Interview with “The Punk Rock Powerhouse” Brawlin Bo Cooper

In celebration of a milestone in his career, I had a chance to chat with So Cal Legend “Brawlin” Bo Cooper about his career & his future.

Mike: Please welcome back to “The Punk Rock Powerhouse” Brawlin Bo Cooper, Bo how are you doing?

BBC: My main man Mike, thanks for having me back. I am doing great hope you’re well.

Mike: Congratulations on hitting a milestone as you’re celebrating 20 years as a pro wrestler, how are you feeling making it this long?

BBC: Thank you ! Yeah, I cant believe its been 20 years since I had my first match. Never will forget May 4th 1996 at the San Bernardino boys and girls club as The Hangman ( Bo Cooper ) vs Krazy KC at the EWF’s first year anniversary show! Wow.

Mike: 20 years of solid career, tell us some of your fondest matches that’s stood out through the test of time?

BBC: Oh man. Fondest matches huh. Well getting the chance to travel all over the USA and even work some shows in Tijuana, Mexico has been a real journey. But getting the honer to wrestle some WWF legends, guys I use to watch on TV as a kid can’t be topped. Working with Hall of Famers such as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, The Greatest IC champ of all time The Honky Tonk Man & Gangrel. But on a indy level, I enjoyed matches back in day with “Suicide Kid” Mikey Henderson & EWF Hall of Famer Bobby Bradley. But my all time favorite match has to be my Career vs Career match with my best friend Ryan “GQ Money” Katz couple years back in MPW. The build was perfect and the story line really got deep. Never will forget that match.

Mike: Your match with Ryan Katz was a memorable one. You and GQ Money have had quite a history, tell us about your journey with Katz?

BBC: Well we were always cool from day 1, always just chatted way back when over AOL instant messenger. He proposes the idea for me to come in and be like his bodyguard in XPW. And finally it happened at Cold Day in Hell as BB. Coopwork was born. Almost like bigger version of GQ’s Clockwork orange gimmick he did for years there. We got to beat up his long time rival Angel together and it went over real well.

Then a couple years later he opened a wrestling school in the San Fernando Valley and had couple shows out of it. He invited me to come down work with his guys. Then he moved locations and asked me if I would help train the students and be his partner running what was called the Fit Pit. We had some great students come out of that school and had a lot of fun doing some outside the box matches. We even ran a show at the world famous Key Club on the Hollywood strip! Unfortunately the rent got little high and the fit pit closed down after a solid 2 years running. Myself and Ryan always clicked so well and he is a creative genius.

We use to talk for hours about the biz and sometimes even finish each others sentences. MPW was running monthly shows and was using both of us in Simi valley. I was their champion at that time and we pitched a angle to start a feud…and the rest was history. I am happy for Ryan’s success as his Role in WWE / NXT is an important one. We still talk on phone quite often. I miss the guy but he deserves all the success he has gotten.

Mike: Yes, Ryan is doing a great job at NXT along side some great people including Adam Pearce, Robby Brookside and others. Since we know Katz is helping out NXT, what do you think of their current product?

BBC: I think they are doing great! There performance center is what dreams are made off. Yes congrats as well to my old pal Adam Pearce who always took care of my as a booker in AWS. Another hard worker who deserves where he is at. NXT talent is very entertaining to watch and see them grow. Plus cool to see some old friends on TV as well

Mike: In your 20 year career has there been anyone you haven’t had the pleasure to be in the ring with & will we see you face them any time soon?

BBC: Well there’s lots of great workers I would of loved to have clashed with back in day. Can’t really tell the future but now days my traveling days are over. I am focused more on passing my knowledge to new students and helping train the up and comers who want to live there dreams just like I did. But if i had to choose workers I wish I could of worked with it would of been RVD. Met him and wrestled his younger brother once but would of been killer to have BBC and RVD lock horns.

Mike: Since you mentioned training, MWA Academy recently moved & reopened with you as one of the trainers along side “Lethal ” Logan X & Steven Adkins (Seth Skyfire), how has it been sharing the ring with them to teach a fresh new crop of students?

