Maverick Pro “Stop Running the Same Day as Us” preview

Maverick Pro Wrestling is running their fourth show this year, their first at the new venue in Highland Park, on April 22nd. There looks to be a good mix of local talent and also wrestlers that are brought in that haven’t wrestled in the area, many of them making their Southern California debuts. 

Suede Thompson vs. Amazing JR. vs. Jacob Austin Young vs. Airon Skye

Suede has been busy lately, splitting his time between AWS, CWFH, and also FSW in Vegas the last few months and has been turning some heads. Amazing JR is more of a hardcore wrestler, who I’ve seen at a few shows in the area. Jacob Austin Young is a hungry competitor out of Arizona that I’ve seen on FSW and a few GFW shows. Airon Skye has been a mainstay on Maverick Pro and briefly held the title, and is super athletic. This should be a fun opener.

Laura James vs. Desi Derata vs. Zaida

Laura James has been wrestling all over the world, most recently with her tag team partner as part of Killer Baes. Solid wrestler, tough as nails, Laura will be a tough out, no matter who she wrestles. Desi has been wrestling all over the area lately and has really started to make her mark at Maverick Pro and several other promotions in the region. Her unique size and height are always fun to watch in the ring. Zaida I haven’t seen much of but I’ve seen her tape, and she’s a solid wrestler. All three women are tough and talented, so anything can happen here.

Ruben Iglesias, Beautiful Brian Jace and Biagio Crecenzo vs The Fee-Lyons and Kikutaro 

This six man tag match has two guys who worked with each other at the prior show, Brian Jace and Biagio (Beautifully Charming). They are tagging with Ruben Iglesias, an all a rounder that has been around the scene for the last few years and appeared on Maverick Pro’s prior show.

The Fee-Lyons (Senior Buttons and Osiris Mittens) are one of the most eccentric tag teams out there, modeled after cats. The Lyons did get a surprise victory over True Grit at the last show, so don’t take them lightly. Kikutaro, who now makes his home In Las Vegas, has wrestled for well known promotions such as All Japan, ROH, Osaka Pro, etc. The guy is very entertaining and may be known as a comedy wrestler, (a legendary one at that) but he has shown a high level of skill against such well regarded wrestlers as Tiger Mask.

Brittany Blake vs. Winter

This is a highly anticipated match between Brittany Blake, a standout performer from the CZW scene on the east coast and has been now traveling and wrestling more the last two years vs. Winter, a veteran of WWE and TNA, among many other promotions. She has been in the ring with a who’s who of wrestling. Both of these women can vary and alter their styles, so it’ll be an entertaining contest to see who comes out on top.  Blake’s been on fire this last year, having some defining her as a wrestler type matches. Winter has been solid, and can really take it to anyone she faces.

Tito Escondido vs. Dicky Maier

This match is one of my favorite matchups on the card. You have the tough, able to do anything, hard as nails Tito vs. Dicky Maier, the most recent PP3 cup winner at CWFH, a talented wrestler in his own right. I’m expecting a hard hitting, technical match with some high flying spots thrown in for good measure. Both of these guys can go, and I’m expecting them to put on a show.

Human Tornado vs. Ray Rosas

Ray Rosas and the Human Tornado (also known as El Snowflake from Nacho Libre) will be a good matchup as both of the competitors have tons of experience, knowledge and also skill that sets them apart from the rest of the wrestling community. Both men are high quality wrestlers, but you may see some comedy spots during this as well. Ray has wrestled everywhere in the SoCal area and is a combination high flyer and technical wrestler.

Human Tornado is an entertaining wrestler than can wrestle in a technical style, comedy, you name it and he will do it well. I think this is a sneaky good matchup on this card. 

Ricky Mandel (C) vs. Jason Cade

Ricky is a versatile performer with an excellent physique. I’ve heard of the guy getting Rick Rude type heat at the last few shows he’s been at. He’s an excellent performer, and has been solid so far in his championship run at Maverick Pro. #SexyBeach will find out though that Jason Cade is one to not be taken lightly at all. Cade has had a hell of a run lately, pinning Ospreay at the recent Evolve PPV that has to be seen to be believed. I expect the first thing that Mandel will do is try to ground Cade and stop him from doing what he does best, which is fly. This should make for a hard hitting, high flying affair.

Sammy Guevera vs. Kevin Kross

Sammy’s one of the best athletes in the business right now, and showed in his match against Joey Ryan last show that he’s completely fearless. Sammy has experience, talent, and charisma. Sammy will entertain, no matter who the opponent is.

Kevin Kross is a large brutal man with MMA training and a power game that only plays more into his “Tollman” persona. Tuck your chin, as this guy will make you earn everything while he’s trying to take your head off. Cross him and you’ll pay the toll.

This main event looks intriguing, and there are a handful of matches on here that could be considered a main event level match as well. There are quite a few talents that haven’t been seen in the area that are highly talented and should be a fresh view at for hardcore wrestling fans as well as casual fans that are looking for something different. This looks like an entertaining event in an interesting new venue for the promotion.

The American Legion Post #206 is located at 227 N. Ave 55 Los Angeles, CA, 90042
Tickets are $20 for adults, $10 for kids 12 and under.
Tickets available online via PayPal.
Instagram: @MAVERICKPRO_1