Underground Empire Wrestling announce New Submission Wrestling Division

Underground Wrestling Empire UEW Logo 3made an announcement on their Facebook page about the creation brand new division for their shows. Here’s the post:

While the final rules are still being drafted, on May 14, 2016 at Mayhem Brigade, UEW will be hosting its first match under the new submission wrestling division based on Catch As Catch Can wrestling.

The rules for this division is very different than tradition professional wrestling rules. The rules, though not in their final form, are attached here. A final draft of the rules will be released prior to May 14th’s show.

Of the differences, here are the most notable:

– The goal is to win by submission or choke-out.

– Matches use a point-based system to discourage timidness and certain other conduct. Each wrestler starts off with 25 points. A wrestler can only lose, and not gain points. If a wrestler hits zero or a negative number of points, they lose by surrender. An inside referee determines when points are lost, while an outside referee tabulates points.

– The only pin falls in these matches are “offensive pin-falls”. That means, you cannot pin your opponent to defeat him. If you pull the offensive guard position, and allow your shoulders to touch the mat, the referee will begin a three count. If you lift your shoulders before three, you lose 5 points. If you don’t, you lose by offensive pin fall. If you stop a pin-fall in progress by removing your shoulders from the mat before 3, but then you return your shoulders to the mat without a change in position, a count of 1 will end the match by offensive pin fall.

– Almost all use of the ropes is prohibited. You cannot bounce off the ropes with the intent of hitting the ropes on the other side of the ring, catapult your opponent off the ropes, climb the ropes or use the ropes to perform moves. All will result in an immediate disqualification. You may back your opponent into the ropes, as long as you do not take any action to catapult your opponent.

– Matches that leave the ring end immediately. If you voluntarily leave the ring, you lose by forfeiture. If you cause your opponent to leave the ring, you lose by disqualification.

– Blood chokes are permitted, air chokes are illegal. If a wrestler becomes unconscious, the match is immediately ended. The conscious wrestler is declared the winner.

– If a submission of “substance” is fully applied, the referee will give out the “shoot sign”. Once the shoot sign is executed, if the wrestler in the submission escapes the submission, he loses a point. If both wrestlers complete submissions, the double shoot sign is displayed, which means that if both wrestlers escape the submission, no points are deducted.

– If a wrestler reaches the rope during a submission, there is a “rope break”. The wrestler that uses the ropes to break a submission loses 5 points. Once the wrestlers are separated, they are re-set in the catch-wrestling referee’s position. If both wrestlers mutually fight into the ropes, there is a neutral rope break, no points are lost, and both wrestlers are restarted on their feet.

– Unlike standard UEW matches that encourage lose application of rules, the rules in this division are strictly enforced.

The first match under these submission wrestling match rules will be announced soon.