[Recap] SCP 9-Year Anniversary Show 4/16/16

4/16/16 SCP 9-Year Anniversary Show
Oceanside Boys & Girls Club – Steve Bryant has already given the full results of the card, so this particular “Chaos Column” recap will go into some further details on the match outcome, and what was observed during the show.* It wasn’t easy to take care of important things first, then spend the day out at the Ren Faire in Irwindale, before taking the 2-hour drive down to Oceanside (as usual, SB I-5 going into Oceanside was terrible).  Fortunately, I was able to go through the entire day without trouble, and join the large crowd that came to the show.

* Jason Redondo/Destro:  Good pre-show match, and “The Radiant One” didn’t seem to have alot of ring rust (at least, based on the last time I saw him in the ring).  Destro hit a set-up move for a Shining Wizard/Leg Lariat finisher, leading to the pin.

* 4-Way Tag Team Title Match:  An expected cluster at the start, & near the end.  PBR looks like a very decent tag team, from what I saw.  Andy Brown hit his Package Piledriver on Andre Machievski, only for Everett Scott to distract the referee.  That distraction was enough for Dark Usagi to hit his big Lariat on Andy Brown, and get the title-clinching pin.

* Ricky Mandel/Tommy Wilson (or King Thomas I for you EWF fans):  Tommy was a suitable replacement for Ricardo Rodriguez/Chimaera.  Back-and-forth battle throughout, but the referee didn’t see Ricky grab the middle ropes, when he did a reversal cover to thwart the Sunset Flip attempt to get the pin.

* Dirty Doug/Real Guerrero de la Unda:  A relatively quick filler that saw Doug roll a Chokeslam into what looked like a Modified Backdrop Suplex for the pin.

* Golden State Title Match:  Great back-and-forth action, with some good storytelling.  Lovin’ Nick Lovin, who found a Brass Kuckle hidden inside Idol’s pants at the start, took a bump late in the match.  It was during that time that one of Ju Dizz’s associates (a loved one, family member, or friend) tossed a Brass Knuckle Ju’s way.  Ju Dizz struck Idol with the Bras Knuckles, hid it in his pants, and scored the title-clinching pin.  Considering the storylines, it was a fitting payback.

* Steel Cage Match for the Heavyweight Title:  Long, back-and-forth main event that saw Mike Camden eat the steel cage at least 7 times.  Everett Scott went for a door slam bump, but it hit SoCal Crazy’s head, when Mike Camden reversed the Irish Whip, likely leading to the crimson mask spot that Steve mentioned.  Everett then brought a table into the cage.  That table was set up a few times, with the last setup being near the door.  SoCal Crazy may’ve been trying for a Tope Huracanrana to put Mike Camden into the table, but Mike shoved him off the ropes, and into the table.  Mike then hit the Tope Double-Stomp for the title-clinching pin.  All of the current faces at SCP joined Mike post-match to close it out.

Overall, a very strong SCP card.  The crowd was really into it, especially for the two big title matches.  Don’t be surprised if the Ju Dizz/Anthony Idol feud continues, or if Dirty Doug becomes a major challenger for Mike Camden’s Heavyweight title.

1 – Steel Cage Heavyweight Title Match
2 – 4-Way Tag Team Title Match
3 – Golden State Title Match