Chaos Column Recap of Sabotage 2: “Hey Ladies”

2/18/17 Sabotage 2: “Hey Ladies” at the UEW Arena

Familiar names in the field of 16 for the Women’s Title Tournament helped draw a capacity crowd to the UEW Arena. In a pre-show showcase of talent, Kaitlin Diemond did a parody of “Delilah”, aimed at Delilah Doom. Delilah herself “led a short aerobics class” with the 80’s song, “Two of Hearts” blaring in the background. Heather Monroe & Ray Lyn had a twerk battle go bad, as both women went at each other. Holidead cut her interview with Joey Rodriguez short, Desi Derata did a song & dance, and Thunder Rosa & Human Tornado picked up from where they left off at the last FCW show. Once all that was done, it was down to business.

Round 1 of the Women’s Title Tournament

1 – Shotzi Blackheart & Samara v. DoomBuggy (Delilah Doom & Buggy Nova)
Very strong opener, with Samara showing more of what she could do in the ring, unlike her RISE 2 match with Rosemary. Delilah took a major beating in this match, but was able to make a hot tag to Buggy, who went on to hit her Bulldog finisher on Samara for the pin.

2 – Raze Cray (Ruby Raze & Ray Lyn) v. Sage Sin & Kimmy Shellhammer (w/ Donovan Troi & Alexander G. Bernard)
A fairly even match, although Donovan & AGB tried to interfere, where they could, even going so low as to use a crooked referee of their choosing to replace Senior Referee Corina. Ray was able to shove the crooked ref. into the same corner with Kimmy, making him the “meat in a sandwich” on Raze’s Charge into the said corner. Referee Corina came back in, and facilitated the 3-count when Raze “ate Kimmy’s soul” (hit her with the Spear) for the pin.

3 – Kaitlin Diemond & Allie Kat v. Violet Payne & Marriah Moreno
It started even, but turned in Kaitlin & Allie’s direction once Allie distracted Referee D.C. Brown, allowing Kaitlin to spit sake into Violet’s face. Marriah made a brief hot tag, only for Violet to tag back in. That turned out to be a bad idea, as Allie stunned Violet with a Headbutt, allowing Kaitlin to hit her Modified Stunner for the pin.

4 – Holidead & Heather Monroe v. Desi Derata & Mazzerati
Fairly even match, with Holidead & Desi trading power moves, and Heather & Mazzerati trading agile moves. Desi got floored late with a Double-Pump Kick, which eventually led to Holidead hitting a Tiger Driver on Mazzerati for the pin.

5 – 1st Non-Tournament Match: Thunder Rosa v. Scoot Robertson (w/ Donovan Troi)
This was a very neat intergender match, with minimal interference from Donovan. Thunder Rosa was able to roll away from Scoot’s Top Rope Splash, then hit her Top Rope Double-Stomp across his back for the pin. That drew AGB from the commentary table, and into the ring to try to lay out Thunder Rosa. Problem was, TR’s fellow Oedo Tai members, Holidead & Kaitlin, came out, and gave AGB the trademark Oedo Tai Face Squeeze. I hope somebody on the hard camera side got a good photo of it, because I think Kris Wolf will squeal at that photo.

Women’s Title Tournament Semifinals

6 – DoomBuggy v. Kaitlin Diemond & Allie Kat
Strong tag team match, with Delilah taking a ton of punishment. It looked like Kaitlin had the upper hand, but Allie Kat wanted to finish it off, and tagged in. It turned out to be a bad idea, for Delilah kept Kaitlin distracted, while Buggy hit her Bulldog on Allie for the pin.

7 – Raze Cray v. Holidead & Heather Monroe
This one was probably the better of the 2 Semifinal matches, partially because Heather & Ray really went at each other, and both Raze & Holidead had to break them apart. Otherwise, a very even tag team match, with Raze “eating Heather’s soul” for the pin.

SM – 2nd Non-Tournament Match: Christina Von Eerie v. B-Boy
If the TR/Scoot match was very neat to watch, then this one topped it. Both wrestlers brought their A-Game, a true testament to B-Boy’s in-ring work, and CVE’s ability to take a ton of punishment. CVE hit a Canadian Destroyer on B-Boy, but had a difficult time picking him off the mat, while he played possum. B-Boy waited for the right time to pounce, and rolled CVE up in a Small Package or Inside Cradle cover for the pin.

M – Women’s Title Tournament Final, 4-Way Elimination: Delilah Doom v. Buggy v. Raze v. Ray Lyn
The early part of the title match started off pretty fast, with Raze “eating Buggy’s soul” for the 1st elimination. She tried for a Dominoes-style German Suplex on Ray & Delilah, but only pulled it off on Ray, as Delilah broke free. Ray had Deiliah propped for a 2nd Soul Eater from Raze, but Delilah rolled away from it, making Raze hit Ray with the move for the 2nd elimination. When it was down to just Raze & Delilah, Raze went for Delilah’s sore ribs & upper abdomen, while Delilah went for Raze’s left arm & shoulder. This went on for quite a long time, which included some brawling outside the ring. Delilah found an opening to lock in a tight Armbar submission on Raze, forcing a tapout, to become the 1st Sabotage Women’s Champion. Donovan Troi, however, had other ideas, as he wouldn’t give her the title belt, making her try to earn it at the 3rd Sabotage Event in Austin, TX, this coming May.

Overall, a very strong card, that was alot of fun to watch. All 20 wrestlers on the card gave it everything they had to make the fans’ monetary & time investment worth it, given that they ran the show on the same night as PWG. It won’t be a surprise if the 3rd Sabotage Event puts Delilah Doom against Kimmy Shellhammer for the women’s title, but I can expect plenty of talents based in & around Texas on that particular card. No matter how you look at it, there’s no doubt that Delilah’s “Doomies Never Say Die” mentality, and ability to take alot of punishment will help her continue to hone her talents, as she gets ready to defend the Sabotage title, and continue to chase Angel Dust & the Phoenix of RISE title. I also think she could earn a chance to tour Japan with Stardom, if she’s willing. If she can take all that punishment, working 3 matches in 1 night, then there’s no reason she can’t go toe-to-toe with Stardom’s finest in a 5-Star GP format.


1 – 4-Way Women’s Title Tournament Final
2 – CVE v. B-Boy
3 – Thunder Rosa v. Scoot