Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 305 Review

This week, Scorpio Sky takes on Ricky Mandel for the United Television Championship, Brody King faces Peter Avalon, Tito Escondido calls The DEEJ a big dummy, and more.

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The show starts with Grant interviewing Scorpio Sky. He yelled too much. Sky cuts a promo about losing to Ricky Mandel three years ago to lose the Hollywood Heritage Championship and how it had been on his mind ever since. This was a decent way to build up the main event. Wonder if this show will follow it up. Spoiler alert: they don’t.

Eric Watts w/ Ty Matthews vs. Espiritu w/ Astro Viajero

Before the match, Kevin Condron was trying way too hard at trying to be something, but failed at whatever he was trying to do. Watts was in control before Espiritu did that same leg-slappy kicking combination that Fidel Bravo does. He makes the beginner kids at my gym look like John Wayne Parr. Espiritu hit a sloppy head scissors and did a tope after. He went for another tope but got hit with a headbutt by Watts. There was a nice spot where Watts went for a chokeslam, but it was countered by Espiritu by a rana. Kevin Condron rang the bell to distract Espiritu, and then Watts won after hitting his finisher. This was a basic Big Man vs. Little Man match. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really good.

Post match shenanigans: Grant ejects Kevin Condron from his post as timekeeper. Then he’s backstage with the Classic Connection and Peter Avalon. He wants to be known as “Professional” Peter Avalon now. He has a match later in the program against Brody King. Peter talked, and it was mentioned that the Classic Connection are going to be in a tag title match at Coastline Clash. Ugh, why? The Classic Connection are involved in nearly every tag team championship match on this show, and they always underwhelm. What the fuck, Marquez? How fucking lazy is your booking team?

Brody King vs. Peter Avalon

Another Big Man vs. Little Match match, only this time the bigger wrestler is the babyface. This started off with Brody getting some nice offense in on Peter early on before Peter gained control of the match. Peter worked over Brody’s leg for a bit and slowed the pace down with Brody getting an eventual comeback. Brody did a good job at selling Peter’s leg work. Peter won, cleanly. This was a good showcase of Brody, but holy fuck was the booking of this fucking stupid. Look, Peter is experienced and a champion, but, BUT, he’s a fucking heel and Brody King looks like he could be a huge asset for this company if they built him up right. He should not have won cleanly. This was fucking retarded. The match was fine, but nobody came out of this better than before. Seriously, NOBODY in SoCal is booking Brody the right way aside from like Bart at AWS and the Santino Bros., on their showcase events. Why are so many bookers in SoCal fucking stupid? Why is it so hard to take a guy like him use him right? This territory is run by clowns.

Oliver Grimsly vs. Suede Thompson

You know, I saw Suede at AWS’ last show, and he was good there. On CWFH, he’s borderline intolerable with all his shitty dancing. Grimsly is an Arizona dude. The commentators mentioned him throwing a fireball in Bateman’s face last week. This show would’ve benefitted if they played that clip, but the people who produce this show are stupid and don’t know how to build up an angle. The match was slow and boring. Suede hit the Low Ki corner Double Stomp spot. The commentators called it the “Dabblestomp.” Ugh. Grimsly hit a superkick for a near fall that got no pop from the crowd. Grimsly won after hitting Suede with a low blow, followed by a lung blower. This was a very boring match. It established Grimsly, but at the same time the match was just boring and lame. I’m sure someone will say “Oh, you’re only complaining cause it told a story/had psychology/it isn’t meant for you” or whatever else excuses people use to defend boring matches, but this match was just BORING AS FUCK. There was no story, the psychology was very minimal, and if this is being aimed at a specific audience, it must be aimed at senior citizens cause I imagine they’re the only ones who think this slow ass shit-style is exciting. Maybe the double stomp was too much for them, but either way, this match just blew. It didn’t even do anything to advance the Bateman story.

Backstage, Joshua Shibata is taking time off from being an evil preacher to interview Big Duke. He has a match with Ray Rosas I guess, with the winner facing Peter Avalon. Duke got his catchphrase in, and then the show went to a commercial for a phone sex line. CWFH are a bunch of smut peddlers.

DJ Hyde vs. Julius Coleman

This was Coleman’s return to CWFH. DEEJ is still wearing a cheap suit in his matches. He looked like and moved around the ring like a slug. The commentators tried to put over DEEJ as a guy who survived every match ever, but he’s still the guy known for being too fat to be put on a table, the guy who slipped off a roof, and the guy who was literally buried in his parents’ backyard by John Zandig. Speaking of backyards, DEEJ looked like a backyard wrestler during this. The match was really boring until Tito Escondido came out with a mic to interrupt the match, which allowed Coleman to roll up DEEJ for the pin.

Post match shenanigans: Tito gets on the mic and says he’s going to make DEEJ’s life hell until he gets a shot at Peter. He says he’s gonna be everywhere he is, and calls him a “big dummy.” That got a pop from me. Backstage, a new chick named Ashley Daniels interviews Watts and Ty Matthews. She has personality, which is cool. Watts is mad at the office for adding the Classic Connection to his match at Coastline Clash. This made sense, and this was a decent segment.

United Wrestling Network Television Championship Match: Scorpio Sky (c) vs. Ricky Mandel

There was no other build up on this show aside from the opening promo by Sky. CWFH is really awful at building up their matches, but they’re even worse at building up title matches and making them important. This match started out slow and there wasn’t anything notable in the segment before the commercial break. After the commercial break, Ricky Mandel was continuing to control the match with restholds. Sky made a comeback, but it felt like the heat wasn’t there as the only crowd noise you could hear was the sounds of a piped in audience over the loud speaker, which is AWFUL. You hear noise from people, but it sounds really fake and looks awful when the crowd is sitting on their hands. The match was given no favors when the commentators talked about Joey Janela vs. Yuma for the CZW Wired Championship. Sky got the win after countering a pin attempt from Mandel. This match wasn’t really good. Sky is talented, and should be booked in more places like Evolve, ROH, Beyond Wrestling, PWG, and other prominent promotions, but Ricky Mandel is just boring and bland.

Post match shenanigans: Mandel attacked Sky after the match. The crowd gave some half-assed boos, but you could tell this wasn’t intriguing to them.

Final Thoughts

The show was a whole bunch of nothing and an utter waste of my time. I say the same things over and over, week after week. The entire time I was wanting to just stop watching the show and just check out the episode of ROH TV on the Fite TV app with the Hardy Boys taking on the Briscoe Brothers and some CMLL. The  Fite TV app is also going to have RIZIN, which is like the new PRIDE FC for you MMA fans out there. Check it out!

Again, don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app and decide for yourself.

R.I.P. Charlie Murphy.

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