BBC: Well Logan X and myself go way back and have a long history of friendship and respect for one another. There first run in So Cal was great and brought a lot of talent to the So Cal scene. I never wrestled for them on their first run as I was EWF champion back then and was pretty much exclusive to Jesse Hernandez. But their second run back, I helped gain them the Yankee doodles venue as it was my place of employment doing security. I mentioned to the owners that i knew of a great wrestling promotion that was starting back up. They met with Logan and signed a deal to hold monthly shows. It was a fun run and that venue was perfect for pro wrestling. Then the business was sold and MPW started running down the street at the Simi Valley Boy’s and girls Club.

MPW had great shows there as well and Logan made me his Champion defeating Ryan Taylor. Logan has always worked hard at having solid shows and the MPW locker rooms has been one of most mellow, family oriented places I ever worked. The MWA school has re-opened and its legit 4 miles from my home. Logan made me a trainer to help pass my knowledge on to upcoming students and so far its been great and seems every Tuesday we grow bigger and bigger with new students. Seth Skyfire as well is very talented and trains on Wednesdays. He brings a great deal of knowledge since he is a former WWE/OVW signed worker. And then on Sunday classes Logan X or Clint ( former MPW wrestler ) teach as well. So combined there’s like 60 years of pro wrestling knowledge to be learned. The school is amazing and it really brings a feel of not just a building but a permanent home for MPW weekly live shows!

Mike: With the opening of the school, was it the idea to resurrect MPW as well or to just focus on the training of students?

BBC: I think like all long term veterans, you can back off from pro wrestling for a while but it itches you and you finally gotta scratch at it. Logan and myself have slowed down a lot both have great careers outside of wrestling but the school was doing good last year but Logan wanted something more. He made it 100% legit and signed papers with the city of Moorpark to not only make it a permanent spot but also to have the ability to run shows. So far with the 2 shows we have done there and with the 3rd one coming up this Friday its been a success. The shows are mainly for our students so they can get use to showcasing the skills they have learned from us. Funny how many messages we get from workers wanting to be apart of our shows now. But we gotta take care of the our hard working students first. Guys like Vicious V, Hydie, “The Prodigy” Preston Mosby, Danny Divine, “Mad” Murrey McIntosh & who give it there all every week in training. Nice to give them a little rub weekly.

Mike: It was announced that MPW will be having a show at the Boys & Girls club in Moorpark with a huge main event featuring Seth Skyfire, Johnny Mundo, Austin Draven, Branson, Ryan “Hot Young Briley” Nemeth & Damien Sandow..What do you think about this main event for July 16th?

BBC: Talent Galore…Logan worked at a deal to make that main event happen. I think that’s a real treat for pro wrestling fans. Every one of those names have been under a WWE contract so any one paying for a ticket def will get there money’s worth. I think its a main event that will put us back on the map again. Hope u make it mike as well as everyone else reading this as the whole card will be great!

Mike: Since this falls on a Saturday chances are good for me to attend. Besides showcasing your students, do you feel this big show on July 16th we will be able to see more talent since you said you’re getting messages from talent to work MPW again?

BBC: Well I think on our bigger shows there will be opportunities for outside talent to work but I can tell you this much the chances are greater who ever comes and trains at the school to work our shows. We want our students to learn from other great wrestlers out there as well but having them be the main focus is what our goal is. Logan has always brought in great talent here there so I definitely think its possible more once we get ball rolling again.

Mike: At last week’s show, MPW crowned a new heavyweight champion as The Hellkid pulled a trump card, won the battle royal & is now once again MPW Champion. What’s your take on Hellkid reigning supreme once more?

BBC: Hellkid? Ehh that guy will do whatever it takes to get a victory. He cheats, lies, and has no cares. I am a former MPW champion and was a respectable one. He thinks he’s some hardcore badass. Well if he ever wants to get hardcore with me I am not hard to find. But ya congrats to him I guess. At least its gives our younger guys something to strive for!

