Chaos Column View: The Long Beach Comic Expo Weekend

So much like last year, I’m approaching the 2017 Long Beach Comic Expo…..under the weather. It doesn’t help that this particular winter flu bug has spread to co-workers at my dayjob, as well as members of my family. But if you have read my recent social media posts, I will not let that, or the threat of rain for Saturday, stop me from attending one of my favorite conventions, as well as Sabotage 2: “Hey Ladies!” later that night in my 1st trip to the “UEW Arena”. Those two events make up only part of a 3-event weekend, along with a very convenient walking trip to the nearby Long Beach Convention Arena for a WWE Live Raw House Show.

Now I don’t know if the WWE brass will let their superstars enjoy the Sunday convention session, before they enter the ring later that night, but it would be fun, if it happens, that would be great. Besides, the arena is right next to the exhibit halls, where the comic con will be held. If that doesn’t get you excited for spending a whole day & night in Long Beach, you can also meet Rikishi throughout the weekend at the con, as well as PJ Black that Sunday at The Wrestling Guy Booth. Imagine how nice it would be to get a personal photo of Bayley with the newly won Raw Women’s title, before she probably loses it to Charlotte at Fastlane or WrestleMania. Who knows, maybe after the Saturday House Show, Universal Champion Kevin Owens will visit the American Legion #308 Hall in Reseda, to catch parts of the PWG show, before he gets prepared to fight his next opponent in Long Beach. Going to the WWE Live Event will mark the first time I’ve been to a WWE show since the last SummerSlam show at Staples Center, which is where Raw will be on Presidents’ Day.

Now although I won’t be at PWG on Saturday Night, I will be at Sabotage, to see which of the 16 ladies scheduled on the card will be the first Women’s Champion. Now I’ve read Steve’s article that previewed the event, but I haven’t seen the following wrestlers compete live, or watch video clips of them in action. Those women are: Kimmy Shellhammer, Mazzerati, Violet Payne, & Thunder Rosa’s opponent–Scoot Robertson. Anything can happen, given the first round & semifinals are all tag team action, with the final being a 4-Way Singles match to determine the champ. I think it will depend on who advance, & who they draw in the semifinals, so it should be interesting. As for Christina Von Eerie’s mystery opponent, I’m wondering if that person may end up being…….Hudson Envy. I also think the final four will be: Holidead, Heather Monroe, Buggy, & Delilah Doom. I think Donovan Troi will play some role in the final outcome, perhaps denying Holidead the title. I think it will be Delilah pinning Heather for the title, to help draw more fans in Texas for the 3rd show. She’s gotten popular here in So Cal since her first appearances here, and her 80’s Aerobics Girl character really clicks with the fans. If she continues to improve, I think the Japanese fans will enjoy having her tour with Stardom.

So I’ve gone over WWE in So Cal, & Sabotage this weekend, so let’s talk about what I’m most hyped for this weekend at the Long Beach Comic Expo. Honestly, there aren’t many guests at this year’s edition that has me that hyped for seeing them, as there weren’t many notable artist or cosplayer guests announced. Heck, if I was a “Game of Thrones” fan, I’d already have my photo op with actor Jason Momoa purchased. Among the announced cosplay guests, only Livia Chu, Sara Moni, & Nicole Marie Jean bounce off the screen. I also think the likelihood of rain for that Saturday will keep everyone inside, which could make for some very tight spaces. Sunday’s forecast is dry, so that would be nice to go out & take photos of cosplayers, before resetting for the WWE event. Now if only Aspen Comics have more copies of Volume 6 of Fathom available at their booth, because I lucked out last Saturday at Frank & Sons.

In the meantime, it’s time for me to dropkick this winter flu, & be as well as I can be for a very busy 3-event weekend. I also hope the next storm doesn’t dump too much rain that floods the underpasses on the 710. So with that, I hope to catch some of you guys at the comic con, Sabotage, &/or the WWE House Show in Long Beach.