pants?) for the cheap win. The fans gave Pac 3 some good heat for that. This was a fun little opening match.

Ray Rosas vs. Tito Escondido vs. Devin Sparks (w/ Young Boys Ichi & Ni)

I wish this could’ve been Ray vs. Tito straight up instead of a Triple Threat match. It would’ve been much better. They had some sequences with each other early on in the match though. Devin Sparks spent time outside of the ring and got involved every once in awhile. Sparks’ young boys got dragged into the ring after trying to help Sparks and were hit with Tito and Ray’s finishing moves. Tito eventually hit an F5 on Devin Sparks for the win. This wasn’t a bad match. The crowd seemed into this too. Like I said before, I think this would’ve been better if it was Ray vs. Tito in a singles match.

Jervis Cottonbelly (Kevin Condron) & Heather Monroe vs. Ricky Mandel & Ray Lyn

Before the next match, Jervis interviews Heather Monroe. She was going to teach him how to twerk before Ray Lyn and Ricky Mandel interrupted the segment. Ray Lyn talks about being the twerk queen. Mandel ended up shaking his ass, Jervis passed out, and I cringed. After that, the owner of the comic book store got in the ring and made a tag team match and made himself the referee. He also did a Teddy Long impression. Dave Marquez is ruining the business by letting marks in the ring!

So at 5:00 into the video we get a match. A sloppy one at that. Mandel and Jervis had a bad opening sequence. Jervis was beaten down for a bit before making a hot tag on Heather. She looked impressive in this, and was the best worker in the match. Heather and Jervis got the win after doing a pair of school boy roll ups.

Post match shenanigans: Ray Lyn and Ricky Mandel got into an argument. They then got in the face of the comic book store owner. Then the owner of the comic book store gave Ricky Mandel a Stone Cold Stunner after Ray Lyn slapped him. After the non-wrestler beat up the pro wrestler, Heather and Jervis got back in the ring to dance a bit. I don’t want to come off as racist or anything, but white people are the worst dancers ever. Please send all complains and hate mail to

Astro Viajero (Adrian Quest) vs. Jarek 1:20

I’ve been really impressed by Jarek 1:20 in recent months. On CWFH’s TV show, he never gets to showcase what he can do. He’s always being forced to work boring matches like other heels on the show. On this show, Jarek got to show off more of his in ring talent. Him and Viajero had some fun exchanges. Both guys meshed really well with each other. Viajero had some nice high flying offense, and Jarek was able to base really well for his offense. The finish saw Jarek hit Viajero with a chain after Viajero missed a 450 attempt. This was a solid match and better than Jarek’1 usual TV matches.

Tyler Bateman vs. Peter Avalon

Before the match, Peter Avalon cut a promo. He wanted it known that this match was a non-title match. It got some sarcastic boos from the crowd. The match didn’t really start until 6:30 of the video. There was a lot of crowd work and stalling. Peter kept trying to channel Ric Flair in this. The majority of this match was very slow and basic, with most of the offense being rest holds and strikes. The finish saw Bateman hit a Superplex on Peter Avalon, followed by him delivering his Death From Above elbow strike for the win. This was a pretty boring match, but the fans enjoyed it for what it was. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t exciting.

Scorpio Sky & Rocky Romero vs. Ryan Taylor & Dicky Mayer

This was a pretty basic tag team house show style match. The opening portion of the match did a good job at getting the crowd into things. The team of Mayer and Ryan worked over Sky, and then Sky made the hot tag later in the match to Rocky. Sky hit a nice Tope Con Giro in the match, which was the most notable spot of the match. There wasn’t anything overly flashy or fancy in this, but the match was really well built and the crowd was into it. Plus there really wasn’t much of a story to this even though Sky and Rocky are sort of in a program for the United TV Championship. Sky and Romero eventually got the win.  This was pretty good for a match on a free show in a comic book store.

Post match shenanigans: The comic book store owner got int he ring and thanked the crowd for coming out.

Final Thoughts

This was a decent wrestling show. The matches weren’t amazing, but everything aside from the intergender match was solid. CWFH’s show at Meltdown Comics was more enjoyable than any of their regular TV episodes as the crowd was really into the matches. Even though running in a comic book store is sorta bush league for pro wrestling, this was fun.

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  1. David Crane | 06/20/2017 at 11:43 AM |

    Not sure it was mentioned but getting to work in this venue should be seen as nothing more then a giant step forward for the company. The comic shop itself is in a great location, and is easily the most well known shop in LA county. It’s attached to the Nerdmelt showroom that plays host regularly to the Nerdist Open Mic night, Chris Hardwick, Andy Kindler, Dan Harmon’s podcast, and I personally have seen Garfunkel & Oates and Bill Burr perform there. It showcases from to time to time other huge names in the comedy industry, and is one of the most well known establishments for comedy in the world. So this was a great move for CWFH to make and be apart of. If they do another show here I’ll definitely show up.

  2. Yeah this is a big move for Hollywood and got a lot of positive publicity. Calling it ‘bush league’ exposes that the author has no idea what he is talking about.

  3. Naw David, it’s just a lousy comic book store.

    Also, the humor obviously went over your head Tommy. Thanks for reading!

  4. David Crane | 06/21/2017 at 3:44 AM |

    Good to see you agree with yourself Andrew. When someone criticises your work by providing new information, next time listen and learn. Your reply looks petty, and says to other readers our knowledge and insight doesn’t matter. But your opinion does for some unknown reason.

  5. David, I’m not gonna argue about the prestige of some comic book store. I made a joke that didn’t translate well, you didn’t get it. If you want to get upset over it, that’s your choice. I probably should’ve put /s or made a joke that would’ve appealed more to comic book fans more like saying Secret Headquarters>Meltdown. Whatever though, I really don’t have enough time to argue.

    Also, as much as I love Bill Burr, him performing a standup set there and a bunch of guys do podcasts from the spot doesn’t make it a special place. I’m sure it is a special place for some comic book fans, but it really is just a retail comic book store.

  6. David Crane | 06/21/2017 at 10:55 AM |

    You continue to prove you know nothing about what your speaking of. Whatevs, I tried to enlighten you, but you continue to be proud of your ignorance. Good luck.

  7. el Hijo De | 06/21/2017 at 11:43 AM |

    Damn dude its just a comic book store. Chill out.

  8. David, I’m well aware of what you were talking about. I’m simply pointing out that I made jokes about a local indy wrestling promotion running at a retail comic book store, which is what it is. You’re making more out of it than it really is.

    Again, I admit my humor doesn’t translate well, but you’re focusing on some trivial. This review isn’t about be trying to show how much I know about comic book/nerd culture, it’s about the quality of a pro wrestling show that took place at a comic book store. I’m sorry if my joke upset you.

  9. Andrew may be wrong about a lot of things, but having a show in front of 35 people is not “a giant step forward”.

    And whoever that mark is that couldn’t get Jervis’ name right with all his stupid banter needs to STFU.

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