Mike: So does this mean we’ll see the return of the Maximum, Tag-Team & Women’s Championships in the near future?

BBC: Anythings possible! I can def think of some great nominees who would look great wearing those belts you mentioned above

Mike: Like Hector Canale’s once again as “The Champion of Women”??

BBC: Haha. Hey me and Hector were nominated for Match of the year! Like I said anything is possible lol

Mike: I loved Hector’s time in MPW as it was a fun time & thought he along with Mama Canales had some great chemistry in MPW. And yes, you both were in the Match of the Year catagory a couple of years ago. Aside from Hector, anyone in particular you’ll like to see make they’re way back to MPW?

BBC: Well Even though I have had rivalries with them I would be cool to see the Ballard Bro‘s back in action at some point. And maybe Billy Blade and who knows maybe even at one point down the road GQ Money.

Mike: Hopefully if Katz see’s this, he can ask for a day off from Triple H to come home for one more match but this upcoming Friday event, we’ll see Former NXT’s Austin Draven face Ryan J. Morals..what are your thoughts on this match?

BBC: I have faced Austin in the past. He’s great talent with a good look and super cool dude. I think WWE should of possibly utilized him more. But I’m not to sure of the circumstances of his release. And Ryan has always been humble and respectful. Haven’t seen him in while either and will be cool to catch up with both.

Mike: Earlier this year you were involved in feud with Ricky Ruffin & actually stoled the NWA Western States Championship. After several attempts you were unsuccessful in capturing the gold but how do you feel about that feud & Ricky Ruffin?

BBC: Stole? Nope. I took what was rightfully mine! NWA and myself have a history and I had Ruffin beat! The stupid ref is the one to blame. Come on Mike do I really gotta school you on politics? I got better things to do. Ruffin is a hard fighter and has a bright future but all of the powers to be at Vendetta Pro know the belt should of stayed with Bo.

Mike: Will we see you back at Vendetta Pro Wrestling & who will set your eyes on next?

BBC: Vendetta will always have a spot for BBC and yes I will be back there. Just gotta TCB “Take Care of Business” around here for little while but I still got some ass kicking left in me for whoever wants some there.

Mike: Who would you say currently are some of the wrestlers you enjoy watching in the ring & why?

BBC: Lots of NXT guy’s are enjoyable to watch. Always was entertained Shinsuke Nakamura is one bad ass talent. Also cool to see my old friend Karl Anderson on WWE tv. I remember me and him going at it back in day for the NWA Commonwealth Title. Plus my old friend Ryan Drago aka as one half of the Vaudevillian’s Simon Gotch…keeping me entertained.

Mike: What about our local California based talent? Anyone has impressed you?

BBC: Impressed me? I mean I’ve seen some good talent produced by my friend Joey Kaos’s school Santino Bros as well as The Ballard Brothers‘s even at there old age still got it. But as far as fresh young new talent my students Danny Divine and 17 year old Preston Mosby definitely have a bright future. They got killer moves and even though they are green, I know they could hang with the pros out there. There spots are awesome in which I even gotta tell them to slow down as we got to save pops for the others after them. Keep a eye out for them as you won’t be disappointed.

Mike: If you were to announce your official retirement (even though we know you have a lot left in the tank), how would you like to be remembered?

BBC: Some one who gave it there all. Got to work with some of the biggest names, never made a lot of money but had passion, respect and always had good matches with guys and kept them safe. Truly paid dues and was rude, crude and tattooed.

Mike: Any final words for So Cal?

BBC: Just keep supporting the scene. Find real promotions that are reputable. Spend your hard earn money on shows that have credit. And for all up and comers, keep positive but put in work! Keep your passion high & ego low. And don;t forget to follow me on IG / Twitter @BrawlinBo

As always, great to catch up with you my friend & wish you the best. Make sure you check out Millennium Pro Wrestling every Friday Night in Moorpark, Ca. All MPW events are on the Socaluncensored Event Calendar.


Until next time, this is Mike Draven…and I’ll see you at Ringside!