[Full Event] EWF – San Bernardino Strong Charity Event – April 15, 2016

EWF’s April 15th, 2016 event in San Bernardino, CA for the victims of the December 2nd, 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino has been posted on Youtube. Matches include Gary Yap’s Man In Black taking on Jaysin Strife, a San Bernardino Strong Battle Royal, and more.


Click above to watch the entire event on one playlist, or check out matches individually below.

Espiritu & Mike Camden vs. Archimedes & Flecha Fugaz

“Mr. Wonderful” Rock Riddle (w/ Gold Digger) addresses the crowd

“Mega King” Tommy Wilson vs. Ju Dizz

“Mega Queen” Ashley Grace vs. Kitana Vera

Adrian Quest, Andy Brown, & Ty Ray vs. Anthony Idol, Dr. Kruger, & Richie Slade

Scorpio Sky vs. Vintage Dragon

SoCal Ctazy vs. Misterioso Jr.

Gary Yap’s Man In Black (w/ Gary Yap) vs. Jaysin Strife

20 Man Battle Royal

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