OWA “Apocalypta” February 25th, 2017 – review

Oddity Wrestling held its first show on the year on February 25th at Border X Brewing in San Diego. This show was set to feature a tournament for the newly created Border X Brewing title. With The Crash running in Tijuana later in the night using a lot of the same wrestlers, the show time was set for 5:00 pm to give time for fans and wrestlers to make both shows. With this being indy wrestling that didn’t happen, with the show starting about 40 minutes late.

The venue had some changes since the last show, some good and some bad. The good was there were lights this time so no watching wrestling in the dark. The patio area was opened up more it seemed with lots more seating available than the last show. The bad was the addition of a raised set of wooden benches almost circling the ring. People that sat behind them had a hard time seeing everything, and I know some kids sitting by me had to move.

Border X Brewing Title Tournament – Round 1
Bestia 666 over Viento [7’19]

This match was originally supposed to feature Jack Evans versus Bestia but it was announced before the show Jack Evans was injured and couldn’t make it. This was the second straight OWA show Jack Evans was advertised for but not there. For Evans replacement Viento made his return to OWA. Bestia 666 is always pretty solid but there were a few miscues in this. Bestia 666 won with a Muscle Buster. The match was OK overall.
Rating: **

Border X Brewing Title Tournament – Round 1
Rey Horus over The Oracle [8’23]

Both of these guys don’t seem to get the amount of hype they deserve. Both looked great in this and if the match would have had more time to develop it could have been something special. I’m glad Oracle is getting more SoCal bookings with PCW, OWA, and the upcoming Brave show. Rey Horus won with a Mexican destroyer off the ropes. This was a good match.
Rating: ***

Border X Brewing Title Tournament – Round 1
Rey Fenix over Laredo Kid [6’58]

This was the first round match I was looking most forward to. They made the most of the time they had and put together a pretty fun match, but overall the match was too rushed and just didn’t have enough time. It was still good for what it was.
Rating: ** 1/2

Freakshow (Brody King & Tyler Bateman) over Vilento Jack & Aeroboy to win the vacant OWA tag-team titles [11’34]

When he is part of Freakshow Tyler Bateman wrestles as almost a completely different persona. Both he and Brody King have their faces painted and do a lot of grunting. I think Brody King may have even barked at someone. This was a really good match. Both teams were able to get a lot of offense in and everyone was able to be showcased. The crowd was really hot for this and was clearly behind Aeroboy and Vilento Jack. Both Tyler Bateman and Brody King had some really hard hitting interactions with Vilento Jack. Bateman hit a really stiff looking rolling elbow on him at one point. Bateman eventually got the pin after hitting his Death from Above finisher. Hopefully the video of this gets uploaded soon as it was really good.
Rating: *** 3/4

Border X Brewing Title Tournament – Finals
Rey Fenix over Rey Horus and Bestia 666 [7’15]

As I mentioned earlier The Crash was running in Tijuana so these wrestlers had to leave which made it so that the finals of the tournament was the fifth match on the show. This also came across as rushed and was really short for being a tournament finals. There was one pretty cool spot where Bestia was on top of Fenix’ shoulders on the top rope and Rey Horus jumped up and hit a Frankensteiner on Bestia. Rey Fenix won with a Mexican Destroyer. The match was OK.
Rating: ** 1/4

After the match Garza Jr. and Daga came to the ring and joined Rey Fenix. Together they raised Bestia and Rey Horus’ hands right before attacking them and beating them down. A promo was cut in Spanish about how they make the rules.

Fidel Bravo over Adrian Quest, Jake Atlas, D’Marco Wilson, Biagio Crescenzo, Dragox, Seraphim, and Stigma in an elimination match [17’15]

The format of this match was that two men would start and a new wrestler would enter every two minutes. Adrian Quest and Jake Atlas were the first two wrestlers. Someone needs to book a singles match between them. They worked really well together for the minute they were alone. Despite it being announced as being two minutes between entries, Fidel Bravo came out after about a minute. All the wrestlers were out after 9 minutes. D’Marco Wilson was fourth, Biagio Crescenzo came out fifth, Dragox came out sixth, and Seraphim was announced as the last wrestler. Seraphim was attacked by Huracan outside the ring and I guess was unable to continue and was never actually eliminated. A few minutes later Stigma came out, I guess taking Seraphim’s place. Jake Atlas was eliminated by Biagio at 6:57. D’Marco Wilson was the second person eliminated, also by Biagio at 12:01.  Biagio was eliminated third by Quest at 13:34. Quest was then eliminated by Stigma at 14:30. Fidel Bravo them eliminated Stigma at 15:47 and Dragox at 17:15. This was a pretty fun match. Fidel Bravo looked really good throughout the match and had some really nice interactions with pretty much everyone. Biagio and Adrian Quest also had a really nice sequence together.
Rating: ***

Inframundo over Donnie Suarez and Huracan to retain the OWA International title [6’11]

Seraphim had recovered and came out and took out Huracan with a chair in this match. With the show running late by this point the venue had another event going on and this match was really rushed. Inframundo hit a powerbomb on Suarez to get the win.
Rating: * 1/2

Ruby Raze over Datura to win the OWA Women’s title [7’09]

This match has been built up in OWA for almost a year, ever since Raze defeated Datura in a non-title match back in May. Datura has been injured recently with a shoulder problem. I thought Raze looked really good on offense in this, but Datura was likely still have shoulder issues and seemed limited. The crowd was pretty hot for this, but seemed to be somewhat split between Raze and Datura. Raze hit her spear for the win.
Rating: ** 1/4

Ryan Kidd over Eli Everfly to retain the OWA United States title [13’29]

When Ryan Kidd came out he removed his shirt and a kid that was sitting in front of me took it and put it on. Ryan Kidd took Eli Everfly’s shirt and rubbed it all over his crotch and ass. There was a really nice sequence to start where neither wrestler could get the advantage. Eventually they went outside the ring and Eli Everfly hit a really nice moonsault off the second rope onto Kidd on the outside. The kid wearing Ryan Kidd’s shirt said “I wish I had the other guy’s shirt.” Everfly sat Kidd in a chair on the outside of the ring and got back into to do a dive. Kidd had recovered enough to where he was able to hit Everfly on the head with a chair as he was coming through the ropes. Kidd then sat Everfly in the chair and hit a moonsault to the outside on the sitting Everfly that destroyed the chair. Everfly looked to have hit his head on the ground hard too. Eventually he was able to recover and these guys continued to go all out. Someone sent me a text during the match and I replied “Everfly and Kidd are tearing down the house here.” Everfly ran into Kidd’s Standing Spanish Fly in a really cool spot too. Kidd eventually won with a brainbuster. This was a great match.
Rating: ****

Overall this was another really good OWA show. The show could have been made better by possibly cutting a couple matches to give the other matches more time to develop. OWA has something really good going here that really adds to what is making the San Diego wrestling scene so hot.

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