Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Episode 299 Review

Three Beat Slide make their SCU debut, plus Scorpio Sky vs. Tyler Bateman, Tito Escondido vs. Peter Avalon, Alex Jones is not a reptilian whatsoever, SoCal Ring Rat Ed Alexander, and ramblings!

Bateman and Jarek 1:20 are backstage in some dark corner and cut promo. Bateman says he’ll give Scorpio Sky a rematch for his title, but only if he can defeat Jarek 1:20. Outdated intro after. VERMIN ARE STLL IN IT. Jesus Christ, Marquez, do something about this. Kevin Condron is gone. Thank fuck. He isn’t gone for long, but at least he’s gone from commentary. He’s more annoying than Alex Jones.

Jarek 1:20 (w/ Tyler Bateman) vs. Scorpio Sky

Story here is if Sky wins, he gets a rematch against Bateman. Sky’s ribs are taped adding more depth to the story. Sky was in control for awhile until Jarek went after the injured ribs. The fake crowd noise did nothing to help add any heat to things. Jarek did a lot of basic stuff on Sky’s ribs heading into a commercial break. When the show returned, Sky was on offense but was also selling the rib work by Jarek. There was a nice spot where Jarek countered Sky’s Ace Of Spades and hit a double stomp on him. Sky would eventually hit the move moments later to get the win over Jarek 1:20. Following the match, Tyler Bateman gets ready because the match with Sky is supposedly next. The booking of this honestly seemed a little weird and very random, but it was different, and I applaud the effort in this show trying to do something different. The match itself wasn’t great when it came to stuff like cool spots. I mean these two could’ve done much better when it comes to the in ring aspect of the match, but the match served its purpose which was to advance an angle. No real complaints here.

United Wrestling Network Television Championship Match: Tyler Bateman (c) vs. Scorpio Sky

After a commercial break, we begin the match. Sky started off throwing lots of strikes and getting offense in early before Bateman took control. Bateman did a NoGi variation of a Knee On Belly Choke. Bateman continued to control the match after a commercial break with Jarek 1:20 getting involved a bit. Sky made a comeback and got some offense in on Bateman for awhile. Jarek tried to get involved again by trying to get the belt in the ring as a distraction. The referee was distracted, which allowed Sky to use the belt on Bateman and to hit the Ace Of Spades for the win to become the new United Wrestling Network TV Champion. The match itself was much like the last one, mostly storyline based and less centered around the in ring action, and it did what it was meant to do.

Backstage, Peter Avalon is interviewed by the chick who is a million times better than Toasterdork Grant. He cut a quick promo on Tito and got his catchphrase in. Uh, yeah.

Ray Lyn vs. Ruby Raze

Ray Lyn acted slutty during her entrance. No complaints here. She tried to attack Ruby during her entrance, but it did nothing. Ruby was in control for a bit before Ray Lyn got some ineffective offense. Some retard tried to start a “YOU GOT FAKE BOOBS” chant. Ugh. The match overall was boring and wasn’t well structured. Like it felt as if neither wrestler had chemistry in the ring. This was bordering on being a shitty match before there was a cool spot where Ray missed a head kick, and ended up taking a German Suplex from Raze, who got the win after hitting Ray Lyn with a spear. The finishing moments were cool, but the match overall still wasn’t very good.

Post match shenanigans: Kevin Cotton came out and interrupted an interview with Toasterdork and Ruby. He’s supposedly suspended and blamed the crowd. He also plugged his Twitter cause he’s doing some shitty “Loose Cannon” gimmick. He comes off more like a loose butthole. He makes Jervis Cottonbelly almost tolerable. What a terrible fucking segment. Some guy in red was fucking sleeping during this segment. No fucking joke. Seriously, look.

That is not a good look for this show. After a commercial, Toasterdork interviews Tito Escondido. He talks about how he’s beaten Peter and hypes up their upcoming match. What the fuck happened to the chick? Ugh.

United Wrestling Network Hollywood Heritage Championship Match: Peter Avalon (c) vs. Tito Escondido

The match started off with some quick action with both guys getting an equal amount of offense in the opening portion of the match. Peter botched a springboard attempt. The match was pretty even, and there wasn’t really anything different than the stuff we’ve seen these guys do before. There was a ref bump, which would result in the fake Marquez son coming out to the ring with a smile on his face, followed by the DEEJ, DJ Hyde in a cheap suit. DEEJ gave Tito a lariat after teasing he would be hitting Peter with it, and Peter pinned Tito as the fake Marquez son made a fast count to give Peter the win. Ugh. This was lame. Very, very, VERY lame. Also, DJ Hyde wasn’t even selling the fact that he is a week removed from a “brutal” cage match with Big Duke. I mean, The show tried to sell the brutality by making the screen black and white during the match to cover DEEJ’s blood. This week, he came out looking fine with no bandage on his head. This was so fucking stupid.

Post match shenanigans: the new heel stable embraces. Tito is beaten up. This was so fucking stupid. Yes, I wrote that twice now, and I truly meant it both times.

Final Thoughts

I honestly felt this was a step backward for CWFH. The past month or so has had promising episodes and moments that gave this show some hope. This episode had some flashes of hope with the layout of the Sky/Bateman/Jarek 1:20 angle. It could’ve been executed in a much better way from a production standpoint. There should’ve been a intro where the hosts intro’d the show, ran down the lineup, and segued into the promo by Bateman and Jarek. The matches themselves with Sky, Bateman, and Jarek were solid, and while these guys are capable of putting on way better matches than what they had on this episode, but they had solid matches that focused on storytelling.

The women’s match was kinda bad, but I realized something more important than that as I was watching this match, and that was that much like the early women’s matches in NWA Hollywood, the women in Championship Wrestling From Hollywood are fighting for nothing, and basically have a pointless presence on the show. They’re just there because, well, they’re just there. What’s the point of having a women’s division if there’s no prize for them to fight for? They’re just being put in useless matches that doesn’t do anything for any of these women.They don’t even have any real storylines and instead are just being used as the token gender diversity segment. I know the women’s roster at CWFH is very thin, but more needs to be done with them as having Ruby Raze squash girls and Ashley Grace being promoted like she’s an underdog jailbait babyface chick who overcomes the odds doesn’t make for compelling television.

And the final segment. Now, let me just say that Peter turning heel and needing a screwy finish to go over Tito was the only logical way to have him win this match without damaging Tito’s stock. In that sense, it was the right booking move to have Tito get screwed again with Peter going over. It would’ve been better if Tito won cleanly, but what can you do? So here’s where it sucks: the characters. Now Peter is a good heel, and he seems more like a natural heel than babyface, but the other guys in this new faction suck. DJ Hyde is coming off a losing feud with Duke, and fans don’t give two fucks about heel authority figure characters anymore. I can’t say I’m looking forward to the direction of this storyline. Fans are not going to give a shit about this, and it’s not going to create new viewers.

Overall, disappointing episode from CWFH in many aspects. Shame, because before this I was starting to have hope for CWFH and their improvements. The Tyler Bateman vs. Jarek 1:20 angle that seems to be being teased should be interesting, and Sky as champion could lead to really fun matches, but there’s not much else on this program to look forward to once Ryan Taylor vs. Dicky Maier in the PP3 Cup Finals (which isn’t even mentioned during the episode) takes place. I know people are interested in seeing Joey Janela debuting next month, but I doubt he won’t be doing anything interesting. He’ll probably just do some boring 7 minute match and not much else. The Kevin Condron shit is also not interesting at all. Sad how a show that was showing some promise is now going in the wrong direction.

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