[Recap] Chaos Column of EWF on November 11, 2016

11/11/16 EWF at the “EWF Arena”, Covina
Another large crowd filled the hall of the “EWF Arena”, without the fear of being put down by those that have become motivated by “The Donald” becoming the president-elect.
1 – Friar Juan Roman v. Tarasso
A decent opener for the 6-match card.  Friar Juan shoved Tarasso onto the turnbuckles, then hit the Death Valley Driver for the pin.
2 – Maritza Jannett v. Kitana Vera
A very decent ladies match, although there is still plenty of room for improvement on Martiza’s part.  Similar to how Friar Juan scored the pinfall in the previous match, Maritza shoved Kitana onto the turnbuckles, then did a Cradle/Crucifix Rollup for the pin.
3 – Non-title match.  H.A.T.E.’s Rico Dynamite & Che Cabrera (w/ Damien Arsenik) v. The Study Buddies (Darwin Finch & Chaz Herrera)
A very solid tag team match, with some good back-and-forth action.  As I mentioned in the ringside tweets, Chaz may want to get someone to put a new seam in his pants, as there was a hole spotted in an area that can become catastrophic, if not addressed soon.  Che & Rico were able to take Chaz out of the fight, buying them the time they needed to hit their team finisher on Darwin, for Che’s pin.
4 – Scorpio Sky v. Ju Dizz
A very good mid-card match, with plenty of back-and-forth action.  Scorpio was able to hit the Bicycle Kick, and rolled it into the Ace of Spades for the pin.  After the bell, he cut a promo, wanting to challenge the winner of the Andy Brown/Ray Rosas title match.
SM – Fidel Bravo (w/ Chuchu) v. Adrian Quest
A very solid match coming out of the intermission.  Chuchu was able to prevent Adrian from hitting the 450, pushing him off the top ropes, into a perfectly timed Running Knee Strike by Fidel for the pin.
M – Heavyweight title match.  Andy Brown (c) v. Ray Rosas
Referee Nick Lera ejected Ray’s fellow H.A.T.E. members from ringside, after repeated attempts to interfere.  Other than that, the match was a very good see-saw battle, until H.A.T.E. came back to ringside.  Andy was able to fend off the stable members, but didn’t get the pleasure of hitting the Package Piledriver on Ray, as his stablemates hit the ring to attack him, resulting in a DQ.  Super Beetle & Adrian Quest tried to make the save, but were fended off.  Scorpio Sky came out afterwards, and cleaned house, hitting the Ace of Spades on Damien.  Ray & Scorpio then cut post-match promos, setting up a probable main event match for next month’s “Jingle Slam 7” Covina season finale.
So whether we’ll see a standard tag team match, or a “Survivor Series” style match between H.A.T.E. & a team featuring Andy Brown & Scorpio sky is yet to be determined, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Andy & Scorpio team up w/ Adrian Quest & Super Beetle to form a “Survivor Series” style match for next month’s Covina event.  We could also see “The Mega King” Tommy Wilson return next month, to “flame” the EWF fans in the wake of Donald Trump’s historic win in the elections.  Best thing to do, of course, if keep an eye on social media, for the “Jingle Slam 7” card, and think about what kind of toy you want to purchase, & use as admission to the show, for the EWF’s annual “Jingle Slam” holiday toy drive.
1 – Scorpio Sky/Ju Dizz
2 – Andy Brown/Ray Rosas
3 – H.A.T.E./Study Buddies
“The Chaos Column” returns in a couple of weeks, with a recap of the 11/26 AWS show (and yes, I’ll probably be sporting my “Stardom Oedo Tai” tee, because Leah Vaughn is scheduled on the card).