WOW Season 4 Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Sophia Lopez is the Greatest Attorney In The World, and she proves it on the latest offerings from WOW. Come enjoy the campy show, stay for Santana Garrett!

Season 4, Episode 3: Out For Justice

Bonus Clip: Powerful Persuasion
Bonus Clip: Don’t Tell Me To Clam Down

These clips set up the angle for this next episode. In “Powerful Persuasion,” Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, convinced the “Women’s Wrestling Association” (who are the WOW commission I guess? I dunno) at a meeting in Long Beach and said the Al American Girls never won the belts fairly as they never used a tag rope to get their win, which is against the rules. She even brought evidence to the commission hearing. In “Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down,” David McLane tries to tell the All American Girls what went on, and they were all upset but somewhat cool about it cause they’re all confident. This stuff is so cheesy, yet I can’t help but to love it.

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The episode begins with a recap of what went down in the bonus clips, leading up to the match.

WOW Tag Team Championship Tournament Match: Caged Heat (Loca & Delta Lotta Pain) w/ the Greatest Attorney In The World, Sophia Lopez vs. the All American Girls (Amber O’Neal & Santana Garrett)

Before the match, Sophia Lopez gets on the mic and says she has the greatest team in the world in Caged Heat, and that “justice will be served tonight.” Caged Heat are still out on a work release program that they’ve probably been on since 2000 or 2001. Delta asked if anyone had a watch in the room, and asked them what time is it, to which people said “HARD TIME!” Get it? It’s a pun. Har har. David McLane was assaulted during their ring introduction too. It’s a good thing these girls have Sophia Lopez by their side. She’s the Greatest Attorney In The World and can keep them out of trouble for what could’ve been an assault or battery charge, thus preventing them from being sent back to a Nevada prison again where they probably won’t be paroled until the next WOW reboot. I honestly like that WOW has done a good job at keeping all their bases covered when it comes to dumb little shit like this in their storylines. Like even though it’s really stupid, the explanations for these stories at least have more logical explanations than WWE storylines do. Randy Orton committed arson and desecrated a grave. Instead of being in prison, he’s going to Wrestlemania!

The match started off with Caged Heat attacking the All American Girls at the start of the match before the All American Girls countered. Amber O’Neal did a nice Full Nelson spot after doing the splits before transitioning into a bunch of submission attempts, including a Cattle Mutilation. Caged heat worked over Santana for a few moments before she hit a double arm drag after spring boarding herself off the middle rope. Caged Heat would use dirty tactics like hair pulling, which resulted in one of Amber O’Neal’s extensions to fall out. Caged Heat worked over Amber O’Neal, using the tag rope to get in. Amber O’Neal made a hot tag to Santana, but she didn’t use the tag rope! Lana Star came out and distracted people while Santana did a babyface fire spot. Santana hit a nice running handspring moonsault off the ropes before Amber O’Neal turned on Santana by hitting her with Sophia Lopez’ briefcase that Lana Star gave her. Caged Heat got the win to advance in the tournament, and Amber O’Neal mocked Santana as she was down. Turns out when Lana Star was in the All American Girls’ limo in S4E1, she was making a deal with Amber O’Neal and Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World.

Backstage, Caged Heat and Sophia Lopez cut a promo about their victory. Back in the ring, David McLane asks Lana Star and Amber O’Neal what’s going on. Lana said that she has surprises in store and that this was the Lana Star Show now. The first surprise was that her new protégé Amber O’Neal will be known as the Beverly Hills Babe. Lana starts to introduce her next surprise, but we get cut off! To Be Continued. What a cliffhanger!!!!

Season 4, Episode 4: State Of Emergency

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The episode starts off Jessie Jones arriving in Long Beach from Kentucky at a bus station. She gets picked up by Selina Majors, who breaks some very unfortunate news in that Southern California doesn’t have any Waffle Houses, much to Jessie’s dismay. Selina says there’s Denny’s or McDonald’s, so they settled on Denny’s. They should’ve gone to I.H.O.P. instead. A recap is played of the events that took place in the last episode, and picks up where we left off in the last episode.

Inside the ring, Lana Star’s surprise is Riot. Riot was part of WOW’s first run. I use to think she was sorta hot when I was a kid. She’s got Christina Von Eerie (as Razor) and Hudson Envy (as Spike) with her at ringside and cuts a promo inside the ring while Santana Garrett was in the ring. Riot orders Von Eerie and Envy to attack Santana, and they end up hitting a Triple Powerbomb on Santana. Southern Pride, Selina Majors and Jessie Jones, made the save. Santana was down in the ring for a few moments to sell the attack. David McLane ends up getting on the mic calling for EMTs and medics while Dan Masters called someone on his phone. Paramedics brought a stretcher to the ring and McLane says they’re gonna take an intermission before Selina Majors gets on the mic to talk about how she’s sick of the “disrespect in this sport.” She’s pissed and says there’s no need for what happened in wrestling and that she’s gonna kick the asses of Riot’s stable.

Santana is taken out of the ring on a stretcher (complete with the Evel Knievel “thumbs up” gimmick) and the camera crew followed paramedic crew to the ambulance as David McLane was by Santana’s side. The camera guy goes “should I keep shooting?” and David replies in disgust. That honestly got a laugh out of me. The camera guy ends up going in the ambulance anyways as the paramedics give Santana a concussion screening. She says she feels fine as the show fades to black and ominous music plays as the episode comes to a close. We see a graphic for the next episode as Holidead will face The Dagger, who is escaping her past according to the on-screen graphic here.

Bonus Clip: Amber O’Neal transforms into The Beverly Hills Babe

In the bonus clip, Lana Star took the Beverly Hills Babe to Beverly Hills to do some shopping and to get some Botox injections. No, seriously, they fucking showed a Botox injection n this thing. Basically what WOW just did was make Marvin California and Xtreme World Wrestling look soft as fuck. Bravo, WOW!

Final Thoughts

I continue to enjoy this show for what it’s worth, and that is a corny show meant to entertain people. The production continues to be top notch for an online wrestling show, and better than some products that air on TV like Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. The storyline throughout the two episodes was told really well, and everything unfolded nicely. Santana Garrett and Amber O’Neal were fun to watch, and an eventual showdown between the two should make for a fun match with a bunch of goofy angles and shit in between. Sophia Lopez, the Greatest Attorney In The World, brings so much tot he table in weird ways that help bring some decent “wrestling logic” (an oxymoron, I know) to this show. The angle with Riot, Christina Von Eerie, and Hudson Envy was also pretty cool.

Like I’ve said before, if you’re someone who can enjoy campy, cheesy, stupid, fun, goofy, and corny entertainment, you’ll love this show. The next episodes premier on March 28th and March 30th on

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