[Results] House of Grace Fundraiser event on June 25th 2016

House of Grace Church Fundraiser eventFB_IMG_1463017339097
House of Grace
June 25th 2016
Whittier, Ca

6 Man Tag-Team Match:
Ej Sparks, Oso Blanco & Damien Soul (w/ Lex Icon) def “Suplex Killa” Damien Smith, Roman Alexander & Chaz Herrera (w/”The Perfect Manager” Toom E Guci) as Sparks delivers a Spinning Kick (Trouble in Paradise) on Alexander for the victory.

“Faithful” 4 Way for the IWL Breakout Championship:
Crescenzo def Douglas James, Cara De Leon & “Rocket Boy” D’Marco Wilson as Crescenzo school boy James for the pinfall to successfully retain the championship.

3 members of the Youth Church group would talk about the program & thanked the people who attended until HATE members Tito Escondido & Pinky would interrupt as they talked about how the people came to see HATE & not them. This would lead into Tito Escondido superkicking Youth Member Zack as the locker room would come to his aid.

AOW Desert Champion Ryan J. Morals along with his manager Smooth Walker would come out and in a generous mood issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker to face him & to sweeten the deal, he’ll put up the AOW Desert Championship which was answered by “The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black.

AOW Desert Championship:
“The Urban Juggernaut” Sean Black def Ryan J. Morals (w/Smooth Walker) via DQ as Morals delivered a Low Blow. Moral’s is still champion.

Tag-Team Match:
Team Hi Def (“Golden Heart” Methius Starky & ” High Flying Sensation” Steven Andrews) def The Ballard Brothers (Shane & Shannon w/Buggy Nova).

Semi-Main Event:
Ruben Iglesias def “El Chido” Hector Canales via Sharpshooter submission

Main Event-Rumble For Christ Royal Rumble Match:
Sexy Chino won the match last eliminating Tito Escondido with some assistance from Ruben Iglesias. Chino was presented a trophy & a cash prize in which he donated to the church.

Participants in order of entry:
1. Sean Black
2. Bulletproof
3. Mac Havoc
4. Rudy
5. Damien Soul
6. Sancho Grande
7. Tito Escondido
8. Dunamis Power
9. Pinky
10. Azrael
11. Sexy Chino
12. The American Oni
13. Riki De La Paz
14. Jok
15. Xander
16. Freddy Helmuth
17. “KO Kid” Matt Fuller
18. Referee KonanSki
19. Angel Ateu
20. Primal
21 Ruben Iglesias

Order of elimination:
1. Sancho Grande by Sean Black
2. Damien Soul by Tito Escondido
3. Rudy by Tito Escondido
4. Bulletproof by Tito Escondido
5. Mac Havoc by Tito Escondido
6. Azrael by Ricki De La Paz
7. American Oni by Matt Fuller
8. Sean Black by Freddy Helmuth & Angel
9. Riki De La Paz by Tito & Pinky
10. Jok by Primal
11. Referee KonanSki by Primal
12. Xander by Ruben Iglesias
13. Matt Fuller by Dunamis Power
14. Freddy Helmuth by Dunamis Power & Ruben Iglesias
15. Dunamis Power by Primal
16. Primal by Tito Escondido, Pinky, Angel Ateu & Ruben Iglesias
17. Ruben Iglesias by Tito Escondido
18. Pinky by Tito Escondido
19. Angel Ateu by Tito Escondido
20. Tito Escondido by Sexy Chino

Despite the heat, this event had a great turnout. Overall, the matches were great & everyone had a good time.

Proceeds went to the Youth group of The House of Grace Church.

Your’s truly Mike Draven was the Ring Announcer.

Surprised appearance by So Cal’s own Buggy Nova as she accompanied The Ballard Bros as the die hard fans in attendance chanted for the Former NXT star.

Big Tony from The Platinum Players was also in attendance to show support for a great show & cause.

Actor Noel G aka Hector from Fast and Furious 1 & 7 was in attendance.

On a personal note, I want to thank Ruben Iglesias, The Ballard Bros & House of Grace for having myself be part of this event. It was fun & was for a wonderful cause. I do hope another fundraiser event will come again & please let me know as I’ll be right back to participate.

Thank you once again So Cal to continue supporting So Cal’s Pro Wrestling scene. Make sure you follow Socaluncensored.com on Social media:


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Until next time, this is Mike Draven & I’ll see you at Ringside!!