[Recap] AOW Live on August 20th 2016

Alpha Omega Wrestling
AOW Live
Elks Lodge
August 20th 2016
Twenty-nine Palms, Ca

Good evening So Cal, Mike here as I’m about to run down the AOW Live event from the Elks Lodge in Twenty-nine Palms on Saturday August 20th. Your’s truly was the ring announcer for the evening.

AOW Heavyweight Champion Ron Kilbourn would come to the ring to talk about his successful title defense at last month’s Heatwave event in Victorville, Ca verses SoCal Crazy & would continue to proclaim that there’s no Luchador out there that can defeat him. AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg would come to the ring & give the champion some recognition but also to inform him that he will be defending the championship in a Triple Threat match against Cara De Leon & Oso Blanco as the champion gives a smug look to the AOW Owner.

“The Veteran” Rudy Luna def “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews with a Cradle Driver pin to be victorious in the opening match. After the match, Mora Jane would make her presence known by bring a chair to the ring for Luna to use on a defeated Steven Andrews. Rudy Luna would not use the weapon as he left the ring only to have Steven Andrew realize what’s going on but it was too late as his former tag team partner Mathias Starkey would attack Andrews from behind and putting it out there that Team Hi Def is no more.

AOW Tag Team Championship:
Kings of Suplexes (Anjul Stone & “The One” Blake Grayson) def “The O.C. Mastodon” Angel Ateu & “The Irish Juggernaut” Mikey O’Shea as Grayson hit his Memory Loss Double Arm DDT on Ateu to successfully retain the championships.

Ryan J. Morals would come to the ring in his scheduled match as the “Blindman” Mike Chatman would address the loss of Moral’s AOW High Desert Championship to Scorpio Sky at last month’s Heatwave event & would announce that until Morals receives his mandatory rematch verses Sky, he will not be competing in an AOW ring before hand. AOW Owner Christian Rosenberg would intervene & despite Morals actions of late, he will get his rematch at the championship at a later date but Rosenberg is all about opportunities for the AOW stars. He would offer Morals a chance at a opportunity in which if Ryan Morals is successful in his match, he would claim the #30 entrant in the upcoming Valley Rumble on September 18th as both Morals & Chatman would agree to the terms. But Rosenberg would also mention that if Morals was to lose his match, he would be the #1 entrant to the rumble as Rosenberg introduced his opponent…“The Hardcore Kidd” Aaron Aguilara.

“The Hardcore Kidd” Aaron Aguilara def Ryan J. Morals (w/”Blindman” Mike Chatman) with a Flying Clothesline from the top rope to win the match & thus bestowing Ryan J. Morals the #1 spot in next month’s Valley Rumble.

Mathias Starkey & his side chick “MJ” Mora Jane would come out for a press conference to address what’s been going on as of late. He would first thank MJ for her undying support during his recovery while he was sidelined with injuries this year. Starkey would thank the family of Roman Alexander who is now sidelined with injuries due to his last match verses Starkey & others at Heatwave as well as thanked “Hot Lips” Lonnie Laguna for being the best commentator in AOW history.

Steven Andrews would come to the ring to challenge Starkey to a match this evening as Mathias Starkey just blew him off & left ringside only to be stopped by Christian Rosenberg. Rosenberg would announced that Andrews vs Starkey at the Valley Rumble next month but also announced that for the next Twenty-Nine Palms event the night before the Rumble on Saturday, September 17th that Andrews & Starkey would be on opposing teams as “Big Nasty” Eric Watts & Mathias Starkey will face “The High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews & Former WWE/TNA star Mike Knux.

“The Best Around” Johnny Kai def Damien Smith with a Small Package pinfall in what is considered an upset. As Kai celebrates in the ring, AOW official Jeff the Ref would come out & address Kai’s recent issues with authority in AOW. Kai as of late has been racking up fines for touching the referee’s in his matches which Jeff the Ref has come up with a solution for Kai’s “debt”. Jeff would say that the AOW Board has agreed to allow Jeff the Ref to be Johnny Kai’s new manager as not only will he keep Kai in check with current referee’s but also as payment in which any winnings Johnny Kai gets, will go straight to Jeff the Ref for his losses with Kai’s actions towards the referee’s. Johnny Kai was none to happy to hear the news as now his winnings from this evenings event went straight to Jeff the Ref.

“Miracle” Mike James def “The Winning Ticket” Simon Lotto with a “619” followed by a Double Foot Stomp from the top rope.

Fatal 4 Way Match:
“Pretty” Peter Avalon def “Big Nasty” Eric Watts, Doc Shady & Yuma as Watts was delivering a barrage of shoulder blocks to Shady, Avalon would hit Marti-knees on a exhausted Watts for the victory.

Main event-Triple Threat Match for the AOW Heavyweight Championship:
Ron Kilbourn def Oso Blanco & Cara de Leon as Kilbourn delivered his “aRONd The World” Spinning Sidewalk Slam on Blanco to successfully retain the championship.

The event was broadcast on both Periscope with Big Rob & “Blindman” Mike Chatman as your commentating team & on Facebook with your commentating team for “Stepdaddy” Roscoe P. Tucker & “Hot Lips” Lonnie Laguna. If you want to watch the event, visit Stepdaddy Tucker’s Facebook page here.

Alpha Omega Wrestling returns for its next Big Weekend with two shows in September:

AOW Live in Twenty-nine Palms on September 17th featuring:
“Big Nasty” Eric Watts & Mathias Starkey (w/”The Side Chick” MJ)
“The Hight Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews & Former WWE/TNA Star Mike Knux

AOW Wrestling presents “The Valley Rumble” on September 18th in Victorville featuring:

The Valley Rumble

Mathias Starkey vs Steven Andrews

and More!!!

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