La Rebelión to appear at the February 25th OWA show

Oddity Wrestling Alliance announced earlier today that La Rebelión will be making an appearance on their February 25th show Apocalypta in San Diego. La Rebelión consists of Penta 0M (formerly Pentagon Jr.), Rey Fenix, Daga, and Garza Jr., who all had recently left Mexico’s AAA promotion.

This will be the first United States appearance for the group under the La Rebelión name. Rey Fenix was previously announced for the show, as he will be taking part in OWA’s Border X title tournament. The tournament will consist of three first round matches with the winners facing off in a triple threat finals. The first round matches are Jack Evans versus Bestia 666, Rey Horus versus The Oracle, and Laredo Kid versus Rey Fenix.

While Rey Fenix had left AAA several months ago, on January 21st, Penta 0M, Daga, and Garza Jr. all made the surprise announcement they had left AAA after appearing on The Crash show in Tijuana, MX. On that same night the group ran in during a match that featured OWA Border X title tournament participants Bestia 666, Rey Horus, and The Oracle. On the January 27th Promociones Contrereas at Arena San Juan the group announced they will be taking the name La Rebelión.

When asked about how La Rebelión appearing in OWA came about, Jose Alaniz, owner of the promotion, told me “Rey Fenix reached out to me about the Border X title tournament and how he felt he would be at a disadvantage with the possibility of Bestia 666 and Rey Horus teaming up against him and ‘he will come prepared for everything.'” Alaniz added “Yesterday The Crash and OWA’s management had a conference call with La Rebelión in which they told us that they welcome the invitation and would be at Apocalypta to settle things between the Tijuana natives, and they are declaring OWA their San Diego home and in their home they set the rules and only they will break them.”

In addition to La Rebelión making an appearance, OWA will be featuring Eli Everfly challenging Ryan Kidd for the OWA United States title, Datura defending the OWA women’s title against Ruby Raze, and Freakshow (2016 Southern California Wrestler of the Year Tyler Bateman and 2016 Southern California Rookie of the Year Brody King) will be facing Los Compares Extremos (Violento Jack and Aeroboy) for the vacant OWA tag-team titles, among other matches.

La Rebelión will also be appearing for The Crash in Tijuana later in the night on February 25th.

OWA’s Apocalypta will be held on February 25, 2017 at Border X Brewing at 5:00 pm. Border X is located at 2181 Logan Ave. in San Diego, CA.

For the full lineup for the show head to our events page and continue to check for future updates.

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