Championship Wrestling From Hollywood: Episode 296 Review

On this episode, Rocky Romero vs. Tito Escondido in the main event, Scorpio Sky vs. Tyler Bateman, PP3 Cup matches, Beyonce, Donald Trump, Cash Me Outside, How About Dat girl, The Debt Ninja, and more.

The show starts off with the PP3 Cup tournament participants in the ring with fake-Marquez son holding the PP3 Cup while we hear Toasterdork Grant YELLING into the microphone. There’s an actual crowd at this event. That’s nice. After the outdated intro we go to the first match. There’s a new ring announcer. Did PCW tell Dan Masters he can’t work for Marquez anymore or was he unavailable for this taping? There’s a new commentator for this episode. Kevin Condron. He has another character on this show. I won’t spoil it his identity, but I hate his other gimmick too. A lot.

PP3 Cup Quarter Final Match: Eric Watts (w/ Ty Matthews) vs. Dan Joseph (w/ Pac 3)

This started off with Dan Joseph going at Watts early on in the match. Coach Flexo was up to some shenanigans and had Dylan Bostic distract Watts. It ended up giving Watts control. Watts had a better performance than usual, and seems to be putting more effort into his matches. He could still use some more intensity, but he’s slowly getting better. Kevin Condron was annoying on commentary. Dan Joseph did a splash in the corner into a DDT that seemed like it could’ve been a good idea on paper, but the execution wasn’t. The crowd chanted “Spirit Squad Sucks” at the Pac 3. Ugh. The Spirit Squad were cheerleaders, and the Pac 3 are supposed to be some type of football athletes. This is just an example of how bad either the crowds are, or how nothing gets across to CWFH’s audience. Watts hit his finisher on Dan Joseph to get the win and advance in the tournament. Decent match. I hated Condron’s commentary. in this

After the match we go to commercials for The Addiction Recovery Group and The Debt Ninja. The Debt Ninja commercial sorta borderland on racist, but I enjoyed it. Also, to update everyone on my current condition, my battle with crack isn’t going well. Pray for me.

PP3 Cup Quarter Final Match:: Dicky Maier (w/ Pac 3) vs. Jarek 1:20

I was telling Steve that Maier seems like he’s influenced by Bryan Danielson, what with his gear and in ring style. This started out with some really good technical wrestling. Nothing super fancy, but it was still enjoyable. Bostic saved Maier at one point, and Maier was upset over it. Maier won after hitting a German Suplex on Jarek for the win to advance in the tournament. This was a good match. Both guys had solid performances. Kevin Condron’s commentary was terrible in this match though. He seriously adds nothing with his, whatever the fuck he does, cause it’s not play-by-play or insightful color commentary. It’s just shit.

Somewhere in some office, some guy speaking Spanish is interviewing the fake Marquez son. Tito interrupted the guy and confronts the fake Marquez son who talks about complaints from Tito, and says Rocky Romero, who is sitting behind them playing with lottery scratch tickets, will be facing him in a #1 contender’s match. This was an entertaining segment. Finally, Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is doing something fresh. After this, we go to a commercial for the family friend phone sex service Live Links.

After the commercial break, Tyler Bateman made his way to the ring for a title match against Scorpio Sky. It felt like a random match since there wasn’t really much build for it on the show. Sky’s music played, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Everyone looked confused. The referee goes behind the curtain and Sky is on the ground cause someone attacked him. Bateman was just chillin in the ring talking to Josh Shibata as Sky crawled out to the ring to start the match.

United Wrestling Network Television Championship Match: Tyler Bateman (c) vs. Scorpio Sky

Sky got int he ring, selling the beating he took form someone (everyone probably assumes it was Jarek 1:20) telling the referee not to call the match. Kevin Condron babbled on trying to be a heel. He’s like this show’s Daniel “Bobo” Kurlan. He didn’t put any heat on Bateman nor put over Sky. He just absorbed it all for himself. Sky got in some offense early on while still selling the prematch beating. Joe Galli called a Triangle Attempt by Sky “locked in.” Joe Galli should take a jiu-jitsu class. Bateman got the win in a quick match. Very basic formula, but it was well done. It did a good job at getting over Bateman as a heel and built up towards a possible future match between Sky and Bateman. This was a good segment. Condron sucked on commentary though.

The Classic Connection vs. Damien Smith & D’Marco Wilson

So the Classic Connection are still doing the fake-champions gimmick along with their basic “old school” gimmick, which is more basic than a basic bitch who loves Beyonce, has a picture of herself with her niece or nephew between pictures of her drunk in a club and a selfie posing in a bikini in her bathroom on their social media accounts, and are obsessed with Disneyland. No offense, Dave Marquez. The Basic Connection cut a promo challenging anyone to a match. D’Marco Wilson and Damien Smith answer the challenge. The onscreen graphic said “Damien” though. Wilson and Smith had a good little showcase of moves. Then the Basic Connection were on offense. It was boring. They beat up on Smith to set up some heat for a hot tag. The tag was hot, but the heat wasn’t there, as the fake crowd noise drowned out the real crowd noise. Classic Connection won. This was sort of a waste of time to be honest. Condron sucked on commentary. I mean, he sucked less in this match, which is sort of a good thing, but he was still bad.

After a commercial for THE DEBT NINJA, Jarek 1:20 is shown backstage walking around. What’s going on here? Tyler Bateman runs up on him, pushes him against a door, and says “when I want you, I will tell you. TELL YOU,” before smashing his head into the wall. omfg actual storyline progression! Good job CWFH!

Tito Escondido vs. Rocky Romero

During Tito’s entrance, Kevin Condron insulted Tito’s hair. So I guess Tito is officially a babyface since the heel made fun of the heel. Later, he trashed Rocky Romero. How are these guys supposed to get their characters and stories over if they’re being trashed on commentary? Rocky worked over Tito’s arm in the opening parts of the match, and Tito sold the work done by Romero. The match started to become more back-and-forth as it went on, with both guys getting an advantage at various points. They also teased several count out finishes. Tito got the win after countering a Shiranui attempt from Romero into the Paint It Black. This was a good match. Condron’s commentary was drizzling shits. He’s almost as bad as Stu Stone was.

Final Thoughts

This was a good show. Aside from the Classic Connection and Kevin Condron’s commentary, everything was watchable or good. The backstage segments that built up the main event and advanced the Bateman/Sky angles were done well. No mention of the Duke/DEEJ cage match in four episodes. Again, this was a good show overall.

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