Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 304 Review

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On this episode of CWFH, Tyler Bateman faces Jarek 1:20, and more. Click for the review. Do it. Do it now. Do it all night.

To watch this episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, or to check out shows from promotions such as ROH, check out the Fite TV app. Before I watched this show, I checked out ROH Supercard of Honor XI iPPV on the Fite TV app and fucking LOVED the main event with the Hardys going against the Young Bucks in a crazy ladder match. I highly recommend everyone check it out. They also have CMLL events on the Fite TV app, which is really cool.

The show starts with Toasterdork Grant stalking Tito Escondido in the parking lot. He informs Tito that his opponent, Chris Dickinson, wouldn’t be there cause his flight had to make an emergency landing and that he’ll be facing the DEEJ, DJ Hyde. Tito cut a promo, then we went to the outdated intro. Are the people who produce CWFH lazy, or is their production budget so small that they can’t afford to have someone to make a new one?

DJ Hyde (w/ the fake Marquez son) vs. Tito Esconddio

Once again, the DEEJ was wearing a cheap suit for this match. The match started off with Tito attacking DJ after DJ spit on him. DJ took a bunch of forearms from Tito to the head and no-sold them. They brawled until DEEJ was DQ’s for pushing the referee.

Post match shenanigans: Tito and DJ brawled in the ring for awhile. Referees and the locker room spilled out to break things up. For the first time in a long time, the crowd was energetic for a segment and chanted “LET THEM FIGHT” for a bit before chanting for Tito. Tito pushed people away and hit a Tope Con Giro on DEEJ and the Classic Connection and attacked DJ until things were broken up again. This was a good segment The match was nothing, but the post match segment was very well done.

Pac 3 (Dicky Maier, Dylan Bostic, and Dan Joseph) w/ Coach Flexo vs. Yuma, Espiritu, and Astro Viajero

I really can’t emphasize how Yuma is the most intolerable performer on this program. Everything he does just makes me cringe. Dicky Maier had a good showcase early on with Espiritu. Astro Viajero and Dan Joseph had a really fun little sequence before the match had a face-in-peril sequence with the Pac 3 beating up on Astro for a bit before he got a hot tag on Yuma that had no real heat, thus defeating the purpose of calling it a “hot tag.” Espiritu and Astro Viaero hit some topes. Dicky Maier had the match won until Dan Joseph tagged himself in and lost the match to Yuma. This match was fine. Nothing really great. There were some decent moments, and it served its purpose to tell a story.

Post match shenanigans: Pac 3 started to blame Dicky Maier for their loss, continuing the build up to Maier eventually leaving the group. After this, we go to some random dark place where Tyler Bateman cuts a promo. He compares Jarek 1:20 to a dog who bites his owner’s hand and how he has to put him down. This was a decent promo. After a commercial break, the chick interviews Ray Rosas and Big Duke. They’re in the main event and will be facing the Classic Connection. Big Duke make a pun about the American version of the TV show “The Office,” and it was pretty corny.

Jarek 1:20 vs. Tyler Bateman

Jesus Christ, the booking committee of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is so dumb. They completely hot-shotted this match and wasted what could’ve been a huge grudge match by making it a random match on a random episode with no real build up or hype. The match started off with both guys going at it, then it became a normal match. I didn’t get the feeling that Bateman hated Jarek 1:20. The match was well worked and pretty methodical, and it would’ve been an acceptable match if it wasn’t part of a major storyline on this show, but for what is supposed to be a bitter feud between two former friends, it was very underwhelming. There wasn’t nothing technically bad about the match, let me make that clear, it just got pretty boring at times and the storytelling wasn’t strong enough to hold my interest. There was a nice finish tease when Jarek put Bateman in a Rear Naked Choke that almost beat Bateman, but eventually Bateman made a comeback, hit a bunch of elbows on Jarek 1:20, then won cleanly after hitting Death From Above. Welp, the audience now has no reason to care for this storyline.

Post match shenanigans: Bateman was going to attack Jarek, but the debuting Oliver Grimsly of Championship Wrestling From Arizona came out and threw a fireball in Bateman’s face. Bateman sold the fireball really by screaming and rolling around in pain at ringside, while the referees stood above him, clueless as to what to do. The announcers to the show to break because they needed to get to the main event, and that main event is a bigger priority than Bateman’s health and well being.

The Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) w/ fake Marquez son and Peter Avalon vs. Ray Rosas & Big Duke

The match started off with both teams brawling, and then it became a normal tag team match. Duke and Ray controlled the match by working over Buddy Royal for awhile before he tagged out to Levi and did a face-in-peril segment with Ray Rosas for a bit. Levi spent a lot of time working over a stupid fucking claw spot on Ray that went way too long before Ray did a hot tag. Duke ended up doing the face-in-peril spot after Peter Avalon distracted him before a commercial break. The Classic Connection kept slowly working over Duke’s leg. This was not intriguing at all. They did a second hot tag spot with Ray Rosas getting a bunch of offense. The Classic Connection went for their finisher on Ray Rosas, but he moved and hit his finisher, followed by a knee from Duke onto Buddy Royal to get the win. This was pretty boring, but the closing moments of the match were decent.

Final Thoughts

There was some good and bad with this episode. The slow build for Dicky Maier and the Pac 3 has been going well, and the Tito/DEEJ post match segment was done well, and the trios tag match was decent. Bateman/Jarek was good as well, but the bad booking of this feud hurt the match overall.

Don’t just take my word for it. Check it out on the Fite TV app. There’s other stuff on there that’s really good and worth checking out like Ring Of Honor TV and their latest iPPV presentation, Supercard of Honor XI featuring the Hardys vs. The Young Bucks in a Ladder War.

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