[Recap] SCWA “Breaking the Barriers” on September 23rd 2016

Southern California Wrestling Alliance
Breaking the Barriers
Clela Auditorium
September 23rd 2016
East Los Angeles, CA

Chaz Herrera def Oso Blanco via a springboard powerslam

“Rocket Boy” D’Marco Wilson def “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black with a school boy pinfall.

Big Dick Hoss (w/Cap Comic Con) def Darwin Finch (w/Chaz Herrera) via a spinning lariat

Fatal 4 way Elimination match:
“Charming” Biagio Crescenzo def V-Pacalypse, Koto Hiro & “The American Kaiju” Devin Sparks

Koto Hiro by V-Pacolypes with a German Suplex pin

V-Pacolypes by Biagio Crescenzo with a Flatliner

Devin Sparks by Biagio Crescenzo via Spinning Flatliner

Othello (w/Cold One AC) vs “Definition of Pain” Terex (w/Cap Comic Con) went to a Double DQ.

Adrian Quest def “Extrodinary” Eli Everfly (w/Cap Comic Con) via a 630 splash.

“The Greatest Show” Jorel Nelson def “The Vegan Superman” Jorel Jacob Diez with a “Sick Kick” Running Boot

Triple Threat Match:
Heather Monroe def Shotzi BlackHart & Thunder Rosa via Michinoku driver on BlackHart

Thunder Rosa would take the mic & said that it seems Heather Monroe beatings will continue as Shotzi BlackHart will return in December & Thunder Rosa in January.

FCW Heavyweight Championship:
“The New Age Punisher” B-Boy def Tyler Bateman (w/”The Cold One” AC) via Cross face Chicken Wing Submission to successfully retain the championship

Main Event-Tag Team Match:
Douglas James & Scorpio Sky def ” Big Nasty” Eric Watts & Yuma (replacement for Danny Limelight) as James reversed a Powerbomb attempt from Watts into a victory roll pinfall. Yuma & Watts would attack both James & Sky after the match as they celebrated their actions afterwards.

Overall a decent turnout for tonight’s event…probably the same size as the last SCWA event.

SCWA returns on December 3rd for “Merry F’n Christmas”..more details to come.

Until next time, this is Mike & I’ll see you at Ringside.