Drive Wrestling “Frontline” – 09 April 2016 – Results

At Drive Wrestling’s “Frontline” on April 9th 2016 Jarek 1:20 defeated Biagio Crescenzo in the main event. Click for complete results.

Drive Wrestling
April 9, 2016
De La O Jiu Jitsu
Stanton, CA

C-Love pinned “The Vegan Superstar” Jacob Diaz

6 Man Tag Match
Freddy Hellmuth/Azrael/Angel defeated Wrestling Matt/”Rocketboy” D’Marco Wilson/Jesse when Hellmuth pinned Matt

3 Way Elimination Match
This match was more of a handicap match with Sean “Urban Juggernaut” Black and Biggie Biggs teaming up against Damien Smith.
After taking beaucoup punishment, Damien finally eliminated Black first via pinfall, followed shortly by pinning Biggs.

Douglas James pinned Guy Cool.

The Jon Allen came out to announce that 1) he was the new commissioner of DW, 2) the announced intermission would not take place and 3) instead a women’s match was up next with special ref Mikey O’Shea.

Women’s Match
Datura pinned Ashley Grace via a non-count by Mikey when Ashley pinned Datura and a very quick count when Datura pinned Ashley.

Rudy came out to protest which resulted in a:

Intergender Tag Team Match
Datura/Mikey O’Shea defeated Ashley Grace/Rudy when Datura pinned Rudy.

Main Event
Jarek 1:20 pinned Biagio Crescenzo

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