[Recap] Chaos Column of Santino Bros. “423-GET-PAIN” on September 17, 2016

9/17/16 SBWA “423-GET-PAIN” Showcase event at the SBWA Dojo, Bell Gardens

Given as how conveniently placed the SBWA Dojo is relative to the Long Beach Convention Center–just right up the 710, this particular SBWA Dojo Showcase event made for a great way to spend the night after a day at the Long Beach Comic Con.  Another overflowing crowd packed the dojo, with Kaos & Jezabel entering the ring before the show.  Kaos talked about the result of the last show, forbidding Referee Jeremy Marcis from the officiating the night’s matches, due to the bad ruling he made in that Heavyweight title match.  Before he went to the other side of the Dojo to prepare for his title match, he pulled out then left his voodoo doll in the ring.

1 – Submission match:  Robbie Phoenix v. Laberinto (No DQ, no Rope Break, no Count-Out, no closed fists)
Both men went for the left arm through most of the match, with Robbie emphasizing more on Laberinto’s left elbow, and Laberinto himself going for Robbie’s upper arm and ribcage.  Laberinto hit his signature move from the top rope, then locked in what may have been an Anaconda Vise for the tapout.  The U-Stream viewers may have seen the exact hold, but I couldn’t see it myself from ringside.

2 – Rocket Boy Wilson v. Eli Everfly
Pretty even match, with Eli using some heel tactics to get into the head of the Rocket Boy.  He even used a 10-count to “go into the restroom in the back of the Dojo for a quick dump”, although “he forgot about some of the toilet paper left on his butt”.  In the end, Eli hit his signature move, then locked in an Armbar for the tapout submission win.

3 – Study Buddies (Darwin Finch & Chaz Herrera) v. Che & Pinky of H.A.T.E.
It seemed quite even early on, but then Darwin seemed to injure his right wrist, yet was able to continue.  Che & Pinky went for Darwin’s injured wrist the rest of the way, although Chaz was able to make a hot tag to make the match more interesting.  The match ended with Che throwing Chaz out of the ring, then he & Pinky hit a Double-Team Powerbomb on Darwin for Pinky’s pin.  Afterwards, Darwin apologized to Chaz for the string of losses in the dojo.

4 – Heather Monroe v. Ruby Raze
Very even ladies match, with some brawling outside the ring.  Heather tried to drag Raze back into the ring with a hair pull, only for Raze to grab a steel rod that’s used for tightening the ropes, and smacked Heather upside the head, resulting in a DQ.

SM – Jake Atlas v. Douglas James
Great match with plenty of high-flying skills, and stiff strikes.  D.J. couldn’t put Jake away with 1 Superkick, but his 2nd Superkick set him up for the Frog Splash, and the pin.  However, Douglas didn’t have time to celebrate, as Brody King ran into the ring, and ambushed him, nailing a powerbomb.  Brody had plenty to say about D.J.’s rising popularity and him being the 2015 SCU “Rookie of the Year” winner, then said they’re going to have a match on “Comikaze Friday” (10/28).

M – Heavyweight Championship:  Famous B (c) v. Voodoo Kaos
These two put in quite a clinic on wrestling story telling.  The voodoo doll was used alot in this match, first by Kaos, then by B.  Kaos “used the magic of the voodoo doll to hit a Voodoo Chokeslam” on B for the title-clinching pin.

A very strong dojo showcase event, with plenty of great wrestling action, and good use of the various wrestling gimmicks.  The continuous training and recent Puscifer Tours really made Heather Monroe a better wrestler, and that should help her be a serious challenge for her opponents at AWS & Sabotage Wrestling in these coming weeks.  Jake Atlas showed some improvement, and should be someone to watch out for later this year, and into 2017.  The relatively inexperienced referees–Dan & Willie–did a good job officiating the matches, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them do some undercard matches in bigger shows.  With their next show on 10/28–“Comikaze Friday”–I will need someone that’s planning to attend the event, to do a recap of that show, as Comikaze’s Friday convention hours are scheduled to be from 5-9pm.


1 – Jake Atlas / Douglas James
2 – Famous B / Voodoo Kaos
3 – Robbie Phoenix / Laberinto

Personal photos from the wrestling event

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Next wrestling event:  AWS “Ladies Night 2” on 9/24.  

You can also spend the day at Nerd-Bot Con at the Pasadena Convention Center, before driving down to AWS, for just $16, plus the cost of parking near the venue.  It runs from 10-5, with some various programs scheduled, and you can meet plenty of vendors and cosplayers–most of whom were at the Long Beach Comic Con.  I will likely leave there at 4:30, to allow extra drive time to the AWS, due to the closure of the 710 at the I-5 that weekend.