[Recap] SCWA “The Resurexxion Rumble” on August 12th 2016

Southern California Wrestling Alliance
Resurexxion Rumble
Clela Auditorium
August 12th 2016
East Los Angeles, CA

Hello Socaluncensored.com faithfuls, Mike here & I’m about to recap the SCWA event from Friday August 12th.

Your’s truly was the ring announcer for the evening as we get into the show.

Preshow Match:
Adrian Quest def “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy via a 630 splash from the top rope. Very technical match but a great way to kick off the show.

Tag-Team Match:
The Study Buddies (Chaz Herrera & Dawrin Finch) def The Revelation (Big Hoss Hogg & “The Definition of Pain” Terex w/Cap Comic Con) as Herrera delivered a Flying Headbutt on Terex for the win.

After the match, The Revelation continued the beat down on The Study Buddies as they made their point known that they may have won this round but they haven’t won the war. Due to the beat down, Chaz Herrera was not able to complete in the Resurexxion Rumble later this evening.

Triple Threat Match:
The Amazing Jr def “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo & V-Pacalypse as Amazing Jr finished Crescenzo with a Spanish Fly off the top rope. As the competitors were looking to end the match in sportsmanship, Crescenzo walked off as Jr & V-Pacalypse shook hands.

The Blood Thirsty Vixen” Marriah Moreno def Heather Monroe as Moreno got the school girl pinfall victory with her feet on the ropes.

Dogtown Street Fight match:
Sour” Donnie Suarez vs “Rocket Boy” D’Marco Wilson ended in a No Contest as a table was set up in the corner, Suarez delivered a Side Effect on Wilson through the table as the referee deemed that both competitors were unable to continue the match.

Mariachi Loco def “Extrodinary” Eli Everfly (w/Cap Comic Con) as Loco hit a Superkick in mid air on Everfly after an a attempted Springboard move.

FCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
“The New Age Punisher” B-Boy def Cara de Leon with a double arm piledriver to successfully retain the championship.

Semi-Main Event:
This match featured So Cal Legend Scorpio Sky vs Danny Limelight. The match started out funny as Sky challenged Danny to a Thumb wrestling contest which was won by Scorpio Sky. Danny LimeLight was upset at his loss challenge Sky to a best 2 out of 3 fall contest as he chooses a game of Rock, Paper & Scissors which was won by Limelight.

After the fun was had we went into a solid match. Unfortunately just as Sky delivered a High Knee to Limelight, “Big Nasty” Eric Watts interfered & attacked Sky. As the referee tried to break it up, Douglas James came to Sky’s aide as the referee had decided that this match was a No Contest due to interference.

Main Event-Resurexxion Rumble:

Douglas James would actually win the Rumble match but Danny Limelight was at ringside throughout the match & ended up distracting the referee’s as James eliminated Eric Watts. But since the referee’s were dealing with Limelight, Eric Watts came back into the ring & eliminated Douglas James in front of the referee’s to be declared the winner.

As Watts & Limelight were on the verge of attacking James, Scorpio Sky would even the odds as Eric Watts & Danny Limelight made their way to the ramp way. SCWA Promoter Vince would announce that at Breaking the Barriers on Friday September 23rd it will be in the main event as “Big Nasty” Eric Watts & Danny Limelight facing Douglas James & Scorpio Sky.

Order of Participants:
1. Douglas James
2. Wrestling Punk
3. “Magnificent” Chip Sullivan
4. Demon Skyie
5. The Saturday Night Stud
6. Riki De La Paz
7. Revenge
8. Dale Havoc
9. Rare 1
10. The Human Tornado
11. V-Pacalypse
12. Oso Loco
13. “Jungle Boy” Nate Coy
14. “The Blood Thirsty Vixen” Marriah Moreno
15. Osiris Mittens
16. Big Hoss Hogg
17. Ruben Iglesias
18. Damien Soul
19. Darwin Finch
20. Oso Blanco
21. “Charming” Biagio Crescenzo
22. Adrian Quest
23. “Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black
24. “Definition of Pain” Terex
25. “Big Nasty” Eric Watts
26. Othello

Order of elimination:
1. Wrestling Punk by Douglas James
2. Chip Sullivan by Douglas James
3. Demon Skyie by Douglas James
4. Saturday night Stud by Riki De La Paz
5. Riki De La Paz by Douglas James
6. Revenge by Douglas James
7. Dale Havoc by Douglas James
8. Rare 1 by Douglas James
9. Osiris Mittens by Douglas James
10. Human Tornado by Nate Coy
11. Ruben Iglesias by Douglas James & Dawrin Finch
12. Marriah Moreno by Big Hoss Hogg
13. Oso Loco by Damien Soul
14. Damien Soul by V-Pacolypes
15. Darwin Finch by Big Hoss Hogg
16. Nate Coy by Adrian Quest & Biagio Crescenzo
17. Biagio Crescenzo by Nate Coy (pulled rope down)
18. V-Pacolypes by Terex
19. Oso Blanco by Big Hoss Hogg
20. Terex & Othello by everyone in the ring
21. Adrian Quest by Sean Black
22. Big Hoss Hogg by Douglas James
23. Sean Black by Eric Watts
24. Eric Watts by Douglas James but Danny Limelight distracted the referee’s & Watts reentered the ring and eliminated James to be declared the winner.

This was SCWA first show in over 14 years and everyone had a fun time. The show did last over 4 hours but the fans toughed it out & stayed.

Matches like BBOY vs Cara de Leon, Adrian Quest vs Nate Coy & Eli Everfly vs Mariachi Loco got the fans going throughout the evening.

But earlier this afternoon I had the opportunity to talk with SCWA Promoter Vince about the Resurexxion Rumble match & the use of some individuals in the match. Vince would explain that these wrestlers had some training in the past but sometimes life chooses a different path & these guys didn’t continue to follow that path. He regrets his decision of using these individuals & vowed that it was a one time only deal & from here on out, any upcoming SCWA events will only use currently trained wrestlers we see on a weekly basis performing throughout shows in SoCal.

SCWA next event entitled “Breaking the Barriers” will return to the Clela Auditorium on Friday September 23rd featuring:

Main Event Tag-Team Match:
“Big Nasty” Eric Watts & Danny Limelight
Douglas James & Scorpio Sky

Battle of the Monsters:
“The Definition of Pain” Terex (w/Cap Comic Con)

More matches will be announced soon..be sure to visit the Socaluncensored calendar for details.

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