[Recap] Chaos Column of FCW “Slamapalooza” on June 18

6/18/16 Finest City Wrestling “Slamapalooza”
Boys & Girls Club of Imperial Beach
They may have tricked in after the initial wave of fans entered the building, but another large crowd filled the venue.  As usual, if quick results from the show has already been posted, this recap goes into some detail of what happened.
P – PBR (Ryan Walker & Hunter Freeman) v. Maldecido & Aaron Garvey
Pretty effective preshow match, where Aaron soaked up alot of punishment.  When Maldecido got going late, he turned it on, hitting a Running Corner Splash on Ryan Walker, then hit the Chokeslam for the pin.
1 – Oso Blanco v. Ju Dizz v. Cara De Leon v. Destro
Great four-way, one-fall match.  There was no love lost between Oso Blanco & Cara De Leon; something that can also be applied to Ju Dizz & Destro.  Cara got the pin by leaping from the top rope, and nailed Blanco with a Catch Stunner.
2 – XRT Division Championship
Good back-and-forth action, with Danny Limelight Rivera hitting a Springboard 450, then locked in what appeared to be an Anaconda Vise for the tapout submission.
3 – Holidead v. Laura James
The match was not as crisp as last April’s Holidead/Thunder Rosa match, which will happen again at Night 1 of FCW’s San Diego Comic Con Weekend event.  After a Pendulum & a Tree of Woe Choke Hold, the Twisted Sister & Oedo Tai member gave Laura a taste of what Mayu Iwatani felt at the end of Last Thursday’s Stardom Korakuen Hall event, by giving her a Pump Kick for the pin.  Holidead’s win here is essentially the cherry on the top for what has been a monstrous week for Oedo Tai.
4 – Heavyweight Championship
Great back-and-forth action between B-Boy & Douglas James, with Douglas dishing out everything he had for the longtime veteran.  B-Boy hit the Piledriver for the pin, then hailed Douglas as a future of the regional wrestling scene.
5 – Fans Bring the Weapons Hardcore Match
Short, but effective.  Steve tweeted a photo of the cacti that was brought in by Capt. Comic Con.  It was one of the many weapons fans brought in, along with a few chairs, a ladder, a bag of thumbtacks, and a pinata in the figure of The Donald (which had candy in it).  Terex is well known for his 400-lb. Standing Moonsault, but he ramped up the difficulty further, after slamming Matt Twizted onto the thumbtacks, then nailed the said Moonsault.  He put him on top of a table, climbed to the top rope, and NAILED ANOTHER MOONSAULT, onto Matt, and through the table for the pin!
6 – #1 Contender Match for the XRT Division title
Famous B, Lil Cholo, & Willie Mack really brought their A-game to this match.  B found the right opportunity when he waited for Cholo to hit his Springboard Ace Crusher on The Mack, gave Cholo the Flashing Lights, then covered Willie for the pin.
SM – BFF v. Reno Scum
Great tag team match.  Suede Thompson & Big Duke ended the back-and-forth match by hitting their team finisher on Adam Thornstowe, with Suede getting the in.
M – #1 Contender Match for the Heavyweight title.
Slow but methodical, and very technical.  Both LU talents picked it up late, but it was Jeff Cobb who got the rollup pin.
Overall, a very strong card that should setup nicely for the 2 SDCC Weekend events, as Gus is going all out to spice up the said weekend.  Holidead/Thunder Rosa II should be very interesting, as well as the intergender tag team match with Joey Ryan & Douglas James vs. Laura James & Heather Monroe (who should be battle-hardened from the Puscifer tour, and ready to go by then).  The one that should really draw, is the upcoming tag team match on Night 2, when B-Boy & Lil Cholo throw it down with Fenix & Pentagon Jr.  While it’s unlikely I’ll make the drive down there, especially on SDCC Weekend, it should be two nights of great fun for those that will go.
1 – B-Boy v. Douglas James
2 – BFF v. Reno Scum
3 – Danny Limelight Rivera v. Corey Jackson
Next wrestling event:  CWFH “Red Carpet Rumble Day” on 7/10