Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 300 Review

It’s finally the real 300th episode featuring the PP3 Cup Tournament Finals with Dicky Maier facing Ryan Taylor. Plus Cokelogic, and other shit. Click for review!!!!!

Goddammit, Toasterdork Grant is starting off the show. Ugh. He interviews Dicky Maier and the Pac 3. Coach Flexo talks, Dicky cuts him off and tells them to stay in the back for his PP3 Cup Finals match with Ryan Taylor. Toasterdork YELLS before the outdated intro is played. Terrible start to the show.

The Classic Connection (Levi Shapiro & Buddy Royal) vs. Astro Viajero and Yuma

Fucking hell, this show really is off to an awful start. The production crew fucked up again by saying Tito Escondido was facing the Classic Connection, unless that’s the team name Viajero and Yuma were going by in this match.

Astro Viajero (Adrian Quest) was good int his, but everything else was just pure bullshit. The storyline about the Classic Connection having the old tag title belts was a secondary thought in this boring ass match. I’m six minutes into this show and it has honestly felt like it’s been 20 so far. Viajero hit a nice standing shooting star press on a hot tag. Classic Connection win in a very pointless, boring match. Adrian Quest deserves better than teaming with Yuma and jobbing to the fucking Classic Connection. It’s also sad how the bookerman couldn’t just take the pinfall in the match, and instead the exciting young talent with potential to be a star in this promotion had to be jobbed out.

Dylan Bostic (w/ Pac 3) vs. Eric Watts

Ty Matthews wasn’t with Watts during his entrance. There were antics with the Pac 3. Bostic worked over Watts’ limbs and fingers. Bostic hit a nice DDT on Watts. Aside from that, this match was pretty boring. Watts won after hitting his finisher on Bostic. This was pretty boring and uneventful. I think I already said this was boring, but I’ll reiterate my point: this shit was fucking boring.

Backstage, Toasterdork is interviewing Ryan Taylor before his PP3 Cup match against Dicky Maier. Ryan Taylor cuts some ridiculous ass promo about spirits and shit. I hated this. Needed more plump Scotch girls.

DJ Hyde (w/ Peter Avalon and fake Marquez son) vs. The Hobo

DEEJ worked this match while wearing a cheap suit that had his gut hanging over his pants. Peter was at ringside doing commentary. DEEJ looks worse here than when he was literally buried in his parents’ backyard by John Zandig. Is Zandig still the kayfabe owner of CZW? Hobo comes out trying to come off as a tough guy by getting in Peter Avalon’s face. I didn’t buy it. DEEJ attacked him and this would lead to a boring match. The fake crowd noise did nothing to help the heat in this match. This storyline sucks. The most logical way for this to be solved would be for Dave Marquez to either fire his son and Hyde as a competitor, or just call John Zandig to kill DEEJ. DEEJ won with a Lariat. This episode has really been bad so far.

Post match shenanigans: Peter, DEEJ, and the fake Marquez son celebrate. Backstage, the new chick interviews Devin Sparks who is with his Young Boys. He says he’s gonna become a tag team competitor with one of the Young Boys. They play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who will be his partner. They kept going with scissors into the commercial break. Not funny!

Devin Sparks and Ni (w/ Ichi) vs. P.B.R. (Hunter Freeman and Ryan Walker)

Very basic match. Sparks had offense, while Ni was getting beaten up when he was in the match. This was pretty boring and uneventful. Ni tagged himself in after Sparks got some offense and ended up losing the match for his team, giving P.B.R. the win. Very boring match and a total waste of time. After the match we get a commercial for Live Links. I can’t believe Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is peddling this smut to kids!

After a commercial break in some cheap office somewhere that makes the one I work in look like the one at Miller Gold Agency, Toasterdork Grant barges in on Peter Avalon, the fake Marquez son, and DEEJ. He yells, they ignore him and DEEJ forces him out of the ring. So far there’s been no follow-up to the Bateman, Jarek, and Sky angle. Kevin Condron has gone unmentioned, which is a great thing.

PP3 Cup Tournament Finals: Ryan Taylor vs. Dicky Maier

The commentators try to play up some convoluted story about Ryan Taylor’s hand. The new dorky white guy ring announcer who replaced Dan Masters isn’t bad. Quick start to the match with Ryan Taylor attacking Dicky Maier right off the bat. Very slow and technical pace after though. Ryan Taylor was in control and hit a belly to back drop on the ring apron. Maier made a comeback with a German Suplex and a tope after Ryan Taylor went to the outside before a commercial break. Maier started working over the arm of Ryan Taylor with various submissions. Ryan Taylor made a comeback after Maier missed a headbutt. Ryan Taylor kept trying to work over the leg of Maier with submissions during the finishing stretch, and Maier made a comeback before hitting a Straitjacket German Suplex to win the match and the PP3 Cup tournament.

Post match shenanigans: Ryan Taylor bowed dan to Dicky Maier and shook his hand before the Pac 3 came out to celebrate with the cup while Dicky looks upset with his stablemates for hogging his spotlight.

Final Thoughts

So THIS was the 300th episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood, and it was pretty bad. The main event was sorta disappointing, and all of the matches on the show were boring. The show also went back to the standard cookie-cutter formula, which was a major step down from the improvements this show had been making in the past month or two. Storytelling continues to be a problem with this show, as the Sky/Bateman/Jarek 1:20 angle was never followed up on. Huge mistake there. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’m pretty bummed out that this show hasn’t been able to continue to improve and haven’t been utilizing talent very well. What a shame.

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